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  1. Hello All! Nightmare day - leaving a mobile these days is like leaving an arm behind Just in the car on the laptop before going home now tho and was going to update the thread at lunchtime but had an appointment. They closed the sets yesterday so you couldn't get anywhere near the filming - there were about 100 people milling around trying to see tho - I did get a couple of pictures of a horse and some extra's kindly posed for me to take a pic - I haven't got them off the camera yet so don't know how good they have come out I'm off to Salsa tonight but will be out by 11pm so will wander over to the set and see if we can get anything today. They even had the Tardis under tarpaulin sheets to stop people taking pics of it A xx
  2. Just getting ready to leave for tonights stalking ahem....fan spotting Got the decent camera ready, and warm clothes. It's a shame I'm driving into town or I'd take a hip flask too What are the odds that we won't see any action tonight....... A xx
  3. I got funny looks from Joe when I said I like the current Dairy Milk ad. Glad there's other sane people on here A xx
  4. They are very grainy but here are some photo's I got last night. As they're filming for the next couple of nights I'll be there again tonight to see if I can get some better pictures with my proper camera The Tardis. Where I was stood to take this was covered in snow 30mins later, and the Doctor chases someone down the alley to the left of the Tardis and along where this pic was taken. The Tardis was moved, as were the vans and lots of crew stood around to block the view Somewhere in that group of people is DT walking back after a take. You can just make out some extra's in victorian costume This guy had a heavy backpack that would spray snow during filming. They got him set up then called him off for a while to get on with other things. And getting ready for another take All this lot took about two hours to set up and go through, stopping for a moment when a police siren sounded or a train went by. The actual footage is about 5 seconds of the Doctor chasing some lady. We were wandering round and saw a bus load of extras going into the cathedral to shoot a terror scene, just as soon as the production people were happy that the residents had all been advised it was going to happen We've found DT's trailer too - found a gaping gap in the trees right by the trailers so may try and knock on his door later - as long as security don't block the entrance A xx
  5. Well it's cold out there this evening, and Gloucester city centre is a little busier than normal tonight and the next few evenings too. I've been out with Anita trying to get a glimpse of the elusive Tardis and the gorgeous David Tennant, while they're filming the Christmas Special episode of Dr. Who. We did get to see him and got nice and close to the Tardis too, although he didn't come over and see the 20-30 or so who were all watching patiently. Will try to post my rather grainy mobile pic shots tomorrow. A xx
  6. And have our's too - I've wanted to mow the lawn for two weeks as it's gotten long again, but I can't even walk over it as it's far too squishy Oh for some warm sunny days............... A xx
  7. Nope Never - really looking forward to it now tho, I need a break and this should be just the ticket. Anita's buying a spa pass for the week as my birthday pressie and I see an awful lot of rest and relaxation on the cards Have you got much planned while you're there? A Xx
  8. Elveden Forest, 19th -23rd May It's mine and Anita's birthday treat Which one are you heading off to? A xx
  9. YAY! I'm gonna book to go now then So warm clothing could be a must.....will remember that too A xx
  10. Welcome back Pengy! -looks like you had a really good time Was it the beginners Pony trek you went on. Anita and me have looked at the activities brochure this week but as we've both never ridden a horse before we were put off by the pony bit - I want to ride a horse not a shetland Four weeks to go now and can't wait A xx
  11. Well congrats for the Theory Test past I remember when I learned to drive, it cost me £30.00 an hour (with BSM) and my lessons were 2 hour sessions once a week. I bought my first car for £50 from a neighbour, got it taxed Mot'd and ready for the road, the insurance was £752 for third party fire and theft. How I afforded it I'll never know, as I was only earning £350 a month full time First test failed, but kept learning in my own car every night with my best friend, well just slapped the L plates on and away we were each night and passed a few months later. Best bit of independence I ever got A xx
  12. Well done Lucy - it's a hard thing to do to stand up in front of a crowd and it sounds like you did the BHWT proud...and the Eglu too A xx
  13. I've just watched the last episode of this series on E4 Feel a bit emotional but it was a fitting end to this series It's said on the E4 site that the next series will have none of the usual characters instead now concentrating on Effy and her friends. Will miss them A xx
  14. Eww! God job you've complained Freddie, lets hope they do something about it. That place sounds disgusting. A xx
  15. I'll freely admit to liking a drink, and have a glass of wine most evenings, although of late I've not bothered - it's not a case that I HAVE to have a drink each night. I can't understand people who go out for a night just to get drunk. If I end up tipsy it's as the evening went well, but I always know what I get up to when drinking, (including giving out my phone number to certain waiter recently ) but I'm just as happy having a J20 and driving for the night. I can cope with bars and pubs without a drink but if nightclubbing I do need a couple to help me "get into the mood" as I'm terrifically self concious in clubs, but I hardly go maybe 5 or 6 times a year! It doesn't bother me if people don't drink around me if we're having a drink and I would never dream of spiking someone's drink, that's so wrong. We all make our choices in this life, and sometimes they aren't to everyone opinion, if someone's happy, that's all that matters, with or wi'out booze A xx
  16. Well certainly feeling a bit perkier these last few days, the antibiotics are doing their thing, and the inhaler is fantastic - I haven't been able to breathe as clearly for years. Still not getting a full nights sleep but I had a slouchy weekend, rested lots and feel brighter for it today - although it was a manic day at the shop so I was glad to go out in the van for a bit Thanks for your well wishes all, it means a lot, it really does. A xx
  17. Thank you for your kind words, this place really is the best medicine, some of you I've never met but your sincerity is touching. It's been a better few days, the antibiotics are having an effect now, and the inhaler is brilliant - even with a bad chest I feel like I can breathe so much easier. Had news that has given me a knock today but in a funny way as I was expecting it, it hasn't had much of an effect on me. Just got to make sure that it doesn't. I'll keep going. A xx
  18. Lets hope they don't take too long to get back to you Lesley. and that they don't come back with any bad news. sending a hug A xx
  19. Well for over two weeks now I've been suffering from a really bad cold, that's been joined by a nasty cough and I haven't had a complete nights unbroken sleep since a week last Monday I had to go to the doctors for another issue yesterday, and I've got Bronchitis, but she also noticed a wheeze on my chest too, something I've noticed for months due to smoking for so many years and she's given me an inhaler too. I can't get the anti-smoking drugs I would like until I go through the Stop Smoking Clinic due to budgets (GP writes a script the surgery budget pays, the SSC writes a script and a government scheme picks up the tab ) Without too much detail the doctor has given me anti-depressants to tide me over the next few months as things have gotten messy in my head of late, and also finally getting some help from the NHS with her referring me for some counselling to deal with some major problems I've had to deal with over the last few years I feel like there is some hope at the minute at least - this time last week I was at a very low point . Thank goodness for the relief of the forum, it's such a good place to be A xx
  20. Ours just get put in a cupboard in the caravan when we travel and we've not lost one yet! The same can't be said for a bag of sugar once, that managed to bounce against the catch and fall from a top cupboard to the floor - snow scenes in caravan's are not a good plan, at least not with sugar A xx
  21. I like a few of those but I must resist Some of them are very good tho - let us know what the quality is like when you get them tho, and I may reconsider....... A xx
  22. I certainly do clear my cookies - normally plateful at a time....... ..........sorry it's been one of those days You mean you find time for the cookies to make the plate Mine barely exit the packet A xx
  23. Well, not die for but I think I got a good Ebay bargain there A xx

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