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  1. Kev - it may not be as expensive a part as it seems Check your make and model of boiler and pop down to Plumbase or similar - price the part yourself as it may only be a tenner or so. A xx
  2. Yup this is a tricky one. We try to buy everything organic as far as we can, and are very happy if it can come locally. I don't mind the veggies coming from Devon as at least its closer than Ecuador and paying a British farmer to keep his livelihood. If I can't get local organic then I go for whatever else is organic. That may mean its come round the world but then we won't be eating chemical residues etc from treated veg. If all else fails I have bought non-organic foodstuffs or just not bought. Snowy, I'm with you. We do what we can and that's all we can do. And to heck to feeling guilty - life's to short A xx
  3. Touch wood it's been quite nice here so far. The sun has been shining and it feels like a lovely day - but the wind has turned a bit gusty now. A xx
  4. Hey it's mid-week for most of us - so what are you planning over the Easter break..? Fitting that kitchen, tiling the bathroom or.....??? I've had the great idea to cut down the huge tree at the front of the house as it's now ridiculously big now and taking up too much space. I need Claret's help for this. How do I wield a chainsaw whilst still looking elegant in my bikini....and heels Thankfully I'm borrowing the chainsaw and a shredder from work and Joe's brother is coming up - at least he got forewarned he was helping and then I have to think about the new tree to replace it That can wait til the August BH tho - don't think my back will be up to much more What are you doing? A xx
  5. This year I'm going for staples. Got a few seedlings that came up in the propagator this morning of beef tomatoes, normal ones and some yellow ones got some aubergines in there too. Already have the potato's chitting in the utility room and garlic and onion sets waiting to go in. If it ever gets dry out in the garden there'll be peas, carrots, sweetcorn and goodness knows what else Lets just hope it's a better year weather-wise A xx
  6. Anyone want to take over my allotment. I'm giving it up this year as I lost everything I was growing last year. Ours are run by a separate company for the council. They announced last year that there would be an annual increase of 5% per year in rates. But crafty devils have this year moved the charging period to just 9 months, 12 month charge for 9 months at the increased rate, and they've announced that they'll apply the 5% increase at the end of 9 months. It's one heck of a rate rise this year!! It wasn't helped that it was just too far from home, I had to drive there and they aren't secure. We get priority living where I do for the allotments 4 miles away as there aren't any in our village/town. A xx
  7. Just reading the blurb on their website. I shower in about 2.5 mins and turn the water off whilst shampooing and lathering. I thought everyone did that Must be why my water bill isn't as bad as our friends... A xx
  8. but is anyone of us going to admit to dancing round the house I'll go first You'd never catch me dancing round the living room with a mic in one hand and singing my head off A xx
  9. I can make her go round both ways A xx
  10. Looks really good Kev - hows the back Just spent the last few hours reclaiming my veg plots from the "laydees" and digging it over and digging in a bit of compost. Started off my seedlings and hopefully will get the spuds in next weekend I love this time of year - just cautious as we lost everything last year A xx
  11. Oh No! Lesley that's so sad Lets hope that you can get on with restocking the hive this year - such a shame. We're trying to re-do the veggie growing this year after the wet weather destroyed all our crop last year. Here's hoping for a much better summer this year. A xx
  12. Would it help if I borrowed Joe's age (32) or Anita's (34) A xx
  13. My mum has the annoying habit of referring to me as "the baby" when I'm at her house and a friend I've not met drops by Nice thought maybe, but I am 27, and pampers aren't really my style.... A xx
  14. Right! We'll have to change that then! Oh do tell Christian....what have you planned ... best be nice to Kate, tho it can't have been easy over on the RC forum A xx
  15. I have to be honest, I like the new Mondeo The diesels go really well and I thought I would hate Fords forever I've had quite a few in my time, and bought my Sportka just over a month ago and I LOVE it - still long for the day I buy my Mini Cooper........now where's that dreaming emoticon again.. A xx
  16. So sad to lose a hen, but think of the lovely home you're going to pass on to some MORE hens! Even better you're not having to twist OH's arm to want them either! A xx
  17. I thought you were in your twenties! Always a surprise to be had on the forum! I second that! I've thankfully always been very close to my mum, sometimes wish closer as it would have certainly changed our family life for the better. We make up for it now tho, and as much as she can't go two days without at least ringing me - and is it only my mum that rings 10 times and still doesn't just leave a message!! In my close family it's so often me helping them out and giving out the advice, and mum and brother often get the sensible "chat" from me. I may be 27 but I really feel a lot older. My best friend is 34, and my closest friends range from 23-60. I think I gain a lot from them, and sometimes wonder if losing all of my grandparents before I was ten makes me want to be around "older" people. I certainly respect them and their opinions that's for sure A xx
  18. I've heard of Skype but have never looked into it, although I have seen cordless VOIP (Voice over internet Protocol) phones for sale in Tesco's I don't ring abroad much to be honest but I have used MSN video calling with my friends around the UK - and closer to home too (useful when advising on an outfit for a night out ) That's free and you get sound and vision. A xx
  19. Anyone else get Jane Horrocks saying that phrase in the recycling adverts when they read that A xx
  20. Well now I've got back home I've sat and watched the contenders on YouTube. Michelle Gayle's entry Rob McVeigh Simona Armstrong The Revelations Loveshy and the public voted for this to be our entry this year Mr Andy Abraham For those of you wanting to see the moment he was announced..... I don't wish to add to Dan's concerns of a conspiracy but the name of the programme is "Your Decision" - how better to hide that it may be rigged than to make us think we're choosing My thoughts: Rob couldn't sing that song as it was way out of range for him - he was gulping for air before most of the notes for goodness sake along with eating the mic at the start Simona sounded better on the night than the clip that had been released on the site previously. Not catchy enough. Michelle Gayle, was actually rather catchy, should have won based on the competition - it was far more Euro-style and appealing - retro is really in. The Revelations lacked any form of stage presence. Just sounded a bit screechy to me. Loveshy tried but shaky vocal, they sounded very nervous, and would crack on the Eurovision stage - the dance routine wasn't very fluid either and they wandered aimlessly around the stage. and Andy. Very quiet vocal, and some of the words weren't sung clearly - it's just not Eurovision, and won't grab peoples attention at the big event. And what was with the sparks at the end, falling over Michelle Gayle as she left the stage - Andy didn't seem that keen on winning "What's going on" I think he asked. Does someone want to tell him that he is our hope of getting some points this year Sorry for the long post A xx
  21. Almost over but Happy St. Davids Day to you all. Nearly had nothing patriotic with me today, so settled for a pot plant of some daff's from the farmers market A xx
  22. and so we have a plinky plonky dreary number from Mr Andy Abraham representing us this year Whoo......sorry got bored halfway through my excitement I'll admit that I haven't seen the show tonight as we're away in the caravan and Joe didn't bring the tv card for the laptop, but from the clips on the bbc website I wanted LoveShy with Mr Gorgeous to go through, more tat but it sounded contemporary - a bit of Girls Aloud/Sugarbabes type of sound. This years selection wasn't much to go on tho - there HAS to be better out there that just isn't being chosen for the public to decide. Perhaps a Eurovision entry should be picked in an X-Factor type competition over a few weeks in future, not some faceless BBC panel whittling down to the last 6 A xx

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