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  1. oh my thanks for the help so far. Any site we'd go on would need to cater for a bunch of excitable 23-36 yr olds who like to natter and drink and salsa away to the wee small hours, but I think the rest of the group could be quieter if need be, but nothing too quiet - our emphasis is on fun and inviting people to join in not offend people and push them away. The way it's going finding somewhere to go won't be a problem at this rate, but confirming a date when all 7-8 can attend, which is something else althogether!! Drew x
  2. Congrat's on finally getting a chair. a little late now but I use a site called Bidnapper for things that I REALLY want to get from Ebay. Although two weeks ago I bought my latest car on Ebay and bid myself in the last minute and won it (£10.91 off my max price). Note the odd pennies at the end. I've won countless auctions by bidding the extra few pennies!
  3. I hope you hear some news back very soon Clare xxx
  4. Hi all, Had a great weekend away in Cardiff with some chums from Salsa, and we're already planning our next adventure and we decided on going camping. The thing is does anyone know a place where 1 caravan and three tents can go (we might be a tad noisy there are 7-8 of us going) I might have to s"Ooops, word censored!" the idea of taking the caravan (I like my home comforts and not too keen on getting on the ground) but if it proves difficult I'll tent it with the rest of them lol Can you guys suggest anywhere. We're looking at the 1st or 2nd weekend of June xxx
  5. Oh dear Lesley, not so funny at the time but a little more amusing now I hope. If you wanted to add another contact on skype, I use it all the time, so feel free to add me Hope all is well with you xx
  6. I think I can sympathise with the being called the wrong name. For years I was known by my name of Andrew, but in the last few years I've introduced myself as Drew. Some people (even my mum) just call me Drew as a matter of course, yet a cousin of mine opened up her Christmas card with another relative and asked.."Who's Drew??". It's even on my facebook so she sees it all the time!! I had to go to Royal Mail yesterday to pick up my run clips from Omlet. Showed my ID (formal stuff still in Andrew - not sure if I can change it) and the woman said "This package if for D [surnmame] not Andrew" I told her that I'm known as Drew, but she couldn't work it out then handed the packet over saying "I don't understand why people who shorten their names." Yeah, ok love, but it's MY choice!! Joe (LSOH) often gets called Joey by me and close friends but frequently, when filling things in especially, other people write Joseph. He was never Joseph, he was christened Joe. I'd have a word with the teacher about Ellin/Ellen. Must be tough being a teacher these days but she should call Ellin by her proper name. It's a lovely name too. Drew
  7. Ooh I was thinking about booking tickets to see Texas after hearing about it on the radio this morning.....hmnnn
  8. Oh my days, Twice a year - that's disgusting! I have to change mine once a week and it's only me on my own, but I adore a freshly made bed. And as for towels.......a friend commented that I only have lovely soft and fluffy white towels Drew
  9. Aww thanks guys - nice that there's still some names here I'm familiar with!! Now whats this about a balcony?? It's not that good a place - sadly no balcony although it is city centre, secure resident parking and working lifts - oh and I live next door a UK Tenant of The Year, and she's an ace neighbour too So there are some benefits Drew
  10. Hey all Thought I'd drop by and say hello again, seems like a long time in between posts Well, still chookless, and probably for the best living in a second floor flat at the moment lol, but have aquired a Gerbil and last week some goldfish, very nice they are too, although I already need/want a bigger tank!! I took a major change to my lifestyle from in that I now only work part-time, 16 hours a week, no longer in the management side of my role and work it over two days - only been doing this a week so far and feel all the better for it already! Some of you guys will know about the sometimes huge ups and downs over the last few years, and this is just a step in getting everything (finally) ironed out and sorted, but I can't do it all so work had to take a back seat for a while. So, fill me in, what have I missed?? Drew x
  11. Hi all It's been an absolute age since I was here last, thought i'd drop by and say hello Most of you will know that I don't have my hens any more, Margot, one of the first and then the last we lost a couple of weeks ago to Mr Fox - very sad but I will have more hens one day but not yet - our Eglu has found a new home with a friend who hasn't had hens for a few years. It just means that the next Eglu I get could be a cube!! I wanted to say thanks to all my Omlet friends on Facebook, who have been so supportive over the last few weeks - I really do miss you guys and I really miss seeing the hens running round the garden, it really does feel empty and lifeless. As another update, I moved into a different flat last year, still not together with Joe anymore, but as you can imagine we're still as close as ever and spend loads of time together and with Mollythecolly - she's just so amazing still!! Hope to catch up with most of the posts on the forum over the next few weeks - love to you all Drew x
  12. Having moved into the flat with a load of ghastly night storage heaters, we went to Argos and got a few oil filled radiators and some 24hr timers. We use them when we need heat (like just before waking up) and for when we get in at night - and so far they're using far less leccy than the storage heaters that just are no good for this flat! Hope that helps Andrew
  13. I was never very good at the housework living at home with Joe. I love having a clean house and I can clean very well - (car's however have to be clean - I hate dirty alloy's ) My argument was that I paid for the cleaner Since I moved into the flat (which I share with a great close friend) I have realised that I am a bit of a clean freak! This is not the same sentiment shared by Phil - who's quite content to sit on the sofa or up in his room on his laptop or with his boyfriend. He's being driving me mad - literally - when I put the dishwasher on a few days ago after going through the flat from top to bottom (technically it's a maisonette above his shop) it was still not emptied by Wednesday, despite us not having any clean dishes left in the cupboard and when I went to empty it - he'd added dirty dishes to it I did get him to clean the bathroom this week after having a major strop when I got in from work - and he's been helping keep the place a lot tidier since A xx
  14. Hey, I really must start getting my act together - come back for about a week wasn't it?, then back again. Thought I'd let my forum friends have a bit of an update on how things are this end... I'm settling into the new job REALLY well, I don't think I have ever been in a job that I love so much, so doing 50-60 hour weeks as I have isn't a chore at all, just wish that HR would finally send me some wages - it's been six weeks now It has made me sort out some other things that have been going on - so by the time I get paid I'll have lots of spare cash as I've entered a plan with all my creditors .... one must be more careful with the money Pretty much moved into the flat now, it's really looking like a home and I spend most days there, just back at the house this weekend to spend some lovely time with Joe, Molly and my laydees that I miss so much - went browsing at the NEC for our new caravan and very nearly ordered one - Joe is just having the necessary time to think and make sure the one we have chosen is the one for us.......but by February a nice shiny new Swift Challenger 480 will be gracing the driveway Been battling a dreaded cold that's turned into Bronchitis again so just hoping I shake that off soon Then there's something that has given me a lot of hope over the last few days actually - anyone else seen the lovely advert for Eurovision..? I've decided that I want to enter so will be making a video to send in to make sure that I do something that I want to do - I'd love to have the chance to get to perform for the UK in a competition that I really love - and this is the chance :D:D I'll try to have a good read of the red arrow's - so many again but hope that all is well with my lovely forum buddies - I want to be back to stay this time and with a proper broadband connection at the flat from Thursday that should be all that much easier And between watching Deal or No Deal - one of my dearest friends is currently on - Gill, I know how much she wins but I can't say anything Laters!! A xx

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