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  1. should you not be in bed Martin, it's a bit late?!?
  2. just picked up this thread 1 dogs paws can smell gorgeous (molly's do) and joe has great fun most nights before Molly goes to bed by asking to sniff her pads! 2 Molly is VERY well trained. If we need Mol to do her business we say "go on the grass" and after bladder emptying we say "go on the grass again". and as for Wayne he is Gorgeous - joe always wants a choc lab - our friends have recently got a bright white husky puppie and he is fab, comes out with some seriously weird noises and is even cuter than that I read about training a guide dog in a magazine the other day and thought how worthwhile a thing it would be then I read that you can't leave them for more than 3 hrs and my world was shattered! Good luck with wayne though!
  3. Martin, unless some of these laydees know when your chooks are coming you may need to hide in that shady place!! And did you say that CHOCOLATE was the prize for the person who has the right day? A
  4. I'd check up on emails if I were away in the caravan as the laptop is the tv dvd games console and music player when we're away - slight problem being the internet, most caravan sites aren't WIFI!! Darn it!!!
  5. well one does try - brb, gotta go polish the old halo!
  6. Well actually I emailed them at Westonbirt and very kindly asked if they can do us any kind of "promotional" discounts as it may be something we would want to do quite frequently - so will wait and see what they say. I will of course post it on here straight away! A
  7. Do you know it's taken me nearly an hour to read this thread from start to finish (joe's not happy as I still haven't cooked dinner! ) I would just like to echo everyone here Lesley and Carl and say congratulations!! Not only are we insanely jealous we are extremely proud of you. We did have one idea though - how about getting a small part of your 8 acre ranch set aside as a Caravan Club Certified Location? You can earn a few quid a night that way from having a few caravans around AND we can bring ours!! (I'm sure you wouldn't mind us bringing the Eglu and Girls either! !) WELL DONE! A
  8. Well after chatting to Joe I am allowed to do some sort of organising for a South West get together. The Westonbirt idea is a good un. Perhaps as a forum we could set up regional groups too to arrange meets and get togethers and cross into other regions so that we all mingle in person?? Ooh it's what I imagine the WI to be like - where's me knitting
  9. Can I send you Margot for a few days Tamsin? - suddenly I want to hatch them now too!!! absolutely gorgeous chick - both me and joe went a bit gooey for a moment!! Right - back to being being all butch and manly.......
  10. sorry, what was that about big beefy rugby men??
  11. He hasn't updated this post yet so perhaps he got his chickens today?? hmnnn I do find it funny that we're all at the mercy of a 14 year old!!! A
  12. ok this is similar and sooo cute I've put more of the same (got them in an email) on the pics link below made me smile and make all sorts of "awwwwwWWW" noises!
  13. Thanks every so much for all your good wishes - the new job is as supervisor at Hertz at the car hire hall. I already work at the Gloucester branch as Supervisor and HATE it - well i do today especially after 11.5 hours and no lunch!!! But I do get to finish at 1.00 tomorrow so can come home nice and early to be with the girls. If all goes to plan I will be a Duty Manager in 6-12 months Interesting comment btw Gina - I am looking for a new car but it will be something like a Citroen ZX estate Diesel so that I can run it on used chip fat - another "lets be greener" idea which should also be good on economy driving back to and forth to the International Airport!! It's looking so different down there these days - massive changes are planned for huge expansion
  14. I resigned from my job today Not for long though as I accepted a new job working from Hertz Bristol Airport! and Lots more money YIPEE!! (sorry just had to let it out somewhere!) Andrew
  15. I think I can help you ladies out. I can eat cream eggs with no trouble at all. ( I kept going to Tesco's and got them in boxes of 12 & 24) When I was at work they thought the milkman delivered them each morning so if you did need any help..........
  16. It'll have to be the 22nd of May Oh - that's my birthday!!
  17. Thalia, having just read your blog I too have to say that the full frank and honest line you have taken is admirable. One of my closet friends has put on lots of weight since having her second child. She had miscarried 8 or 9 times and was so happy to have 1 never mind a second. She has spoiled her son terribly - (her first is a girl and 8 years older who's totally a daddys's girl) - and now he is nearly three he is a very big boy. She carried on picking him up though and 8 weeks ago damaged her back. She couldn't do anything and is in terrible pain. She had an operation on Friday but still don't know how she is other than in less pain. She also gave up smoking a few years ago and treats food in the same way that you do - a necessity, a treat, etc. There's a great big hug coming your way from me for sure, and everyone else I'll bet. if you want the stricter approach - how about this? - You've got quite a few of us checking your blog now - keep up the routine of posting your feelings good and bad and we'll all listen - but if nothing else you will have support. Try thinking of it as something you have to do for everyone else reading your blog to know how you are doing. You've set your goal - You've just got to achieve it now Good Luck!
  18. Wiltshire is good for alot of people me included
  19. Walk??? Drive, Gina DRIVE! preferably straight at them - the Volvo's don't show the dents hehehehe
  20. when I have settled in with my chickens perhaps I can suggest a gathering for those in/near the southwest. A good place to meet up being the Wildlife and Wetlands Centre in Slimbridge near Gloucester with walks along the Cotswold Way - trips into Bath, Cheltenham or pretty cotswold villages?? your thoughts people???
  21. my sis in law missed her bump after my nephew was born. She's like a stick insect and loved being able to rest a plate or a cup of tea there - and to the envy of women everywhere went back into size 8 jeans within a week Apparantly that's a good thing so I'm told
  22. ever so slightly off topic but I drive Volvo's so get branded and old fa*t I own a caravan listen to Radio 4 and my fav radio station is BBC radio Gloucestershire - I get branded and old fa*t I'm 25 (almost 26) get told regularly that I am too young to know this that or the other. I am gay, have been in a stable relationship for nearly six years, have a dog, and a lovely large home (that we have spent the last two years "re-modelling") -I get branded a s"Ooops, word censored!" - mind you I couldn't live without Clinique products oh and did I mention that I was Welsh? But......best of all I am still ME - i have thoughts opinions etc and my biggest fault is never knowing when to keep my gob shut! as for the John Prescott thing - who actually cares that much. I got so sick and tired of the calls that he should resign but why??? Had he been any other person it would be left well alone and treated as his private business which it actually is. If every person who had any kind of affair was called to resign there'd be one hell of a big queue at the job centre. For whatever reason people have affairs have bad days at work when things don't quite go as well but we are still employed!! ***stands off soap box now***

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