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  1. At least they came back to you with some answers. Sadly they are not recruiting in a very sensible way, and as such could unfairly discriminate candidates, and that's opening up a whole can of worms for them should someone challenge them with legal action. From the, very good, management training I got from Hertz (two days on just employment and discrimination stuff from an external company) I'd say that the first 4 questions are completely irrelevant and could cause an applicant to feel uncomfortable in answering - they have no need to know such information as it is not related at all to the requirements - what if there were very traumatic events in a family? A candidate might be gay and feel uncomfortable answering question 2 for fear of sexual orientation discrimination - Mortgages are movable as are tenancies so again, where you live has no bearing on the job requirements. As for asking about other jobs that is private information as it may be for a competitor, for a less paid job than theirs (if they looked into it they could notice that you've applied for a job with a lower salary and may then offer you less in the job you're applying for) The interview should be the tool they use to determine if you are suitable for a vacancy - thinning out the application because you may be a woman of childbearing age is certainly discrimination. Q5 and 6 are fine - it's relevant to how long they can take to get someone employed and asking directly what your salary is, they can check this via an employment reference) It's a minefield with the regulation regarding a job advert - you can't ask for a mature person for instance, as this phrase generally is used to refer to older people, so it would discriminate against younger people. Good luck if you go for it Choccy! A xx
  2. No-one's mentioned the competition yet. I think I've got them all Well done AMO, quite the celebrity at the mo We'll need autographs soon hun A xx
  3. I've been having an issue with Margot or Geri laying a soft egg quite regularly of late. I've put lots of grit and things out for them and still it seems to happen. Is it Shellstim that helps sort them out? THe ex-batts we got on Saturday are doing sterling work, an egg a day each, although 1 of yesterdays was laid early in the morning, and in the rush of the Laydees to get out, they stood on it as it was on the roosting bars A xx
  4. Just trying the zoom thing with the mouse on the pc at work I'm only going to be on here five minutes honest The keyboard Ctrl key has zoom and a mouse icon on it, but it doesn't work with this cordless mouse Never mind, I'll try it with my laptop mousepad later A xx
  5. Just a thought to bear in mind that by taking a veterinary prescription to your local pharmacy they may be able to get some drugs but not all due to supply contracts. You will probably have to pay the pharmacy for a dispensing fee, but this is set at the discretion of the pharmacy. For info Lloyds Pharmacy is a minimum £4.00. I thought I'd point out this out so any cost savings can be properly worked out. If using an on-line pharmacy they should be able to provide you with the registered Pharmacist's RPSGB number and their registered RPSGB number too. They can be checked using http://www.rpsgblist.org/membership.asp - this is the regulatory council meaning they are at least qualified to dispense. The Pharmacy4animals one checks out ok if you have used them before Hope this helps A xx
  6. One of my closest friends husband is a tiler, and a very good one too She has the same problem with downstairs loo's, kitchen all needing finishing off, so she booked her husband for herself so he could get the work done. The pitfall of leaving the appointment's to the missus May be an idea for the rest of you A xx
  7. Well done Christian for being the first guy brave enough to do this.... Best things about my body - my arms as they are a good shape and all this lifting lawnmowers has given them the best definition they have ever had :D My hair - I keep in really good condition but it's a costly upkeep and my nails, now that I've stopped after forever biting them my hands look ok when they've been tended too Shame about the skin tho - it's terribly dry Working on the waistline too - a few more months I should have a reasonable shape to be proud of A xx
  8. I think that it's all about where you go to get your pets medication. You can take a prescription from your vet to your pharmacy as most drugs are the same, but up until three years ago a vet could/would charge you for just having a script to take elsewhere, instead of getting the medication from them (which they in turn make a HUGE mark-up on) The three year period is coming up and this company relies on it's customers being able to send a script to them for dispensing. If vets charge a fee to write a script people are more inclined to have the vet dispense but this is often very expensive. Molly cut her pad a few years back, the vet said he'd give us something to bathe it in daily. We didn't know what it was till it was paid for and we got home. We were charged £6.50 for a 100ml bottle of Hibiscrub. Joe can buy that at work for £3 for 500ml!! Will be interesting to see what happens ...... A xx
  9. Vicki, I've just read through this whole topic as I hadn't dipped into it before today. I'm glad I didn't tho as emotionally I wouldn't have understood it but now I do. It's a terrible time that you've had to go through over these past few weeks, and I really would love to give you a hug and say that you must be the one of the strongest people I could ever "meet". Your strength of character leaves me with a sense of joy, you keep going, and probably want to scream most of the time with your mum's behaviour. I really do hope that your Dad settles down in the new home and that your mum too gets the help she so clearly would benefit from. I have had blazing rows with my mum and my brother especially - as for my dad, well that's a whole different story. The good times will return - keep close to those you need to. This forum has been a wonderful place for me recently too. There are always people thinking of you that we never realise. Take care hun, and sincere best wishes A xx
  10. My heritage is not exciting either. I was born in Wales, to Welsh parents, with a German granddad - still holding the German surname, and now live in England with a "switchable" accent - I no longer speak with my rather rough and common Valleys Welsh day to day but it pop's back whenever I spend time in Wales, or with Welsh people. It's fun watching people guess where I come from just from my accent, or by seeing my name There's even a Polish guy at Salsa that added me as a friend on Facebook as he thought I was a Pole! A xx
  11. Oh Bertie McS, I've only just read through this thread and I feel so sad for you and your family and the family dog. I'm sat here and I feel sick at what people in our society can do to an animal, and it certainly seems that it was a reason for his sudden deterioration. I can only hope that a strong enough case can be brought by the police to result in a conviction. It will be distressing if/when it gets to a court case but remember that there are so many of us here that will be there for you. Sending hugs A xx
  12. I've been doing a google search for you guys but it seems that the BBC are closing everything down, must be due to licensing A xx
  13. Glad your bedtime has gone well Ziggy Sadly ours hasn't been quite so successful, and Marjorie is currently in box in the downstairs loo as all three of the girls had a horrible go at her earlier. She has been a very adventurous girly, she even jumped on to the Eglu earlier and tried to climb in the tree Will try and post a pic of that later. Margot was certainly miffed that Audrey had settled in "her" nest box - which is why they wouldn't let poor Marjorie in through the door, and she keeps coming to me and snuggling in - it's so sweet in that respect. Where's the "ahhh" emoticon?? Will wait til they're all asleep and put Marjorie in the Eglu with them all, as much as having a house hen would be fun, I don't think it's sustainable!! A xx
  14. Your chooks look very happy too Ziggy!! Audrey has just had a bit of a go at Marjorie - I can see who's gonna be the troublesome one here Just hoping that Geri settles down soon - she's getting a croaky croak now she's been whinging so long A xx
  15. They are - they started scratching and pecking about as soon as they were in the run - they've attacked a few grapes and are quite happy pootling about. They haven't been inside the Eglu yet, but are covering some ground inside the run It's just fascinating seeing them return to nature - even tho this is one of the first times they've had the freedom. A xx
  16. Here are some pics Geri has refused to stop making a racket so she's now out free ranging in the garden with Margot and is a lot happier A xx
  17. And ours are here too Just taken some photo's and will upload them in a mo. Margot is getting on with the day to day but to say that Geri is a little put out is an understatement She's been squarking about since the new girls were put in the Eglu run, and had a bit of a go at one of them, but the ex batt stood tall and just had a go back This is gonna be interesting A xx
  18. Ziggy are you getting yours from Worcester today? That's where we're getting ours from today too - :D:D Very excited and can't wait and even though I've had the laydees for nearly two years I'm still feeling nervous about getting them and worrying that I get everything right. By 2pm I'll have Marjorie and Audrey added to the flock A xx
  19. Coffee. Lots of I normally drink about 10-14 cups a day, would have it on a drip if I could. Not fussed if it's instant or not really, but much prefer a nice latte from "gilbert" Kate likes the look of him and keeps threatening to take him away In the evenings tho I do like a glass of wine, rose generally and if it's a party night then I move on to vodka and coke. It's amazing I get so tired A xx
  20. Ooh Interesting. I think I can get Central here so will definately be tuning in to watch that Well done AMO! A xx
  21. Joe set this up on Sky+ and we watched last night. It's about a group of youngsters who love their clothes and aren't really touched by how they are made, so they get packed off to India to actually work in the sweat shops themselves and live like the natives. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00b0xsh It's repeated tonight at 2000 but you can watch it online too. I was really shocked by the attitudes of some of them, but I think it'll make an interesting series. A xx
  22. will it be available to listen again Dan? Nice to see you back btw A xx
  23. Well here are the photo's I did get from last night, we've not bothered going down to the cathedral as both Anita and me are too tired and our feet ache as it is without standing around for a few hours too The horse and carriage arriving Moving the Tardis out of the way so the horse can get down the alleyway The extra's - I did ask nicely for a pic and they were happy to oblige Even though I used my proper camera they haven't come out all that well. I'm not too good with night mode it would seem as you have to hold it very still, and I'm not so good at that either They're filming again tomorrow night so I may make the effort to be there for the last days filming A xx

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