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  1. ooooohhhhh! I have only just read this thread!!!! Wish I had known!! I would have loved to have joined in. Well there is next year! Cant wait to see what everyone has received! bizzylizzy
  2. Thank you all so so much for your help. I feel so much better now and feel that I sort of know what I am doing. All of your advice has been fab!!!!! Wish me luck!!!! bizzylizzy
  3. Hi everyone, I need your help. I know I don't come on here very often and all I seem to do is ask you for your help! I am posting this on here as I know that this is the most helpful forum on the planet! I am 20 weeks pregnant and my baby is due next year. I need your advise on what I REALLY need to buy without buying things that I don't actually need. For a start off do I need to buy everything out of the Johnsons range toiletry wise? Will I use baby lotion? Do I need baby oil? Then, what do I need to buy toy/entertainment wise? Do I need toys and bouncy chairs and stuff? Then clothes wise, what do I need? Am I best just to get a few necessaties and then when baby is here go and have a huge shopping spree? As we dont know what we are having are we best just to wait for certain things. I am so confused, please help you lovely people!!!!!!! Thanks in advance. bizzylizzy ps its our first baby!
  4. I cant believe I missed it! I havent even seen it advertised. I follow the pink whisk, which is ruth who was on it last year (did she win, I cant remember) and Im sure she hasnt mentioned it. Its a good job Ive got catch up tv. Will have to watch it before tomorrow. bizzylizzy
  5. Fluffy chick, i also came up with rolu along the same idea!!! bizzylizzy
  6. Hi everyone, I suggested inlu (indoor eglu!). I thought that it sounded omletty and includes all indoor animals. I dont really like any of the other names and dont really know if I would be able to pick one if I had too. Never mind. bizzylizzy
  7. Thank you all for your advice. I have decided not to get one. See asking on omlet has saved me money!!!!! bizzylizzy
  8. Hi, Has anyone used or brought one of the cupcake makers? I popped into Aldi earlier and they had one in there. I ummed and aahed about buying one and thought I would ask here before i brought one. Thanks in advance. bizzylizzy
  9. oooh hairdressers i think it is!!! Im glad he's back to normal! thank you bizzylizzy
  10. HI everyone, Need a bit of advice. I have dyed my hair for that many years i cant even remember what colour it is! I have dyed it twice recently, supposedly a chocolate brown colour, but it has come out black! I really dont like it. I have been researching on the internet in to hair stripping, but Im not sure about it. I just wondered if anyone here has had it done. Thanks in advance. bizzylizzy
  11. BRILL BRILL BRILL!!!!! Thank you so much for all your ideas. Will keep you posted. Thanks. bizzylizzy
  12. Hi everyone, I need a bit of help. A close friend has recently lost her husband. He lived his last days out in hospital. They hope to put in a garden at the hospital, but it will cost a lot of money. I was thinking about maybe doing a charity night in our area to raise some money. I have never done anything like this before. I actually haven't been to a charity night! So, I need any ideas on whether you think this is a good idea. What sort of things to do at a charity night? Basically, I need help with everything!!! Thank you in advance. bizzylizzy
  13. Hi sorry, I didnt really explain properly. George lives inside at the minute. He is still only small. He lives in a large indoor rabbit hutch, which we have added some lamps too for him. When the weather is nice we put him outside to free range and then bring him back in at bedtime. He digs himself in under ground and doesnt do anything. Then when we put him back in his indoor home he sulks in the corner. Sometimes he moves about loads and sometimes it seems like he doesnt move for days! Am I just expecting too much from him???!!!! bizzylizzy
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone else have a grumpy tortoise at the moment? George is in a right strop. He sulks when he is in his hutch. When we put him out to play he hides in the corner. Anyone any ideas? bizzylizzy

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