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  1. You could always work from mine Kate - Gilbert does wonderful coffee!! I can't work from home here, but I can take Molly away to work with me A xx
  2. Piccies are great - my favourite is the cow with the eye looking straight at you A xx
  3. I think that's very wrong advice Lesley - my mum can walk quite a way if she has to (not in a good way afterwards tho ) but she's had a badge for years. It's all about reducing the distance necessary to get to where you're going and to give you longer when you do get there. One of Joe's friends has one - he can walk normally most days but then spends a couple quite immobilised and he still has one, as well as working full time too A xx
  4. we're of the always clean it up no matter where we go brigade too, and doing this I've picked up other peoples mess as well if it's near where Molly "went". Joe gets the biodegradable colostomy disposal bags from work that are almost the same as nappy bags but don't "smell" of baby - not used to all those Johnsons kinda smells and they're usually far too strong for me I went out the other night and just went into my leather jacket and found three bags in there!! A xx
  5. Well done on getting the Blue badge sorted Sorting out DLA is a toughie - its one of those benefits that they are trying to cut down on - which sends my mum into a tiz every news story as she's terrified she'll be forced to work - there's no question that she'd be made to, she got fired from the Remploy place years ago for being too slow and she's far worse now than then. Keep up with the appeal and speak with your doctor, my mum's sorted all her stuff out for her and it went through on the nod for her, albeit years ago. Fingers crossed A xx
  6. Very excited here about the new Dr Who - funnily enough I never liked Torchwood but really got into it a couple of months ago and now I LOVE it. I'm off to Wales this morning to see my niece and drop some photo's to my mum and meeting up with a friend in Cardiff - and Anita's coming with me so we're off to tour the capital as it's so different these days I found out the other day that the guy who plays Ianto grew up near my aunt's house, went to the same college in Crosskeys as I did (a year after I started) and had a really good opening into acting with help of Lord Kinnock (I know his wife who was also an MEP too) Odd world really A xx
  7. I'm jealous for one - it's been ages since I went away in the caravan Have a nice break from it all wont you A xx
  8. We love that drive too Fee We used to go every year but haven't been for about 3 years now - I'd love to take the caravan up to Ft William again - we stay at the Glen Nevis site and haven't ever walked up it yet - but I think we may have to go this year - and Molly before she gets too old and creaky for such adventures ANH, looks like you had a wonderful time and the doggie too, great photo's and that view A xx
  9. Hey Man FLu is a recognised condition - or at least for me it is Hope yoiu are back to normal Fred I've been rough as anything for nearly two weeks and still my nose is running, throat sore and now it's going to my chest and I'm getting a cough I can't sleep properly and can't afford any time off at the mo on the sick Need to find someone to pass this on to - any takers? A xx
  10. along the same lines I have this on my Myspace.... A xx
  11. I think all you can do is call the council and report it to them or go round and have a quiet word in the ear of the troublesome tenant. We haven't really had too many problems where we live apart from one odd night where the party was in full swing into the very early hours of the morning. I'm quite suprised myself how hard I banged on their door and asking them in not too a polite way to turn the music down I did speak to the Police on my mobile on my way round to the troublesome house and the guy in the call centre could hear it and I was still 500meters away! - I also found out that people can make as much noise as they want in Gloucester of an evening - Our council does not have any out of hours Officers to deal with noise, and without them the Police are powerless and can only ask them to turn it down too Hope you get it sorted and get a good night's sleep soon!! A Xx
  12. OOh I could do the same, but the caravan doesn't have a bath I'm trying to get some rest, been running around a lot lately and with the split and work and everything else I feel a bit wrung out. I've had a cold and sore throat for over a week now and it's getting me down too. Now where's the bottle opener...... We've stayed in our van on the drive before now, when Joe's brother came to stay with the great dane - didn't have a spare room done in them days and Bertie is FAR too big to fit in the caravan - you could always talk to the children about the poor people who are still living in their caravans on driveways after the summer floods..... A xx
  13. Now being all young and naive I'm not totally sure that not a euphemism A xx
  14. Ok this is really weird This is Bosnia & Herzgovena entry - with a ...... CHICKEN! A xx
  15. Thought I'd update this thread as I have today completed the "Youtube" listing of all the songs entered in this years competition. Pm me with your email and I can send you the spreadsheet as there's way too many to post here. I've started getting my costume together for the party - and as we speak am trying to break in a new pair of shoes, lets just say that Joe thinks I have a fetish forming A xx
  16. Yeah, but you so know that she wants to get stroppy A xx
  17. Awww Shona - he's a cutie - and what squidgy cheeks You need to change your sig, your little hatching has hatched A xx
  18. Has to be a Tom Tom - and Makro have one for £79.99 at the mo too I wouldn't be without "Jane" now, even though she cost me a fortune but then in 4 years she's helped out A LOT! A xx
  19. I'm looking forward to watching 27 dresses, they played the trailer for it when we went to watch Juno Didn't know there was going to be a Mamma Mia film tho I've been once to see it but Joe has been three times - one to put in the diary me thinks A xx
  20. OOOH let me know what it's like won't you Anita and me are booked for the 19th May at Elveden Forest, SOOOOO looking forward to it now I don't think the rooms are wi-fi'd tho we'll be taking my T-Mobile card and a laptop with us tho A xx
  21. A major influencing decision for me to sign up with T-Mobile for their mobile broadband thingy was my ability to access the forum when away. Of course it now gets used for everything from traffic updates on the move to finding out where we can go when away in the caravan and lending to friends so they can keep in touch when away Wouldn't be without it now A xx
  22. Congratulations Chookie!! What a lovely Easter present A xx
  23. Oh well done Mrs B! I haven't a clue how to use an Ipod so you're ahead of me Great present tho, he'll love it A xx
  24. Thanks for the kind words. I have one nephew already but due to complications with the relationship with my brother and his ex I haven't seen him for 5 years (last time was his 2nd birthday party ) Hoping that this relationship lasts longer and I get to spoil this one rotten!! A xx
  25. I think I need a holiday. Early this morning, Joe and me decided to call it a day once and for all - we did try after our split a few weeks ago but it's just not happening. We both feel weird today but we came to the decision jointly so no-one's really to blame. Just a shame that after nearly seven years together the spark has sort of gone out. But, on a happier note.....I'm an uncle again!! 2215 last night the world welcomed Layla Louise at 6lb 13oz - why do I feel old So I'll be off to Wales tomorrow with card balloon and a big smile A xx

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