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  1. Hello all It's been ever such a long time since I popped by, and find the place has a new look - just how long have I been gone Things have been rather hectic here of late and with one thing and another finding time for my beloved internet and hours on the forum has somewhat passed me by. It's all change for me at the moment too, just about to leave one job and hopefully start another (in Costa Coffee - heaven! ) along with Joe and me not back together just yet. I'm moving into my first pad on my own in a couple of weeks, nothing at all fancy but just giving us both a bit of space - but still coming round here to see my lovely laydees and Mollythecolly Along with having a new niece to spoil, and finding my mum another place as her council want her to move as she's "under-occupying" and spending a fair few weekends getting my old car back on the road its been a little hectic and I can't believe its September already I hope you're all doing ok - I've come back to an obscene number of red arrows to go through, anyone fancy giving me a run down of the major highlights?? Hope to be around a little more very shortly Much love Andrew xx
  2. Interestingly, I have been trying to sell my Sportka and used Ebay as I have done for several car's - both bought and sold. The auction ran but only made just under £4000 and that wasn't enough I've put it back on Ebay, with a Buy it Now and Best Offer option and had one response from a girl in Edinburgh, but two nights ago I put it on Autotrader - two spam emails, and a call tonight have resulted in a lovely sounding lady from South London getting the train to Gloucester on Friday as she loves the car already. Ebay Listing Autotrader ad I put loads of photo's on and try to be as descriptive as possible. We'll see soon enough if it pays off..... Good luck selling the Honda - a good tip is to check the value of the car on Whatcar Valuations or on Parkers Here A xx
  3. Well I think you should get out there and show off the fab new you! It was mentioned earlier but Salsa dancing is great fun - I go every Tueday night, and while not looking for a relationship I've made some great friends - we've been to each other's houses, done dinner and the odd night out. We also chat via text or MSN, and I even went to a jazz thing in Cheltenham with one last weekend. Its fun, great exercise, and you learn something too. Good luck hun A xx
  4. I can honestly say that I have forged some friendships through the fourm It's a shame that one of them live in Hull as we get on really well, although we MSN every day Amazing how just by owning a few hens has opened up another avenue in life A xx
  5. Oh Cripes! - I've listed a laptop like that at the moment! A xx
  6. It does. I wonder if it breaches any sort of copyright in terms of design. Those were my thoughts too... I hope Ebay pull the listing tho. I'm selling my car and they pulled the listing as I wrote "open to sensible offers" - claiming I was trying to avoid Ebay fees A xx
  7. Most of the time the Postie around here only carries the letters, any packets are all pre-filled out on forms that he posts through with your usual mail. It's so they don't have to carry parcels about. Bit annoying tho as some items never get delivered, you have to collect them - nice money saving idea Royal Mail!! A xx
  8. Have Pm'd you. I have the price list from Eleveden Forest, that they emailed to me when I asked about activities - I'd happily forward it on to any that need it A xx
  9. Ahhh Kinky Boots. One of my favourites. Where do you think the inspiration for the heels came from A xx
  10. Well done to you Phil for putting on a service for the old chap. I've been to many funerals, and wish I'd said goodbye to my Grampy but I couldn't face it. I've known for many years what I'd like to happen to me when I go. I don't wish to be buried as I don't know where would be appropriate, Wales or Gloucester. So I plan to be cremated, and to match my fun and lively personality I wish for "Burn Baby Burn - Disco Inferno" to be played as the curtains come round. Topped off with disco lights too and possibly a smoke machine. It's an odd choice and even called sick by some I know - it's just how I'd like to be remembered, I love to disco and want my passing to be joyful. A xx
  11. we've got a memory foam mattress and it is divine - really aids a good night's sleep We went for a proper mattress with it built in when we decorated our master bedroom. It wasn't cheap about £700 I think, but with Joe being so small and very boney and me being a bit fuller figured we had to get a good one. It's comfy yes, but as the memory foam works with body heat to mould to your shape, it gets warm, and stays warm too! We use a summer duvet all year round as we started to roast otherwise Wouldn't be without it now. A xx
  12. Been over that viaduct 4 times now (well twice but you have to come back don't you ) It's a beautiful journey, lovely scenery as you go round the loch. We normally stay at Glen Nevis, walk into town to get the train and have a day in Mallaig. Must go again soon - we've not been to Scotland for a couple of years now.......so if we get the caravan by September it could be a good run out for it A xx
  13. I used to play the violin (passed my grade 1, never took any more exams but was playing grade 4 pieces) as well as the keyboard and organ. I used to play the piano for school assembly every alternating Wednesday with a friend from my class playing the other week. Nowadays I don't play any instruments and was trying to show my step-nephew how to play the violin he's just been bought - gosh I was rusty but it came back to me very quickly - even being able to tune it purely by ear I want to learn to play piano properly tho - it's on the list of things to do one day A xx
  14. Nearly forgot... On my first time out on the scene in Cardiff, Dana International (the man now woman that won Eurovision for Isreal) - she was performing. Picked me out in the crowd and said I was cute.....oh how times change.....! A xx
  15. Sounds interesting, do tell Well I went to collect his hire car, but he never picked it up from television centre, so I was there a little while, whilst calls were made etc He's got a beautiful home tho A xx
  16. OOh I've been on Summer Praise - a version of Songs of Praise when they were in Peterborough many years ago at the IWA Boat Festival, had a letter published in the Radio Times when I was 14 (which was also put on the letterbox of a house I delivered papers too, just in case I hadn't seen it ) I've been on stage with welsh comedian Owen Money in a competition, served the athlete Jamie Baulch, (his nan and gramp lived opposite the shop I worked in) met Colin Jackson, and appeared on a BBC programme at the Garden Festival in Ebbw Vale and met Roy "Ooops, word censored!"le and Sara Edwards. and looked at the mortgages of a few celebs when at the building society. I was at Richard Hammond's house a while back and chatted to his wife and made a fuss of the cat too How many of us were at Jimmy's Farm too? A close friend will be shown on a certain Channel 4 gameshow soon too but the episodes won't go out until September. A xx
  17. Did you see the Semi Final and Belgium's entry. One comment made on the night was that Belgium was being represented by a strawberry and cream campino sweet. And why a made up language It didn't get through to the final tho A xx
  18. We have an Eglu too and the laydees all seem to fight for the "prime" spot of the nesting box. I just let them get on with it, although last night it seemed all three wanted to be atop of each other Bless 'em A xx
  19. Was I watching.......maybe! We had a Birthday/Eurovision Party and I've just popped on before nipping off to bed. Will try to get hold of some photo's from those present. I decided (against all wisdom) to dress up as DQ - Denmark's entry last year and mime my way though her number, but it was fun at least A BBQ, a bit of booze - I'm tipsy as I type this and a wonderful evening with lots of friends, Disappointed that Poland didn't score higher, Sweden was my favourite but Dima Bilan {swoons} is a lovely artist, and I will get round to downloading his albums this year - but nothing political in this years final was there The sooner we stop bankrolling the Eurovision the better, we should only get to the final on merit - not just because we put up some of the money for the event. Not as good as last year tho, but will be driving to Lesley's tomorrow with Europop blaring A xx
  20. Well we're back Had a really good week, drank a little bit , partied hard on Wednesday night, ended up in a villa over the way with some guys we met when out - I strolled in at 0530am nice to meet lots of people tho. The spa was wonderful on Thursday, so very relaxing so we're going to go again to spend the entire day there. Line dancing was erm...fun bit different to Salsa mind you. And my highlight was the horse riding, on Stinky - he was so good and loved his polo's afterwards, and I got a kiss from a horse he really was a sweetie A few photo's for you.... Me on Stinky Anita on Bertie Anita dressed for our birthday meal And me too The view from our lodge The bath! It was heaven!! Two regulars at our door.... Errol and Berol, the two feral cats that also liked to stop by and doze
  21. well thanks for your replies all, have to say that it's lovely here, the room isn't one of the newly refurbished ones tho It's pleasant none the less and very clean, and just got outta the jacuzzi, had a few glasses of wine already and cooling off now - got a bit hot in there Amazing isn't it, just a few hours away and it's like a different world, my head feels clear and I feel just so very happy right now A xx
  22. Only because I "sink", with my hips being set as they were when I was younger after my operations I can't get a good shape when in the water, so swimming is tiring, I like to splash about and will put the slides to good use Got the bikes hired for the week tho, got lots of cycling planned, walks too, spa day, line dancing, special evening out at the restaurant on Wednesday night and pony trekking too About 2 hours away now - got a nervous excited knot in my stomach!! A xx
  23. Do many of us still think that we do a good deed for the day? When we do such things it's such a nice feeling, maybe we helped someone close to us or a complete stranger. Perhaps this could be a daily thread as a positive vibe to realise that all is not bad in the world. I'll start. Went to the garden centre and bought some plants, got to the car and there was an envelope on the ground next to my car, for hand delivery to a day home on the other side of town. I knew I would be popping over to Sainsbury's and that's near the home, so I dropped it in on the way home. Nice to think that otherwise it may never have reached it's intended recipient A xx
  24. Well it's been a long time in the offing, but today I finally get to have a week away in CenterParcs with Anita for our birthday week It's been a challenging few months personally and I've had loads of support and comfort from my forum friends, and having this break to look forward to has really kept my spirits up as something to look forward to So, with what seems like a mountain of food and booze more clothes than I think I'll need in a month than a week and that persisitent feeling of "I've forgotten something" we set out at about 0830 for Eleveden Forest in Suffolk Will have my laptop all week too, don't forget it's the first and second semi-final of Eurovision this week, another reason for a party for us Hope everyone has a good a week as we're hoping to have A xx

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