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  1. Im only moving an hour north, so I can take them in the car... one species at a time.. Imagine the whole lot shoved in a moving van..like Noahs Ark on wheels.. I'll do the lettuce thing and will divide them into bullies and bullied so no fights on the way. The big play area should be fenced in by Sunday so they will have to stay in the cube inside a big dog run for a few days. The madams will not be happy about that. Tough luck brats.. thanks Colette.
  2. Thanks guys, I will post some pictures as soon as I can find the camera.....its in some box I am sure. About the dog and cat of fate (love that description by the way) I cannot fathom how a person could leave them behind (I took my hamster to the States when we moved here) but people are all different I guess. I couldn't do it. Anyway, they are in my gang now, hope they fit in. I will keep the chooks away from the avocados and hopefully they dont eat all my peaches..oh my new farm is called Baskerville Ranch..in honor of my lovely hounds.. Colette.
  3. Im sitting amidst the chaos of my half packed house and all I can think about is how are the girls going to handle the move. I decided to leave them in the coop till the last minute and box them when the coop was ready to be loaded onto the truck. Went over to the farm yesterday to lay out the space for the new run and discovered that they will have a large peach tree for shade. Is this asking for trouble? Am I going to have chickens gorging themselves on peaches and getting diarrhea? There really is no where else for me to put the run. I have to avoid the avocado trees as I head they were poisonous to chickens (can anyone confirm this..so many opinions on the web) I've never had a move which contained so many animals. 4 dogs (another dog and cat came with the house so that in itself is worrying..introductions etc) 2 Guinea Pigs, a very moody rabbit and of course my 6 precious ladies. I need my head examining... Colette
  4. Thanks, that is a relief. I will put 3 in each box I think. Depending on who is friends with who.. I never thought about shows, chickens must travel about all the time without harm. Colette.
  5. Hi, I am moving to a farm in a couple of weeks time and am quite worried about moving the girls. It's only an hour away but I will have to let them lay in the morning and then box them up and partially dismantle and move the cube. Get it into position at the new place and set it up again. The new run will not be built for a few days so the cube will be inside a large dog run (20' x 15) and the girls will need to stay inside that till its safe again. I am worried about keeping them in crates for a couple of hours. Questions 1. Will they be very stressed by this? (obviously, but how to settle everyone down again) 2. Should I put them in 6 separate crates? Or will they be better huddling together in 1 or 2 crates? 3. Are there supplements I should use to build them up with prior to moving? I'm probably stressing more than they will but any moving advice will be appreciated. Thanks Colette.
  6. Hi, thanks for the information. I guess crumbles are halfway between pellets and mash. Is there a nutritional difference?
  7. Ok, she is back home. He showed me the xrays and her ovaries were huge, filled will eggs at various stages. He says she has a genetic condition where she produces too many eggs and they get backed up. After a few days of tube feeding and antibiotics he said to take her home and watch her. It may resolve itself or she may still need a hysterectomy. (I almost died when he said the price) Anyway I have baytril and calcium to pour down the poor souls throat for another 7 days (that is another scary thing I have had to try..avoiding the windpipe) Please keep your fingers crossed that she shakes this off..
  8. Can someone please explain the difference between crumbles and mash. I have all the chickens on organic crumbles but after bringing Lucy home from the vet he told me to give them mash as well. What is it and how do I feed it. Is it dry or wet Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am not sure how they diagnosed this, I believe they took x rays and blood tests and tested the stuff that came out of her. Anyway, she is being fed directly into her crop with liquid feed and is on antibiotics and bed rest. I really hope they can cure this with drugs and then stop her egg production with the once a year implant. She is a lovely chicken and I want to do the best for her. Do chickens recover well after surgery? Is there any impact on the bird if the eggs are stopped chemically?
  10. Well, she has been in the vets overnight and will be there for a few more days. He thinks she has an infection in her uterus and a backup of eggs. Apparently the uterus was very enlarged and bloody. Anyway, he is trying to treat her with antibiotics to see how that goes but she may need a hysterectomy. Anyone have experience with this?
  11. Hi, not a great update for you. I put her in the bathroom overnight and have tried to start her on terramycin but she will not drink the water. She laid another soft shell in the night. Today she laid burst yolk and something that looked like a big blood clot. It was like the yellow of an egg but red and smeared with blood. Her poop is now greenish and she seems very underweight although she is still eating. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow. I do not have a good feeling about this. Colette
  12. Hi, thanks for the answers. Good idea on the bread. I will try that today. She seems back to normal today but I guess if I don't get her calcium right she will keep laying softies and keep getting prolapses. Colette.
  13. Just put them to bed and found her with a bit of a prolapse and a soft shell hanging out. Removed the shell and pushed her back in gently. The shell was completely empty and burst at one end. Is there anything else I need to do, will any remaining yolk come out on its own or do I need to help? What can I do to stop her having softies, everyone else is fine. Is there any way I can give her extra calcium without the others getting too much. Can they get too much? Sorry, worried. thanks Colette.
  14. Lucy the 1 year old GR has started to crouch when she walks. She had lice a few weeks ago and was treated, she also has been laying softies on and off for a month or so. Does this sound like she is egg bound? What should I be looking for if this is the case? Thanks Colette UPDATE. I have just been out to give her bottom a wash and see if I could see anything and she is walking upright again. Eating and drinking normally. She lost a lot of feathers on her bottom with the lice so I had a good view of the vent. I saw her poop twice, one solid, one curry. Would she be able to poop if an egg was stuck?
  15. Oh no, I just ordered that netting. I wanted to section off parts of the garden to try to get grass to grow back but I suspect that the grass seeds may be a bit of a temptation and the netting will be trampled or flown over. Oh well, ill give it a try.

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