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  1. Thats lovely .What a heirloom and keepsake. How did you print the photos onto the fabric?
  2. I'm just amazed how fast you knit space chick. I must be the worlds slowest knitter My mother taught me to knit when I about five and I have been using the same method of holding the knitting needles with the yarn in the right hand ever since. I was wondering whether to try and learn the continental method where the yarn is held in the left hand. The old brain will definately need reprogramming as it wont come naturally. What methods do you all use to knit. Do you think its worth the effort to try and change.
  3. Did anyone watch Gardeners World last night? Carol Klein is helping a couple with a garden makeover. At the end of the garden is a green Classic with a couple of hens. I just was wondering how Carol will be tackling this end of the garden. My chooks given half a chance would certainly help with a garden makeover. Their garden wish list would be dust holes, nice edible plants & fruit bushes, a constant supply of bugs/worms, dirty puddles of water to drink from, shady, bushes to hide under:lol:
  4. What lovely colours in the quilt. Did you use jelly rolls/fat quarters? Great idea to use a cheap duvet cover for the backing. I'm thinking about trying my hand at some quilting. I'm not brave enough to try something so large as a first project may try a cushion cover. Thanks for the utube link.
  5. Space chick Give the Violet Green free sock pattern a go. I've found its one of the easiest to follow for turning the heel.
  6. That was inspiring. I'm now looking at some clothes in my wardrobe that I haven't worn for years with new eyes.
  7. My Brunhilda is not as old as your beautiful chooks. But she did celebrate today as it was her 3rd anniversary of being out of the cages. It was extra treats all round for everyone .
  8. I bought the floor standing version last October. I have it angled over my armchair and its been brilliant. I like to crochet and knit in the evenings whilst watching TV. I didn't appreciate how much I struggled until I got the lamp. Colours are good and dropped 4 ply stitches are easy to spot. I dont get warm sitting underneath it
  9. Thanks for your replies. I will most likely use roofing sheets similar to coroline and will check out Hills web site for the weldmesh. Ukmarch did you attach the classic & cube directly to the walk in run. My plan is to attach them by there runs.This would give me the flexibility to segregate hens if need be. Still not sure whatt to about foxes digging underneath. Might think about having a single strand of wire running around the WIR at low level which can be electrified. Which would act as a deterent similar to electric netting
  10. I'm putting together my wish list for the walk in run that OH and a friend will build for me They hope to start once it stops raining and the ground dries up. So if it doesn't stop raining soon it could be months yet I have room for 6' x 9' run and its going to have a solid roof. I have decided on weld mesh but dont know what size hole to go for. Options are 1" x 1", 1" x 1/2" or 1/2" x 1/2". Has anyone any thoughts on which would be the best size. The 1/2 x 1/2 sounds a bit small. The plan is to site it on top of concrete footings. OH thinks this will be easier than trying to level up pavings slabs as the ground slopes. The run itself will be on earth. What depth footings do you think it will need to prevent foxes digging underneath and getting into the run. The plan is to attach the cube and classic on the outside of the run.
  11. Yes thats how I did it. The boring bit was weaving in the ends for each colour change. Plus the upright legs taper in and out so I had to keep adjusting the width of the band. I'm really chuffed how it has turned out. This was my first big project done without a pattern to follow. I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago with the book "crochet unravelled" that was recommended on this forum. I have only done a few cushion covers and a few small toys up to now. Who knows whats next!
  12. Just thought I share my crocheted chair with you. Its to go in my bedroom. I started it the beginning of December and did an hour or so each night. Very pleased how it's turned out. OH thinks its a bit hippy chick . The chair cost £5 from a local junk shop and the wool was just cheap acrylic wool I've had in my wool box for ages just waiting for a suitable project. Picked up the inspiration from attic24 which led me to have a look a couple of crochet web sites
  13. https://support.omlet.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/4/1/walk-in-run-instruction-manual When you reach the above page click to open the PDF file attachment and it will open up the manual for the walk in run. Which you can print off.
  14. When I got my ex bats they were ok for the first couple days. Then they started to gang up and bully Aunty Lily who retreated to the classic and wouldn't come out for two days. I had to put food inside the house for her. Ever time she set foot outside they chased her and pecked at her drawing blood. I sprayed her with purple and anti peck but this didn't seem to make any difference and she was being singled out for pecking by the other three Aunts. I know this sounds daft and has no scientific evidence but I wondered that by just spraying Aunty Lily I was marking/identifying her as even more different to the others. So I sprayed them all with purple and anti peck spray. I don't know if it was a coincidence but it seemed to work and after a few days she was slowly accepted by the others. So now if I use purple/anti peck I spray all of them and not just one that needs treatment..
  15. Not much of a storm here last night. Sounds like it was further south than forecast for this area. Had heavy rain which was no worse than a stormy autumn/winter day. Still got electric which is the first to go usually. We are surrounded by trees which tend to bring down the power lines. Chooks are all in fine mettle.

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