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  1. I'm liking the idea of signs to put up at the front door as people arrive. I never bother doing a mega clean if my mum is coming (about once a year normally) and her house is always filthy anyway - but she's happy I guess We try to keep it relatively tidy, the cleaner keeps on top of the everyday and we go through the rooms now and again - Joe's been washing the walls and skirting off all the downstairs rooms, but they do look better for it. When I lived at my parents, the only carpet that could be seen was the bit where the door opened, I lived in a right mess, but like a nice tidy house these days - why is that I think it was because my brother used to nick anything that wasn't nailed down, and if it was tidy I wouldn't realise what I wanted was missing until I went to get it, whereas when everything is a mess I could tell if he'd been in my room A xx
  2. Nah, just got a few contacts at GCHQ up the road A xx
  3. Looks lovely Pam - a good style looks youthful too I'm off to the salon again tonight for a cut before going away next week - will need before and after photo's I think - it's grown so much in the last few months I can't do a thing with mine - and it's taking too long to straighten it A xx
  4. Thanks for the advice. I haven't uploaded the pics I took yesterday of the mess from yesterday but at least it didn't damage it when I cleaned it off. Will probably have a word with him tonight, but in any case I have set up one of my spare laptops with a good webcam, downloaded motion activated camera software and left that watching the garden today from my bedroom windowsill to see if anything happens today - at least I'll have photographic proof if anything happens A xx
  5. Wouldn't say I was very loyal to him, we hardly know them and we've been here four years, (don't even know their names ) and the most we've spoken was when our fence got blown over with the wind last year and was left resting on the tree. He wondered when we were getting it fixed as he looks at it from his living room window Happy days eh? A xx
  6. Awww how sweet. I wouldn't say it was cruel, he does seem to be enjoying himself. Molly makes her own entertainment here at home. Her favourite game is "Push it down the stairs". She grabs a ball (her orange bouncy ball is a favourite closely followed by a tennis ball ) runs to the top of the stairs, and gives it a nudge from the top step, waits for it to bounce to the bottom of the stairs, charge down and get it, then back to the top for another go. She'll play that game for about 20mins most days Bless her A xx
  7. Oh Mrs B, what a horrid way your SIL is dealing with the situation she's created. I would certainly sleep on the response and agree that it should just be a short "Sorry you're not coming to celebrate your niece's special day" Regardless of what happens tho, you've got a special day to look forward to with your children, and that is the important thing. Hope things don't get messy for you, and the Christening is a wonderful day for you all. A xx
  8. I got home from work today and went to say hello to all the girls as usual. My neighbours are having their garage turned into a room so I was a bit shocked to find cement all over the Eglu. I'm even more concerned as the Eglu is under a tree yet the cement was all over it - but not the tree. I'm thinking that the builders have thrown it over deliberately but obviously have no proof as I wasn't in when it happened. Thankfully I've been out with a scrubbing brush and washed it off and it doesn't seem to have had any ill effects to the Eglu. So, should I have a word with said neighbour about it or wait to see if (and I so hope not) that it happens again. And what if the girls have pecked at it - I doubt it would do them any good. I feel really torn with what to do at the minute. Any thoughts? A xx
  9. Congratulations Gina on the arrival of the new baby You and Darren must feel ever so proud and Stefan's a big brother now too :D Well done A xx
  10. Oh no Lesley - that's so very sad. I hope your spirits aren't too low today - and at you at least tried to save him. A xx
  11. I know that feeling, only it's only wasps stings I have to be wary about A xx
  12. Glad you had a good day yesterday Em. Anita threw an impromptu BBQ last night, just a few of us and it was lovely, left there at 1130 last night and slightly better for a tipple - can you get charged with drunk driving on a push bike? I was an ever so slightly sozzled cyclist last night Didn't sleep at all well tho, far too hot and the dawn chorus woke me at 5am, then the hens at 6 Never mind, it's a lovely day again today A xx
  13. This was a shot of the lawn the day the chickens came, two years and one week ago... This was the winter after the hens came... And this shot was taken last weekend, after I'd been doing up some planting.... Feel very proud to get a garden looking nice again, I even use the pictures at work to show customers what my mower makes the lawn look like, if they are thinking of buying the same one! A xx
  14. Didn't get round to posting yesterday, but haven't got a lot planned for the weekend - or have I? Got up today and cleaned the Eglu, jet washed the patio and it's furniture, Have got to pop out and pick my car mat up from work (and wash the car while there ) as I tipped a full Mcdonalds milkshake over, so hot pressure washed it , getting ready to go the a matinee Agatha Christie performance at the Everyman in Cheltenham this afternoon. Don't have many plans for this evening tho Tomorrow I'm round at Anita's I think, going to paint the fences and tidy up her garden generally, might even teak oil her outdoor furniture if I find the time It's glorious here tho, glad I mowed the lawn when I got in from work yesterday tho - it's nice to wake up to a perfect lawn A xx
  15. Just caught up with the news Lesley, glad that the cow's went off well - and what little devils, just strolling out of the trailer The new lamb looks gorgeous and technically the cows were gone before the lambing started Hope things settle down soon for you A xx
  16. I like Russell Watson Don't have any of his albums or anything but I think he's a nice guy and can listen to his stuff quite happily That any good? A xx
  17. Well the sun's not exactly shining - but it's supposed to be an ok day today with no showers Not sure I trust the weather forecast, it's looking a bit grim to be honest. Feel wide awake again now I'm up tho A xx
  18. I don't know why but I thought I would have a good night in tonight, so Anita came round, we went out for dinner, went for a lovely drive for an hour or so and got some essential supplies. Came home, browsed the net for singletons and at about 2 this morning, decidied to put a film on - Titanic So now we're still wide awake, it's light outside but I have heard the most wonderful birdsong this morning But isn't it loud!! I'm just going to finish my drink, let the hens out and go to bed See you later peeps A xx
  19. Welcome Back Looney!! Missed your avatar too, and congratulations on the little one A xx
  20. beat me to it by seconds Well that's a turn out for the books! A xx
  21. So it's taking longer than expected to announce who the winner of the Mayor For London. Tessa Jowell has claimed it unlikely that Boris will win it - yes on the BBC news at 2200, they said that both Labour and Tory spokespeople claim that it will be Boris' Big Day! Of course it doesn't affect us here in Gloucestershire but for those of you in the Capital, what are your thoughts? A xx
  22. Oh you mean, the "Turn around when possible" or "in 50yards make a U turn" I love Jane too, wouldn't be without her - and she's been a loyal travelling companion for about 5 years now I paid £469 for a TomTom GO300 when they were new to the market, but got a TomTom One for Anita at Makro the other week, £79.99+VAT She's pleased with it too, much more than her Garmin, although it was a very basic one. A xx
  23. We've never noticed Lesley It's the forum's fault anyway - it's far more interesting than doing domestic chores A xx
  24. Well done on your two year anniversary! You've achieved so much in that time, its staggering. So when is the book coming out It's strange how time flies so quickly - through all the good things and the bad but you've inspired so many of us - well done to you and Carl A xx
  25. It starts 1th May I'm quite looking forward to it. Can anyone else believe how old Wolf is - he was 52 when they first launched Gladiators I watched the A-Z thing too, and realised that I used to watch it a lot, favourite challenge has to be the rings! A xx

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