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  1. Olly above said electric fencing is not good for kids, I think that is true.
  2. You are not alone We all have the same problem https://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=92121&hilit=disease. Edited to make clickable
  3. Sorry to hear that You need to improve your defenses, may be try electric fencing or fox trap or both
  4. As long as there is water available to her, don't worry about her she will not die of thirst. You need a broody cage. I put a hen in it today.
  5. Better not to talk about it anymore, if your neighbor dog or cat ate that, the vet bill will be so expensive and you don't want to pay it. I don't know how much rat poison in it, but if the dose is enough to kill a fox, he is gone. Don't worry about foxes they are brutal themselves.
  6. Two possibilities, either Rats are pushing the flap and getting to the food. or hens spilling the food out, I would go for the second as Rats wouldn't leave the food behind.
  7. I remember a few months ago I woke up Saturday morning to see the hens following something across the fence and magpies flying over them, the rooster was leading the crowd, I thought one of the hens flew across the fence and they were following her while she was trying to get back, looking carefully, they were following a big red fox who was examining the fence.
  8. Be sure your setup is fox proof. If you have busy life buy good capacity treadle feeder and Auto Cup Drinker connected to a good sized water butt, I don't know about the eglu, I use plastic shed, I use automatic door opener. The only thing I really do is cleaning and collecting the eggs. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Large-Auto-Cup-Drinker-for-Poultry-Chicken-Chick-Cage-Hatching-eggs-Automatic-/141366998723?hash=item20ea2136c3:g:4BgAAOxyLNpSDlF2
  9. Put curtain of landscaping fabric on the door of the nesting box, the idea is to make the nesting box dark. when they can't see they stop eating their eggs The one I use http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2m-x-25m-100g-Weed-Control-Pegs-Ground-Cover-Membrane-Landscape-Fabric-/291706379737?hash=item43eb0e1dd9:g:YyEAAOSwP~tW4vFv
  10. Hang cabbage and carrots, you can also Isolate the affected hen, if she is getting better then probably it is pecking, if not the cause could be something else
  11. Millie-Annie If you are using chicken wire, it doesn't stop the fox getting in
  12. Sorry to hear that Millie-Annie I lost hens to the fox, I know the feeling, we learn as we go. get yourself occupied with other things and the memory will fade away with time, if I was you I fortify the weak part, put something attractive to the fox inside and see if it can get access, after a few weeks I will get other hens.
  13. Sorry to hear that Roksteddie We all lost hens to fox and we are still going If I was you I would get some Ex-bat ASAP and keep going, at least as said above you get the benefit of feeling you are doing something good. Generally speaking, when you know what you are up against you are fine. You know what to do now Good Luck
  14. Give them mixed corn or whole wheat before they go to bed. If they have food, water and dry ventilated safe place to roost. they will be fine
  15. Horizontal Nipple Drinker Trigger happy chicken feeder
  16. I use corrugated PVC screwed to timber to cover a 2.4m X 2.4m dust bath, 1.8m x 1.8m feeding area and 1.2m x 2.4m "broody area" my garden is sheltered from the wind, I guess if your area is exposed the wind can blow it away. If you go for corrugated PVC and timber be sure to ask the DIY shop what washers do you use. as you need a washer that doesn't damage the PVC. 12m x 6m is a big area to cover. If I was you I would cover a part of it initially including the sides and put a dust bath. you only need an area to provide shelter for the hens when it is raining. you can always cover more later I don't know the weather situation in your area. but if you keep the area completely dry. the grass will die "if there is any grass left" unless you water it.
  17. I have 2 columbian blacktails, they do the same and one of them gets broody on the hidden nest so often. I don't think I will have more of them
  18. Emmalou Check on her at night, if she is still in the nest box she is probably broody.
  19. Put her in a broody cage for a few days What a breed is she?
  20. I think they will guess what happened. It seems it is well known thing, I used this method a few times "in my own garden" it works 100%.
  21. Check with your local council if chickens are allowed in your area. the good point in your advantage now is the days are getting shorter so hens will not be making noise while people are sleeping.
  22. As rule of thumb, you learn as you go. PS. the chicken wire is not fox proof, if foxes have access to your WIR they will easily go through that chicken wire, for fox proof wire you need weld mesh wire something like this http://wireandfencedepot.ie/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23&products_id=127
  23. I find hens are very low maintenance, I have fenced garden, automatic door opener and feeders and drinkers which contain enough food and water for weeks. the hens actually help me by eating the grass so I don't have to cut it. I used a plastic shed. sew-1 Hens are not very fussy about their house. you don't need to buy an expensive house. the requirements are: fox proof, dry, good ventilation and "for you" as easy as possible to clean floor. If you can find good priced plastic shed that would be absolutely fine, just put roosting bars in it and pave the floor with concrete or slabs for easy cleaning. you can add a walk in run depending in your circumstances. to build it you can start with chicken wire and later you reinforce it with fox proof weldmesh wire. for a feeder I recommend trigger happy chicken feeder, cheap, rodent proof and low maintenance. but you need a hole making drill bit or tool or someone to make 20 mm hole in a plastic container for a low maintenance drinker you need a plastic container or dust bin and cub drinker This one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Large-Auto-Cup-Drinker-for-Poultry-Chicken-Chick-Cage-Hatching-eggs-Automatic-/141366998723 Good luck

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