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  1. Thank you. It's good to know that she's definitely a pekin and yes we'll get her a Pekin friend (or 2 ... well they'll be a lot room to fill). She does have feathery legs and she did lay a small cream coloured egg. It seemed quite large given the size of her. It's only been a few days but she already comes right up to the door to say hello so I'm hopeful of more cuddles in the future. My big chooks will come and sit on your lap or the back of a garden chair. Pickwick would happily try and sit on your shoulder and I'm sure once she's settled she'll be a great little character to have around.
  2. She's a girl... she laid a little egg on Tuesday, which was lovely. It made me believe that she was none the worse for her little adventure out in the open. However she survived for 2 or 3 days out there on her own I can't imagine. There's a fox walks down that track... there are two large boxers that live in the house at the bottom. Although, they are nice dogs and well cared for so perhaps they'd have ignored her even if they had spotted her. She's excited to see us now and 'chucks' away when she spies banana. I'm quite hooked I think she's a pekin but if you think otherwise please let me know. Thank you for all the advice. This is her all dried out and befeathered...
  3. Hi We found a little bantam out by the road and we took her home. We can't find her owners so we're keeping her. (She's lovely.) Anyway, as we already have chickens we need to introduce her to them at some point. We've introduced chickens into our existing flock a few times now so we've some experience of how that goes. We know that we need another young hen or bantam to go with her so that we can introduce two of them to the larger flock else there's a chance they night kill her. She's so tiny. As it's January I'm not sure where I'm going to find young bantams or young hen chicks? Any ideas? Would it best to get another bantam ? Should I get more than one? (Any excuse to get another feathered friend. ) I really don't know what to do for the best her and would love any advice you can offer.
  4. Advice please. We've been keeping hens for years now and love them all dearly. But that's a bit beside the point. My husband came home on Friday and said he'd seen a chicken on the road... we walked round, box (cat box) in hand to see if we could find it. We didn't so assumed that all was ok. On Sunday we went out for a walk and there sitting by a puddle on the grass track that leads to the back of our house was a tiny little bantam. We managed to pick her up and walked back around the track home. She was chatting the entire way. I think looking at various pictures that she is a little Pekin of some kind. Tiny, dark grey/light grey with feathered feet. We've not found anyone who has lost her... and there's nothing on the village noticeboard so at this point having completely fallen for her (she's gorgeous) I've decided she's now ours... We have chickens... big chickens... Orpington, Barnvelders in a Cube and she is so teeny tiny. Currently she's on her own in what we call our Nursery Coop, which sits beside the Cube so she can see them, hear them, watch them etc. So far they don't seem to have noticed her despite her happy little clucks. At some point I would like them all to be together so we understand that I'll have to get either another bantam or hen and then get them all together. The question is ... looking at her lack of size and the cube would she be able to live in there? Get up into the roost at night? (We've already modified the ladder. It has a traditional looking solid wooden gang plank type of thing with rungs across with no gaps - I had a columbine that would keep falling through and straining her legs.... many vet visits. Definitely not good.)
  5. We need to do something about our garden paths which until now have been gravel. Our girls love digging in the gravel, dust bathing in it and making little nests in it to while away the sunnier parts of the day. As a result the path isn't really a path any more... it resembles a kind of moonscape. We need to do something about this before the winter as when it's wet it becomes dangerous for humans; slippy, muddy etc. Does anyone have any suggestions about good materials for making a path out of ? It needs to be chicken friendly so cleanable, sweepable and it cannot need to be excavated in as there are trees in the garden with TPO's on them. (These add to the slippy path issue in the autumn with leaves etc.) Thank you.
  6. Help please I need some worming advice. I have a chicken who has what looks like worms in her droppings (dead). She seems not quite upto her usual self, she's not laying and is giving me a little bit of concern. (She's a just over 1 year old Barnvelder) I've checked everything else out that I can think of and have found no other clues as to why she's seems off colour. All my girls free-range. The thing is that I 'vermxed' all of my chickens last week and I'm starting to think, like most folk here, that it hasn't isn't effective. So, the question is; can I now dose them with Flubenvet without doing them any harm so soon after the Vermx? or is there some specific time I should wait before I can do this? I can see on the tub that Vermx is just a herbal tonic to discourage parasites.... but .... is there anything else I should know? Thank you for any advice you can give me.
  7. We're planning to get some ducks in the spring, so we've given ourselves some time to explore this. The question is what kind of housing do you need to provide for ducks? We've been keeping chickens for 4-ish years now and they're brilliant. Fantastically entertaining. So, the second question is how compatible are ducks and chickens. I wouldn't want to house them together but it would be nice if they could share the same grazing/outside area. We've a 'spare' eglu classic as the big girls are in a Cube so we were wondering if we removed the roosting bars in the classic (presumably webbed feet makes roosting a bit tricky) would it make suitable sleeping accommodation for ducks? I like the idea of them being safely away from predators at night and when we're not around. Thanks Julia
  8. You're probably not far from me at all then, as we're in Stanwick. We currently have one hybrid - Henoria. She's one of our original Omlet girls. She is definitely the one in charge despite begin a lot smaller than the Buff Orpingtons. I read in the 'Haynes' Chicken Manual (yes - by the same people who write the ones about cars) that you can tell who's queen by who exits the coop first in the morning. She always first out but I really didn't have any doubts that Henoria is in charge. I like the look of your flock... I hadn't heard of those before. Julia
  9. Hi, We're in the wellingborough area - how about you? I did wonder about mixing up a couple of rare breeds with a couple of hybrids to balance out the egg laying side. As it is nice to eat eggs your own girls have laid. We ended up having to buy eggs recently due to a combination of broodiness and a dose of baytril - it seemed quite unsavoury... like wearing someone else's socks ( )
  10. Thank you for replying. If he's getting more in/available that would be brilliant. Our buffs, and the araucana came from him when they'd just started out. The araucana is a bit of a comedienne. Throws the other chickens out of the nest box so she can have it to herself and yet has never laid an egg. She's about 18months old now, so I suspect she never will.
  11. Hi, We want to expand our little chicken flock (two buff opringtons, a Miss Pepperpot and a lavender araucana) with some more girlies. I wondered if anyone was aware of a good/reputable chicken breeder in Northamptonshire? We got the orpingtons ( gorgeous docile hens) from Mini Meadows farm which is not too far from us but he's completely out of rare breed chickens. Basically, we looking for something like Cream legbars, wyandottes, chocolate buff orpingtons ... Thank you!
  12. Two of my girls hate been picked up or stroked, two tolerate it and the other two just love it .... no accounting for it. I suppose it just takes time with newly acquired chickens. Some will never like being handled. All of them will eat from my hand though ... gently for most things but if there's banana or grapes around it's best to wear protective clothing 'cos they get so excited ... beaks everywhere... wings flapping it isn't for the faint hearted. Henoria will always sit either on any garden chair you happen to be sitting in or by your feet as will Maisie. The others will sit under the chair around your feet pulling at any shoe laces that happen to be around. We had the younger girls in October and it's taken a while to get them as tame as they are now I guess that your new girls just need a bit more time to be confident with you. With longer days and better weather you'll be spending more time with them and I think that soon you'll be wondering what you were concerned about. J.
  13. She really looks as if she's enjoying herself.... must make you feel wonderful too!
  14. Congratulations!! Life will never be the same again.... (but in a good way)

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