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  1. Beantree What if you wrap them around the bars so they have to go through the fly paper before they get to the hens.
  2. My vet recommended feeding wet cat food to thin hens. Gives her a good calory boost. Cat tails I give starter chick crumbs to molting hens. they love it and it seems to be working fine, the only catch I have to isolate them and they don't like the idea they don't free range with others.
  3. Fox proof walk in run and plastic shed with roost bars and concrete floor
  4. I wonder Chickabee if stapling "or taping or whatever" insect sticky pads under the roosting bars will help
  5. I bought this door opener http://www.chickenguard.com/shop/asti-extreme/ and this door kit http://www.chickenguard.com/shop/door-and-runner-kit/ They work fine
  6. What Cat tails saying is true I feed pellets Mixed corn as a treat In the beginning they will not like pellets, then they get used to them
  7. Sorry to hear that Chickabee It is great that you managed to save many of them, it takes a lot of courage to save animals in those circumstances, the force of water is no joke.
  8. I use treadle feeders and trigger happy chicken feeder. both worked, trigger happy chicken feeder is better and much cheaper and the hens use it more. I have robin in the garden who learned how to use trigger feeder by flying against it. but It only used it in winter.
  9. White stars aren't aggressive and they will be fine with silkies. they are good eggs producers too.
  10. Roses Buxus Try rosa rugosa De L'Hay very good rose. frequent bloomer fragrant and needs no maintenance
  11. When my hens moult, I give them starter crumbs, they are high in protein
  12. Redsunset Thank you for sharing your experience with us. we learn from our mistakes If you there are any breeders around you, contact them and see if you they can vaccinate the chicks for you "When they start vaccinating their chicks you take yours there". The other thing I would do: if you are down in number of hens, fill the incubator. "talk the vet first". Good luck Redsunset
  13. Chickabee When I get many eggs and don't know what to do with them, I boil them, smash them and give them to the hens.
  14. I have a friend his five hens were killed last year by a fox who got through the chicken wire.
  15. In the case of chickens, you actually say happy hatching day
  16. Very unlikely they will be egg eaters, all hens will eat any broken egg. They only eat eggs if they suffer from protein or calcium deficiency.
  17. Another thing can be helpful is a rooster, a good rooster will not permit bullying, but most people can't have one, also there is a minimum number of hens per a rooster, otherwise the rooster itself will be a problem.
  18. I have a feeling that you will find them hiding somewhere
  19. I have Colombian black tails, white stars, light Sussex, ancona and pure breed RIR they are fine, I hardly see any fighting
  20. I find bully hens delicious. Be careful what breed you get, next time try docile breeds. Good luck
  21. I found trigger happy chicken feeder is the best, the hens love it, I also have two treadle feeders and I don't have cleaning problem with them "but my hens aren't around them all the time". If you ask 10 people they will give you different answers.

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