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  1. Well done only just read this thread, glad you are all doing well! Enjoy every moment, babies are the biggest time wasters in the world as you can watch them all day long! Cherish every moment, the housework can wait xxx
  2. Hi guys, I've just found this thread that I started 3 years ago. Thought I'd give you all an update on how things went. Flynn was born on Wednesday 2nd march 2011 after a fairly stressful last month of pregnancy. His heart wasn't functioning properly but the medics thought it would right itself once the baby was born. He was 2 weeks over due, I worked right up until 2pm on the day he was born. He arrived at nearly 11pm after just 3 hours of established labour (2 weeks of slow labour though ) ............ And after heart checks etc we were discharged in time for the afternoon school run the next day to pick up big brother and sister. The kids were instantly besotted! I had a whole 2 days maternity leave and was back to work the following week. Flynn is now a happy toddler who shouts at the chooks when they try to pinch his raisins when he's out in the garden, the mindees parent had a little girl 12 weeks before I had Flynn and they are now the best of friends or worst of enimies. Happy to say it all went ridiculously smoothly............... So smoothly in fact that we would love another................ but you guessed it, we went and got another 4 girlies instead! logistics has dictated
  3. The is fab! We were going to sell ours but couldn't bear to see our girls or the cube go so now we've decided to get some more girlies. don't worry about the egg hatch being on the wrong side, ours is. If you are siting the cube and run up against a fence or wall, The run skirt keeps it slightly away from the fence anyway. We find it enough room to collect the eggs etc, you just need to make sure you have a metre or so behind the cube for cleaning trays out. I couldn't have the cube the other way round, I enjoy watching my girls through the window too much as the end of the run is near my patio windows. The garden roll or similar around the base is a fantastic idea as it stops so much of their flooring being scratted on to the garden good luck with it all
  4. Hi, we have 4 in a cube with a 4m run, they must be warm enough as our chooks (not all from the original bunch) have never stopped laying, even through winter. We did have an eglu go but couldnt get on with it being so low. Love our cube but sadly having to rehome that and our chooks hence the post in the for sale bit
  5. Thanks for all your congratulations Guys!! I am due 19th Feb. Made decision to have coil out, got that done 10th May and fell pregnant around the 20th Had a few problems in the beginning, lots of abdominal pain and some spotting so had to have an early scan at 6 weeks, then wait for the 12 week scan which the sonographer was really pleased with!! Just have to cross fingers and wait and see if all goes well!!! Going to have my hands full though as one of the parents I childmind for is also pregnant, she told me as I found out I was pregnant! She is 3 months ahead of me!
  6. Well, just thought I would give you all an update!! Had my 12 week scan today and all seems well!! x
  7. Hi JooJoo, not much I can say to help but I hope things start looking up for you soon!! Thinking of you and sending you {{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}} xxx
  8. bless they are lovely!!! Well done FIL
  9. I ordered my on a Sunday and it came 6 days later on the Saturday complete with food and 4 chooks. Must admit though, the original delivery time was 3 weeks but they ended up in my area sooner for some reason. I think it would be best for you to ring them as it seems it depends on many factors! Good luck Oooh and some piccies when you do get them would be nice!! x
  10. You guys are WONDERFUL!!!! I love all the replies that you have given and it's lovely to hear about how some of your littlies have come about!! After HUGE discussions about the ifs and buts etc etc and conversations with my 2 children........ how would you feel etc... we have made the decision for me to have my coil removed asap. We have come to the conclusion that if it happens it happens, and if not, then there is a reason but at least there will be no regrets of not at least trying. Ooooh all excited now Just won't think about the sickness and labour bits!!
  11. Has anyone here been broody to the point of insanity???? It's driving me insane for the past 12 months I would love another baby and so would my partner. We have been together for 18 months and have a great relationship. We both have our own houses but he lives at mine 99% of the time. I adjusted my Tax Credits because although he doesn't contribute to the mortgage and bills (as he is paying his own) I can manage and would hate to get "shopped" My 2 children adore my OH and DD (9) seems to play on my broodiness every day, begging for a brother or sister. I am a childminder so in the perfect job to have a baby as I wouldn't need to think about any sort of childcare, I would be there like I was for my 2. I can think of reasons against having another ie. age gap between baby and my children who are now 9 and 8, baby would have to share a room with one of them, my business as far as maternity leave is concerned, logistics of a family of 5, money, my partner would be an older parent at 55 (he is slightly older than me, etc etc etc....... BUT..........none of these reasons are making the ache for a baby subside!!!!
  12. All my 3 sleep in the nesting box of the when it's a bit cold overnight but tend to use the roosting bars when it's a bit warmer. Funny thing is though, they use half for sleeping in (all piled up) and the other half for laying in. I don't think it's much of a problem really, if my girls are happy, then i'm happy!
  13. WANT SOME!!!! We lost one of our girls at the beginning of the month, would really love some ex batts but we are going away in May and would like to be able to do intro's properly and not have to leave them so soon!!! Good luck with your girls, they look wonderful!! xxx
  14. Ah bless, really sorry to hear this!!! How anyone can live with themselves when they do these things is beyond me!!! One thing is you have to think is that what would they have done if you had disturbed them, maybe you were better off asleep!! Chin up, and good luck with sorting everything out!!
  15. Really sorry but I have to agree. I cook 1 meal for everyone, they either eat it or go without till the next meal!!! If mine go through a spate of not eating properly, they get nothing between meals whatsoever, when they start eating again, it's fruit between meals for a short while before I reinstate treats! OMG It sounds like I'm such an evil mother But on the upside, I now have 2 very unfussy eaters who I can take anywhere in the world and I know they won't starve!! Good Luck!! xxx

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