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  1. Get Three PURE BRED Rhode Island Reds, I was about to say get three Colombian black tail, they are good layers and very sweet, I have two of them, but as we speak one of them is a proud mother of 3 one week old chicks, she got broody. "They aren't supposed to be".
  2. I found those PVC pipes work like a treat, it seems rats actually love to go into those pipes for shelter. http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/1014928/rats PS. I have the horizontal pipes much longer than 15 inches and they work great
  3. I see people give very positive comments about electric fencing. it will help to keep predators out as well
  4. Then that should be applied to rats as well. rats carry more diseases than chickens
  5. Do we have to be politically correct when we talk about hens?
  6. The brown hybrids are aggressive by nature, I don't keep them for that reason. if you really want to keep them, don't mix them with other breeds.
  7. I have treadle feeders they work fine in protected dry places I have trigger happy chicken feeder it is cheap and works great, the hens love it and it doesn't need protected area, it needs some experimentation with the thickness of the plastic, when you get it right you are there.
  8. I found this bait station very useful. I built two of them, no rats no mice now Edited to say: so far "for 18 months" http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/955474/lightbox/post/14859267/id/6607806 From http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/955474/how-to-build-a-better-mouse-trap
  9. That is what I would do, not much to lose anyway just the price of the bait, and if new rats are coming or more cautious ones are around who didn't take the bait in the beginning you would miss those
  10. Rats are neophobic animals They will take the bait but it will take a few days for them to do so and a few days more for the bait to take effect
  11. I think the best option is to feed him and he will be your friend, also if you have a small cosy place for him to stay in. If you have more hens he will be scared of them and they feel safer in numbers. If you can get a big rooster "depends where you live" The other option is live trap and relocate
  12. Try to put any thing looks like a nest box with some straw or sawdust in it, if it worked then put a proper nest box
  13. Tell them it wasn't you, it was Santa who brought them
  14. Why would she want to watch that? She already lost her birds and I think she is feeling bad enough about it already. That helps to prepare against future attacks.
  15. Watch this video of a fox trying to get the chickens
  16. Sorry to hear that Rhona R It is very common scenario, when we go away the fox senses there is no humans around and takes the opportunity. We learn from such experience, next time be sure that your coop and run are fox proof, not fox resistant
  17. Hunger is the best salt. she will not starve herself to death. I think she had you very well trained
  18. Good luck. Your best guide is the chicks themselves. put them under the electric hen and watch them, if they are chirping they are cold. if the are avoiding it. it is too hot. if they are making NO noise and seem to be contended going out for food and water and then going under the electric hen then they are happy, I know it will work. to be sure, have a look at them once when the outside temperature is at lowest
  19. If they have enough sunlight during the day, they will be fine, if not they will need light source
  20. Electric hen will be fine for that. I did it with temperature 2 to 3 C and it was fine in uninsulated plastic crate in a shed , the chicks were much happier than the ones brought under a broody hen "no chirping at all" . I am not sure about sun heating it. The size. 5x2 foot, You will have problems later when they are 3 weeks old, the place will be very small and miserable. so you will need a small run in front of it. Remember, if very little day light gets in then you need a light source.
  21. I tried those with chicks under electric hen, they work fine. Day old chicks seem to go straight for them, old hens don't.
  22. Another broody today This is partly my fault. a hen made a nest at the very end of the garden, to protect her from the rain I put Pop Up Garden Bag over the nest, made a door/curtain with scissors and reinforced the bag with little canes. I put 2 plastic eggs in the nest to discourage her from building another nest Tonight I went to collect her egg. I found her in the nest. She is only laying for one month or so

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