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  1. I work as a cover supervisor in a secondary school (I used to do supply but there isn't enough now to live on.) Although the pay isn't great I have the advantage of going home when the bell goes. I take my hat off to all you teachers, especially those bringing up a family too - two of the most difficult (but rewarding) jobs in the world. TBH though I'm still not looking forward to going back, though I know it'll be OK when once I get into the swing of things. Sari - I couldn't have put it better, that's exactly how I feel.
  2. I'm Dandelion - I've had an eglu for almost two years, and have two rangers Martha and Mary. It's only just recently as Mary has been ill that I've realised what a useful forum this is, so have come to say hello! I work in a school in Hereford so my hens can free range when I'm at home in the lovely school holidays (which are just about to come to an end....)

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