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  1. Thank you Redwing What I am trying to do is to get a rooster from the white eggs laid by the white stars. hopefully that rooster will be more "leghorn" than this. breeding the new rooster with white stars will get me white egg laying breed.
  2. I hope this cockerel isn't being bred with hens from the same clutch? No Cat tails those eggs were excluded
  3. I bought very similar rooster to this one, when I bought it, it was 12 weeks old with 4 hens same hatch. I was told it is a white leghorn. but I am not sure now as his sisters are laying cream colored eggs and their combs are straight. I am breeding from it with mainly white star hens and some other brown egg laying breeds. just curious what offspring would I expect. Edited to say: I am not really breeding. just when hens get broody, I put some eggs under them It isn't morehens disease
  4. I am waiting mimi The eggs from my own hens. I have one rooster for 18 hens and all are young so the hatch rate wasn't so good. The rooster is a white rooster looks like the one in the photo. I bought it at 12 weeks old. they told me it was a white leghorn, I don't know if it is a leghorn The eggs are mostly from white stars and some Buff Orpington hens. but all the feathers on the chicks are white so far
  5. Thank you for the tip I have a broody hen with 5 chicks. I wasn't sure when I should let her out of the broody enclosure. they are 3 weeks old now.
  6. In your situation you shouldn't get a breed that is prone to broodiness. "if she is speckled sussex" speckled sussex can get broody.
  7. It is much better now. only three hens are broody now
  8. That is what I would do. But try oyster shells and vit D
  9. If she can eat she is fine. you can shorten the longer part if you prefer with something like dog nail trimmer. do it in small steps. if you draw blood it is painful.
  10. I will go and check the girls now. if I take long time to come back it means I am building a broody cage
  11. May be she let them out for a while and she forgot that.
  12. Oh Mars you poor thing. I think the most I've had is 2 but in separate coops. You planning any hatching? I will put some eggs under them and leave them in a fenced area. I have one rooster for 19 hens, so I don't know if they will hatch, but I will let them Chickabee
  13. This post is jinxed. when I read it first, I had one broody hen, Now I have 4
  14. May be she was free ranging her hens and your hen got into the run with them.
  15. I have one of these feeders but don't use it ATM because I thought rats would also be able to stand on it to access the food. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also I have 11 girls and worry that they only have one place to access food. I put one litre bottle and readjust so it will only open at that weight, I also reinforced the door with springs so it doesn't open if rats try to push it, and then I test it by putting my smallest hen and see if it will open. it is hard to know but I didn't see any signs of rats, I don't see any wild birds eating my chicken food. one feeder for 11 hens should be ok if you are using pellets. I have two feeders for 20 hens and they are fine.
  16. What works for me The pipe bait station: http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/649364/ferret-for-rat-control/20 And whenever you see a hole put the water hose in it and let it run for a while If you have composter be sure there is no food in it
  17. The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you
  18. I give them pellets and oyster shell available all the time, hens will eat more in spring and summer due to longer days and they are laying, the brown hybrids eat more than other breeds. be sure nothing else is eating their pellets
  19. If she is eating and drinking and behaving normally I would leave her, a big tumour can be an ovarian cyst and it doesn't have to be immediate threat to life.
  20. I Don't much about this just to say welcome to our forum.
  21. Put the pellets in the bowl. add water and leave it, it will be exactly the same, and they will eat it like a birthday cake.

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