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  1. Mars

    Keeping Chickens 6

    Beautiful set up, but as said above chicken wire is your weakest point, if you invest some money in a predator proof "and rat proof" weld mesh wire you save yourself a lot troubles later, at least you don't need to lock them up and let them out every day.
  2. Mars

    Feeding chicks

    unmedicated feed and water
  3. Put the eggs in a basket or something similar and put it where she likes to sit, when it is completely dark, move her in the basket to the new place
  4. Welcome Wyosara Post your question in the forum below and you are more likely to get an answer https://www.backyardchickens.com/forums/
  5. Mars


    I dread holidays because of this reason, foxes, crows and every pest and predator are more likely to visit your garden when you are away, they know no one is in the house.
  6. Mars

    Rich Golden Yolk

    Tried that last year, didn't make any difference, but my hens have access to green grass 24/7
  7. X 2 Except ( fantastic layers ) they do lay well but they lay in strange places and they get broody.
  8. Mars

    Escaping hen!

    Sorry for your loss Dogmother Be careful now, the fox has tasted the yummy and will hang around for a while. About three years ago someone dumped a rooster near my house, he couldn't fly the fence and my roosters wouldn't let him anyway, he was roosting on a tree, one day I went out to give him some mixed corn, I found feathers everywhere, then I lost 5 hens, a rooster and 7 chicks to the fox. I wish If I have culled that rooster, but I thought he will be fine.
  9. Mars

    The Weather Thread #9

    The tail of the storm is just passing Galway, I can hear it through the window now, it was a windy day with some rain but nothing big, I drove across Galway this evening few trees down a crane down, autumn leaves everywhere, sea weeds filling a road near the sea, but that is it, nothing as big as you see in Sky News. Edited to say: the worst thing is many houses are without power tonight and working mothers have difficulties as schools and creches are closed
  10. Mars

    Juicer for apples

    I use magic bullet, the old variety, not in the market anymore Any other options apart from the freezer. Sorry The machine I use is called bullet express. it is not available in the market now
  11. Mars

    When to pick pears

    About two weeks ago I collected about 7 kilos of pears, put them in a bowl, they were stone hard, after a week they were very delicious, I am not sure of the variety, the only thing I know it is not conference " I cut the conference because of poor disease resistance"
  12. I bought A professional fox trap, Funny enough, I haven't seen any foxes since then, baited it and the only thing I keep catching is my neighbor's dog, then baited with apples I caught rabbits, I bought a wildlife hunting camera no foxes shown up. Funny enough last year early in the morning I saw my hens "led by the rooster" following something across the fence, magpies flying over, I thought a hen flew out of the fence and they are looking at her, then I saw a big red fox looking at them drooling across the fence
  13. Mars


    You do much more than I normally do But you give them one week course and then repeat after 3 weeks https://poultrykeeper.com/general-chickens/worming-chickens/
  14. Mars

    Constantly broody hen

    True I forgot that, actually that is what forced me to buy a broody cage, two Colombian blacktail, frequent broodies, 4 white hens supposed to be white leghorns, bought very young, they weren't leghorns and 4 Rhode Island Reds at least one of those will be broody at anytime