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  1. I have a chicken with a swollen abdomen, she does seem to be ok in herself, slightly withdrawn perhaps, but eating/drinking/running to me still. I haven't noticed her poo lately but can't see any odd droppings in the run. I can't tell if shes laid lately, I have some old hens that don't lay that often so it's normal not to have full house each day. Ive just noticed this eve that she has some lice and I've treated her for that this eve. could the swollen abdomen be a stuck egg? Almost don't want to know because she's lush and I've had her about 2 yrs since was a baby, don't want her to die! Haven't wormed them for a few months, new supply of flubenet arrived in the post today so will worm them tomorrow. Thanks! Rachel
  2. thanks everyone,I think your probably right,i might try and get an appt at the vet. Untill then will keep her warm and hand fed!shes had some pellets today, shes separated down in the side run, away from the others. She seemed to be getting better and better and i thought maybe she wouldne need vets, but shes not quite made that final jump back to normality yet...
  3. I have had a poorly chicken for 3 weeks now. For the first weeks she was just lethargic,eating less, taildown, her cropwasn't emptying (although that seemend to come after she was taken ill) We had a few days of massaging her crop, I brought her indoors and stopped trying to feed her, thinking I was making her last few days comfortable. I really thought we'd loose her at the end of that first week, she lost so much weight! But, she survived, shes still with us. But really weak still. She has become really picky eating, we have had two weeks of her living in the garage (the others forgot her after a few days and she wasnt strong enough to stand up for herself) in the day, and in a box in the house at night (keeping her warm!). She will only eat egg, cous cous or cucmber...won't touch pellets. She seems loads better now, but still needs her strength building, the others saw her today and went for her, she just hide under the table and played dead (is this normal, she's done that a few times?) Her balence still isn't great,she cant really run or jump. Does anyone have any tips on what is good to build her up? or when I should persever with the reintroduction?
  4. It is a feeder that the chickens have to stand on to open it up and expose the food. The weight of the chicken on the platform opens the feeder. Rats are not heavy enough to open the feeder and get the food. I went two years before I realised such a device was in existance! i was convinced I could do no more to be rid of the dreaded rat. My run is surrounded by 2m high chicken wire that is dug down....we saw a rat climb vertically up and then down the chicken wire the other day! they have been eating our eggs, I was disparing! Touch wood, no eggs have been eaten since the weekend and the poison in the poison box is going down a little slower.... rachel
  5. Thanks for your reassurance! It is a little frustrating, we are going on holiday sunday! Thanks for the tip about gradually removing the opening device! fingers crossed they pick it up! rachel
  6. I spoke to early, last friday something scary must have happened with the feeder and from that moment the grls were terrified by it! they would even go within 3metres of it! Even though I had left the brick on the moving part! They are getting better again gradually, but still not as god as they were to start with. The feeder itself is metal, and when it opened and closed it made quite a loud noise, which frightens the life out of the girls! We have now attached a felt pad to dampen the clanging. Does anyone else have a treadle feeder? This is proving much more difficult that I had hped! we are now two weeks in and they will only just go near it, with the brick opening it! Rachel
  7. I like the idea of using orange things to keep the chickens away...I might try that to keep them off our decking! Ours definately do respond to colour, Ive noticed ours love green and red things (they will peck my red painted nails given the chance!) when I have given them leftover veg they will pick out the greens and any potatoes but they never touch the carrots! Rachel
  8. hehe! that looks familiar! our chickens took to sneaking into the herb patch a few weeks ago! naughty girls, hehe, Its funny when I fish out a very naughty,but minty fresh ,nando! Best not season themselves too much!
  9. So proud of my clever chickens today! We purchased a new treadle feeder on sunday, monday was their first proper go with it...propped open with a brick, they wouldnt put their heads anywhere near it and we worried that they would be able to get it... Tuesday, I propped if open with a brick they went for it.. yay! Wednesday they opened it themselves in the morning, I thought about no brick to keep it open, but ruth ddn't really get it, jumped out of her skin when she stepped on it. So today, thursday, I let them out and watched to see if they would be able to open it they've done it! I saw them all approach it and open it without jumping! yay!!!clever girls! Who says chickens are silly??Mine are very clever! lets hope the rats aren't as clever... Rachel
  10. Agree with most comments, but...I clear up s"Ooops, word censored!"s and keep my chicken food away a night but the rats still plague me! they just come visiting during theday to store enough up to last them the night........not so smug here!
  11. thanks, I checked the bait box again today and it has all been taken again (thats two blocks taken in 2 days!). I have 5 eggs sat, 5 eggs sun and 1 today! theres a broken egg in the nest box, so something has been back, yuck! I have been digging next to the fence today, hopefully they will be confused by this! I wil keep filling the bait box, its good to hear its good to keep filling it, thankyou! Rachel
  12. We have a rat problem aswell. I had put down some poison in a bait box, it all got eaten wthin a week (is this normal, slightly concerned I have an army down there!) then we didn't see any for a while..... and then, the eggs started to be eaten during the day, I worried that the girls had taken to eaten their eggs, but then I found a load of egg shells under the house, I almost wish it was the girls! I rang rentokill and they said they could come and lay poison but the rats would probably carry it around and it could be carried into the chicken run, so they chickens would have to be sent away for a week for the treatment...and that would cost £150!... I feel a bit stuck! I have a rat bait box, but they are still here! I can see they come in by the fence, everytime I fill the hole they come in through they find another, the fence panel that borders the run does need replacing, its not ideal, and it would be difficult to make the run airtight. One good thing, no eggs have been eaten all weekend, I think because we have been here all day, maybe I should just not go to work and the rats will all disappear Rachel
  13. Thanks Stacey, She was my favourite chicken! we had loads of good hugs, she was the chicken put forward for friends to sit with on their lap as she was so good at just sitting and was so pretty! poor soup. I am now thinking mareks from reading all the wall posts, she did have uneven pupils, she'd had them for about 2 months, we just thought she had an eye problem, who knows! everyone else is ok, I just hope they stay like that! Rachel
  14. afraid she passed away in the night. I appreciate your comments about baytrill/vets, practically, i am not made of money, I took another hen to the vets 3 weeks ago, he prescribed them then and agreed to give me a spare course. rachel
  15. complelty, it is AWFUL to see her struggling. No vets sunday, but wil see monday. I know not completing a course is tupid! it was done out of desparation, knowing it was two doses or nothing! thankyou rachel

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