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  1. After the death of my lovely babs, Lola was missing a friend, so I got her 2. Valentine and Matilda are settling in lovely. Matilda took a bit of a bashing at first, but they've sorted it now and Valentine has laid her first tiny speckled egg, and Lola is happy again
  2. After we lost our Babs, I could not let Lola be on her own, so we have a new arrival today Her name is 'Valentine' and she is a speckeldy. She's gorgeous. I popped her in with Lola when it was dark and have not heard a peep from either of them, that's not to say that it will be like that in the morning....
  3. Babs was put to sleep this evening. She spent the last day or two staring at the floor of her coop, I couldn't bear to see her like that. I tried everything to help her but to no avail... My Lola is on her own now but I will think about a new friend or two in the coming days. Thank you for all the advice.
  4. It was vermx I used, I didn't realize it was just a preventative definately the vet in the morning I think, many many thanks for your help
  5. Hello Hen lovers! Thank you for replying to my predicament with Babs. She has made it overnight and was standing up this morning but not making any effort to walk. I make her up the mash mixture again and she ate a good bit of it, I am struggling to get her to drink though, but hoping there is enough moisture in the mash Im giving her. I have treated her for worms over the last 3 days and she has been to the loo this morning but its very green and then very brown She has not been laying for a couple of weeks now but neither is my other hen Lola. Her comb is not as red as Lolas although its still pinky. I think I will take her to the vet in the morning if she makes it through the night.
  6. Hello All Im new to the forum. Could I ask for advice on my Gingernut Ranger Babs. She has gone downhill over the last couple of days. Her symptoms are a droopy head and tail, she can't stand for very long at all and then just plonks herself down again. Her poos seem normal although she has only been twice today. She eating a little but not her happy self. I have checked her vent but couldn't feel an egg, given her sloppy mash with honey and marmite in it and yoghurt and she's perked up a tiny bit. Her head is up now but the main worry is her innability to stand up. I even tried metacam in the hope it may help. Cant see any problems with her crop I have her indoors now and will keep her in tonight. She a gorgeous girl and Im so sad to see her so unwell. I would welcome some advice. She is not laying at the moment. Thank you Babs 5/7/08 Lola 5/7/08

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