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  1. It didn't hit me how strong the winds were today until I was making a few deliveries in the van this afternoon and I had to slow down to 50mph on a dual carriageway - the van was being blown across the lanes - it's only a Vauxhall Movano too, not a long Sprinter Still, back home for a few minutes then it's off to join Joe in the caravan in Moreton In Marsh A xx
  2. my website has been made with http://www.mrsite.co.uk Very easy to set up, so easy I bought another domain name this week so will shortly have two websites to tend to. A xx
  3. When I was about 7-8 I helped out at Brean Leisure Park through the summer on the little trains there. From 9 years old I worked as a paperboy, started helping out in the shop and was still delivering papers when I was 19 but I was covering the shop for the odd week at a time by then In between my Lloyds Pharmacy job and PC World I did a weeks temping for a company that sold cooking oils to take-aways - not bad filling those big cans with oil but they also took in used oil for recycling, to put into horse feeds and that was gross! - I had to throw my watch away as fat smells stayed in the fabric strap! Has to have been the worst job ever - the congealed fat was steamed out of the tins and the floor was covered in some gloopy mess of fat and soda crystals to break it down. Cleaning out the vans was the worst as it was mid summer too - They'd ran out of rehydration salts they should have provided so it was heavy going. Feeling faint thinking about it! A xx
  4. Joe has rung his parents and thankfully all was ok - their first thoughts were that the boiler was about to explode or a plane headed for Waddington has crashed. The whole house shook, a picture fell off the wall, and all the windows rattled - and Ruby, the highly strung collie..............slept through it all We were expecting her to have gone nuts! At least they are all ok - as I hope everyone else is. Listening to the radio earlier, an insurance company said they had some claims come through, mainly for chimney's and expect more claims over the next few days as people get a chance to assess their homes properly. Scary times eh A xx
  5. Didn't hear a thing hear, but Molly stirred around that time Just waiting for Joe to come in so we can ring his parents, they're a stones throw from Market Rasen so really could have felt it. A xx
  6. My friends Husky does that and he's just over a year old It's weird the noises he comes out with That's sweet tho, just wish the volume wasn't as high on the lappy - gave me a jump A xx
  7. That's brilliant news Debs, well done and congratulations Although I missed having a proper job since August, I never found there were enough hours in the day, and now I'm back to full time work I seem to be more organised as I have such a short window of time to so things Brilliant timing too, with a summer on the way! A xx
  8. Louise, have you tried the three big comparison sites - confused.com, gocompare.com and tesco's one? Find the cheapest quote you can and check it for details on excess carefully. When you've found the cheapest quote check it directly with the company by starting a new quote with them, and to save a bit more check the insurer with a cash-back site (I use quidco) and see if you can get some money back. We renewed our home insurance last night and went with the Co-op. We also got £70 cashback so our home insurance was a cheap £170 with cashback !! A xx
  9. Hmnnn. It's a drug re-hab centre you say Is it like the Priory and we can all check in there - I mean the forum is quite an addiction, Crocs Steam Cleaners etc etc A xx
  10. Ditto I would like a small flock of about 4. I would call them Fleece Lightning, Pullover, Wooly and Jersey. I would also have 2 donkeys called Geoffrey and George OK comes back down to earth with a bump!!! And have you told Mo this Em? A xx
  11. They take over our thoughts don't they Will Sky+ it too A xx
  12. What great pics Clash, we're getting some ex batts from the April rescue from John and Monica and getting very excited now A xx
  13. Make the most of the evening, crack open a bottle of wine and relax. I've had my burst of energy for the day, tending to the "laydees", then got out the new shiny lawnmower and gave the lawn it's first cut, and did next door's front lawn too - was getting carried away I should add that they've gone to NZ and daughter had it on her "to-do" list so I asked her earlier - she got back from Uni late last night so I had to move my car from their drive - then hoovered that out and wiped over the interior. Came in for a spot of lunch and pretty much vegged out for the afternoon. A xx
  14. We're going up on the Saturday I think Don't know who'll be coming with me yet, but as you've done this before I'll send you a pm. A xx
  15. It's weird isn't it - I've been on there today and my best friend at college has cropped up - haven't seen him for about 7 years It's nice to keep in touch as mobile numbers get changed, lost etc A xx
  16. Oooh Me too! Hopefully we'll get five minutes to say hello A xx (oh and this is my 2000th post )
  17. Which rescue are yours coming from Em? A xx
  18. What timing. On and off all day I've been compiling as many of the entries as possible from Youtube and will post them on here later. Ireland's entry is actually quite amusing, and with Eurovision, heck you never know Our plans for the Eurovision Party are going really well. For the Saturday Final, those who come to our are coming in fancy dress from a Eurovision artist, past or present and some food from the country they're representing. Should be fun A xx
  19. There is a similarity yes, but she is a very good actress A xx
  20. Oh I don't know about that for MSN, but Facebook..... A xx

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