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  1. I danced around the garden, gave her an extra special cuddle and a marmite sandwich as a special treat
  2. I have to share this with you all. One of my gorgeous girls, Amber, has been unwell for a very long time, we thought that she had sour crop and have tried everything to make her better, we now think that she may have eaten a stone and though she still seems to have fluid in her neck/chest area she has suddenly perked up. So much so that last night when checking up on them I found THREE eggs!!!! This is the first time that she has laid for possible 9 months!!!! I was so excited that I just had to share my good news and am keeping my fingers crossed for her continued recovery and steps towards better health.
  3. My little Socs has until the recent snow always used one corner of his run as a toilet area. Since the very cole weather he now uses his house and I have to clean it every night because he makes such a mess - I don't mind this but wonder how to encourage him back outside again. Any ideas? Thanks, Pinkfairy Amber Moonstone Peridot
  4. Hi, It is in the chest cavity. Louise Amber Moonstone Socrates
  5. Hi, One of our girls seems to have retained a considerable amount of flid in her upper chest. We have begun to try syringing oil into her, not the easiet thing I have to say! Are we doing the right thing - the idea was to try and remove any blockages. Anyone out there had an experience with this or got any advice? She seems very heathly, bright, alert and eating well. Thanks in anticipation, Louise & Simon Amber Moonstone Socrates
  6. Mine love porride, have also given them banana, quinoa, lentils, breadcrumbs and crumpets!! Porridge and crumpet are definately the winners!! Pinkfairy
  7. Ours are on a soil/bark area and then let out to range on a dialy basis, as we have a rabbit too I guess it is hard to say if they have done mcuh damage t the garden, but generally doesn't seem to be a problem at all - I would reommend setting aside an area for them, but it is just great, as everyone says, to have them and watch them!
  8. My two don't seem to mind the rain, if it gets too hevay they take shelter in the rabbit run! We let them all out but have to close up the chicken run as he likes to pop in and have a munch on their food! Pinkfairy Moonstone Amber
  9. Hi, This is my first post to the forum but I hope you can help! I have had my bunny, Socs (Socrates) for 6 months now and we are all very happy, but my husband is concerned about keeping him warm in the Rablu over winter . I am confident that he will be warm enough but what do others feel? He has plently of shredded paper/sawdust and hay for bedding .... In anticipation Louise

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