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  1. Thanks everyone. I've ordered a new purple and orange super glug as the price between that and the 'boobies' one is minimal. Hopeful of a hot summer now.
  2. I need advice on the new style super glug please. I have the old one with the nipple drinkers but they now leak. Has anyone got the new one and how do the girls drink from it? Do they just go in through the top?!
  3. I'm so sorry. Just remember that when you are feeling low it's not your fault. Never blame yourself. Take one day at a time and don't make any hasty decisions. You need to work through all the emotions before moving on. You will move on, it's just at the moment it doesn't seem like it. You and the children are the most important things now. Look after yourself and them and everything else will eventually fall into place. Wine may help too.
  4. Just moved to an old cottage with oil heating. It's freezing Thanks so much for the link, I've just ordered enough for all the outside rads. Hopefully it'll make a difference and we'll be a bit warmer.
  5. I too love Ocado. I like the way they let you know in adavnce of any substitutions and what they will be. Also have the most amazing app 'for shopping on the go'!!
  6. Well I've checked the other hens and they seem fine, perky, bright eyed firm combs. Just a bit of a shock. We are in the process of moving house so the children are a bit sensitive at the moment anyhow. This seems like the final straw to a 9 year old animal lover.
  7. I would never have another joint account other than with OH. When I moved in with OH we had a friend renting with us and we had a joint account for bills, rent etc. Later when OH and I had moved out and bought a house of our own we got refused credit for a sofa from M&S. To cut a long story short it was because we had once been in the joint account with this person who was now in the poo with his bank and up to his eyes in debt; it came back and bit us hard as our credit rating was affected by him. It was a long and very painful process to get him removed from any links to us on our credit rating. There is the old saying about money and friends not mixing.
  8. I've just been out to clean the cube and my pepperpot Barbara has died in the nest box. I'm at a total loss as to why. Yesterday she was shouting at me and free ranging happily, eating, drinking and scratching up the dirt. This morning she was happy with the other girls too. We only got her April last year so she's fairly young still. The remaining girls don't seem to be bothered at all and again seem to be really healthy and normal. Could she have an egg stuck? Until the day before yesterday I was getting an egg a day from all of the girls.
  9. peonies and iris and lots of different types of roses
  10. Hurrah at last we are moving house at the end of August. A friend is having the girls as we are between houses for a few weeks. She is going to bring her trailer over to our current house to help move the . Is it easy to take the run off the front and reattach it or shall we just try to move the whole thing? Any advice welcome please I'm starting to stress over this move than moving the human house.
  11. Another primary teacher! Although after 16 years and 2 children I had enough and am now deputy head at an amazing pre-school. I now love my job again 'cos I'm working with the children. Teaching used to be like this before all the paperwork got in the way. I'm also responsible for Senco and Safeguarding children. Great, valuable work and very, very little stress.
  12. Oh we love this. The little videos are fun too.
  13. I've just Diatomed the girls and Pepper has a bald tummy! There aren't any signs of her mouting as far as I'm aware but why does she have a bald tum? My other is slightly bald but nothing in comparison. Also she has these brownish lumps of all different sizes on her tummy feathers and up to her neck. Now, they have been FR in the garden and I'm wondering if as the snow is now melting whether she's been mud bathing and scrathching around in the dirt, and they are little clumps of mud or something more sinister? She was discovered sleeping in the nesting box but last night found a rugby ball tucked up there instead!! I have Flubenvetted them again just to make sure they are clear. I'm worried as I lost Margot a couple of weeks ago. She is eating and drinking well and apart from the oven ready tummy look seems her normal mouthy self. Please tell me I'm stressing over nothing. She is my daughter's favourite girl.
  14. No I don't spoil mine. No fresh veggies, corn on the cob, 'home made waterproof cube duvet', for my girls!!
  15. The problem is my girls won't eat anything else now. Fussy little madames
  16. I'm going to throw a spanner into the works! We were very lucky to recently buy some pig off a friend where they were reared outdoors for their whole lives. They were looked after very well and treated with respect. The meat is divine.Expensive, but I'm willing to pay that for meat that I have watched grow and enjoy an outside life. Whilst I was talking to our friends this little gem came up. Apparently meat in the $upermarket$ even though labled as 'outdoor reared' actually only has to live outside for 3 weeks. I always buy this meat, mostly on humane grounds, but it now seems that yet again we the consumer are being fobbed off. And try buying free range chicken!!! The lables on battery chicken are so clever they look like free range. Lots of woods and green pictures. They should be labled the same way battery eggs are' from caged birds'. I do rant around Tesco when I'm unlucky enough to shop there. People must think a really misserable old bird! I'm going to have to go back to the farmers markets to ask the farmers themselves how their meat is reared and slaughtered.
  17. I was having this stress last night. having ordered 2 bags of mash from Wiggly and it hadn't arrived! I started to mix corn with the remained I had just to spread it out. Luckily the delivery man arrive late yeaterday evening. Pheww!
  18. I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but I would like to get a couple of hens to replace Margot in the spring and don't know what to go for. I currently have my original and 2 that came with the cube. I really love the shape of the black girls, all round and fluffy. I have 2 children who would like to be able to pick the girls up so that's also a consideration. I've looked at Orpington's and like the shape but don't know about them in a fenced off area of the garden (althoght it's a good size) which is what my girls have. Any ideas oh wise ones????
  19. Yeah, I know it's insulated but I do worry about the girls. Sad I know.
  20. My parents moved to Cornwall this year. Not much chance of them making it to Hampshire for Christmas then! Might be the last year with the children truely beliving too.
  21. After looking at the forthcoming freezing weather ie -14!!! I have cobbled together a duvet for my cube. And I must say I'm rather pleased with it! It is quiet literally an old duvet stuffed inside an Ikea shower curtain which I stapled together. It fits perfectly inside the plastic cover, which in turn covers the cube perfectly. Phewww! It was as if I'd planned it. Let's hope it keeps the girls warm after they'd played all day in the snow and went to bed wet!
  22. Dont forget to tell her about the Children's Centre's. They also run fun activites for children in the holidays to give parents a bit of a break.
  23. Big hugs to you. She is a very lucky person to have your support. Make sure you look after yourself emotionally too.
  24. Got to be 'Last Christmas!' I was in love with George Michael in the 1980's. Little did I know!!! And 'Little Donkey' gets me every time.

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