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  1. Sorry I haven't posted sooner, haven't been able to connect to my mothers internet. A big thankyou to my lovely Omlet Swap, I love my presents. Will post pics tonight when I get home to my laptop xx
  2. I'm the same. Texture and appearance might deteriorate, things can dry out or get freezer burn but safetywise I have no worries about how long something has been in the freezer.
  3. We have no gas down our lane so when it came to choosing I went with ceramic purely because I love my pans and didn't want to change them all. Therefore can't comment on induction but within a week I adapted to my ceramic hob and to be fair it's pretty responsive.
  4. Even at the worst I still miss my puppy times! As for the feeling left out he's a grown man oh sorry yes he's a grown man so it's still a possibility Dogs do bond differently. Our female Jack Russell, despite my husband going to see the litter on his own and picking her, instantly bonded with me when she came home and is a real "mummies princess" our rottie boy is very much a Daddies boy, despite me being the one who walks him, took him to school etc.
  5. Thermos flasks, the green sparkling water bottles work well too. Not that I have every done this
  6. Finally finished off this bag. Was all double crochet so got quite tedious and so kept getting abandoned
  7. Thinking back this is what happened with my old collie. I got him when I was still living with Mum and Dad, he was a really good boy but like any puppy had his moments. It was about 4-5 months after we'd lost our last collie and Dad was really against him to the point where there was a daily threat that one, or both of us, would have to go. It only made me more determined to put that extra work in on him which turned him into the amazing dog he became. When it came to me moving out guess who wouldn't let him go Just crack on and he'll come round.
  8. Treat him like the naughty puppy and just ignore! I'd take over the walking etc. yourself, if he is resenting it this will pass on to the puppy and only compound the situation of her not wanting to be around him or go for walks with him. Puppies need consistency and if he's walking her in the wrong frame of mind it's not a good combination. Good luck xx
  9. A really hard one! I'd start with a seafood platter, oysters, lobster, prawns. Then a Tom Yum soup Main course is the toughest. I love my mum's spaghetti bolognese but I also love a good rare steak with a blue cheese sauce and a fish pie. I'm going to go with Mum's bolognese. Not really a pudding person so would go with a cheeseboard.
  10. Adorable!! Those puppy eyes! I do miss having a puppy around, have lots of fun xx
  11. Our rottie spent most of yesterday stood in the pond, whilst one of the russells was flat out sun worshiping.
  12. So sorry. Lots of wonderful memories I bet xx
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of hen keeping! I first started out with ex bats, they are fantastic to have but don't expect too much from them to begin with, they have had a tough start to life! They are also the most rewarding. Noise is certainly not an all day thing!! There might be a bit of egg calling but that depends on the hen and there might be a bit of bed time tussle noise. You can always appease neighbours with free eggs!! Like anything they are a bit of a rollercoaster ride but they do become adicitve. You muddle through and there are loads of people on here to give advice. Like others have said people only tend to post when they have a problem so problems seem more common. 1000's of my hens are fine today posts would get boring!!! I've gone from stating out with 3 ex bats to 24 hens + 1 cockerel at the moment, then there are the others I've bred over the last 6 years. Good luck and enjoy xxx
  14. So glad you like them. I'm sat here with the strawberry, apricot and blood orange one right now! Well done on staying off the wine, nothing wrong with a weekend treat.
  15. so sorry. Must have been an awful night for you. Hope the water hasn't done too much damage xx
  16. The one that's "2 months along" is a little bit overdue then
  17. I can understand why you are upset. No good deed goes unpunished! Hope it all gets sorted.
  18. So sorry xxx Lovely that you got to have the weekend with her, it is so hard when the time comes and the decision has to be made. Thinking of you xx
  19. I cook acording to packet instructions but put some sort of flavouring in the water - marigold boullion powder, chick stock, even mint tea. Drain well, toss with a little olive oil and lemon juice whilst still warm. Mix with roasted veg, or raw chopped veg, and some chopped fresh herbs, season. It's great for packed lunches to use up leftovers so add any leftover meat from a Sunday roast, prawns, feta. Make as above with feta cheese and use to stuff peppers before roasting, mixing in some toasted pine nuts is nice too.
  20. Just had a thought, would she take condensed milk?

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