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  1. For those of you who have succumbed to the Roomba, and wondered what else to spend the pennies on take a look at this... http://www.friendlyrobotics.com/videos/robomow/ I have been looking through all kinds of brochures at work this week and spotted this - and then I remembered seeing a few of them at a Garden show in Shepton Mallet - can't think which one but Omlet were there with the cube Hands up who wants one! They aren't cheap tho, basic model RRP is £850 but who wants to mow the lawn. A xx
  2. Anyone want to try some of the other products I do have a few just knocking about. All our house cleaning products are Ecover, shower gels, hand soaps, laundry stuff too. I bought it all in bulk as the shop we used to get refills from closed, so I do it myself A xx
  3. You want to ask him or shall I I think he's quite attached to them A xx
  4. Won't spoil the episode but Ahh Heaven, I've missed Skins Very Funny and as touching in parts as ever A xx
  5. Well, the other day I got an email from Asda If you quickly read through my email, where did I mention Animal Testing Well, a slightly more interesting response, not totally convinced at all A xx
  6. You don't have to buy them all Christian I think you're just easily led A xx
  7. Bump! Just so those who want so see haven't forgotten, 2 hours til broadcast A xx
  8. I'm getting the knack of opening the bag so that they do, failing that there's always a plastic takeaway box and lid in the cupboard A xx
  9. Oddly enough it wasn't - in fact it was downright filthy. It had a lot to do with a very messy break-up/divorce, four cats and four children that were mucky little beggars. They'd both moved out a few weeks before into their new houses (even odder, at the end of our road - he moved first and S bought a house just a stones throw away so he couldn't get away from seeing his children ) She used to be a cleaner before she got married though, and her house is lovely and clean - it was all just a bad time I think A xx
  10. Makes me grateful for my cleaner. She costs me £25 per week comes on a Tuesday and Friday for two hours. She does a good job most of the time, will let the dog out, doesn't drink although if she did I wouldn't mind. She gives the hens some treats and might bring her youngest round to play with Molly or feed the laydees. Oh, did I mention that she used to live her, we bought the house from her nearly four years ago now A xx
  11. Molly is the same , she's even got into the rather naughty habit of sitting in the kitchen when I'm grating or chopping some, just "hoping" that I'll drop some Might try them with Molly, she's quite into Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky's at the mo, they're just fish skins cubed up together and dried into a crunchy treat, and she loves them....but they stink! Thankfully they come in a resealable bag A xx
  12. My name is Andrew and I find it hard to say Igloo, and say Eglu instead A xx
  13. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeee Andrew you do not have a big bum If I rest my feet on the bar and they slip off, off I go! A xx and my bum isn't that small either
  14. Ok, a small suggestion. There's clearly a demand on here for the Chuk-Tux, and some of us can't knit. Would anyone mind making some for those that would like one, for a donation to the BHWT? A xx
  15. I think the advert that makes me chuckle most is the Garnier Fructis, "containing Natural Fruit Extracts" As my hairdresser kindly pointed out, fruit extracts = oils and also,in this case citric acid, which dries the hair and damages it over time. They make it sound like it's going to do good when prolonged use of Fructis will damage the hair. It's like the "New and Improved" - I got a great email about this the other day. If it's New, nothing has come before it, if it's improved, something had come before it for this to be better than the predecessor - it's a contradiction in terms to be "New and Improved". It's either New. Or it's Improved! A xx
  16. My cheque was finally posted in the week, so hopefully will receive mine soon!! It's the latest Omlet Craze (should we have a sticky ) Can't wait for the postie now A xx
  17. If you really need some good towcar advice then go the the Practical Caravan website forum, there's some useful bits in there. The Kia 4x4 has come in for some praise as well as the SsangYong (sp?) I'll have a look through the issues I have over the weekend and let you know if I find any good articles for you A xx
  18. Isnt it an IKEA chair? We have a couple of them and I slip off it - I blame the Eglu bum A xx
  19. Just got in and logged in - Absolutely Fantastic Well Done Trish.. if I were closer to Leeds you'd have a client here, I love a good massage A xx
  20. That's brilliant isn't it At long last you can get it sorted and get a nice couple of working laptops. As for the girls, there's much better spec ones out there these days too, have a look around, pity the PC World sale has ended - they had some good deals on offer toward the end Still, you can at least get a nice shiny high spec'd one and I know a man with a laptop just knocking about...... A xx
  21. Our delivery gets left on the doorstep but as it's tucked in by the porch I don't think anyone notices, we ask that all parcels get left there to be honest. Wouldn't do it if I lived on a main road I wouldn't have thought. A xx
  22. we use their other "sister" Riverford - they are wonderful Lots of lovely fresh veggies that last the week so you can eat everything, a good mix of different veggies and they are really lovely to deal with. You can't go far wrong with them I don't think - we once used Able & Cole - it was yuck - awful veg didn't last 2-3 days and just didn't feel nice to use them if you know what I mean. A xx
  23. better not bid against each other I'm looking at 901s and 701s Ooh so am I I've got my eye on one that ends tomorrow, in orange - Joe would like a really retro one, bless A xx

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