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  1. Yes, do share! Pretty please?
  2. Now all I need to do is come up with a name for her
  3. Yes, my (now I know! ) girlie has the whiskers. She's actually my favourite (yes, I know Mum's shouldn't have favourites) because she is so placid and pretty independant of the others: she'll happily wander off on her own in the garden to explore and is usually the last one to bed at night. As for Arnold and being put off, I can only answer for myself and say that, no, it wouldn't put me off.
  4. Hmm, could it be because of the hot weather? He's a very handsome chap!! I like the size of your pic, I have an 8wk old Lavender Araucana (which my broody Silkie hatched) and I wasn't sure what sex it is; now I have seen Arnold, I'm reasonably confident mine is a girl now So, thank you for the big, clear picture :D
  5. Yes, it could be the magpies. As to how to get rid of them, I have no idea (short of shooting them, but I don't think that is allowed )
  6. Thank goodness they were safe! When my chicks hatched, I put my plastic edging on the inside of the run (at the time I looked a right plum sitting inside the run attaching it - to the point where my son thought it was the height of hilarity to shut pen ) After seeing the damaged caused to yours, I'm glad I did.
  7. Yeah, it's great the way they do that isn't it
  8. When the currently resident birds went to bed and were shut in, I then add any new residents; that way they all wake up together and even though there may still be the initial pecking order teething issues, its not quite so bad.
  9. Also, I thought that the design of the Eglu was such that it keeps cooler in warmer weather and warmer in cooler weather. Surely that only happens if the door is closed?
  10. Sorry, only just seen this thread I bought an EasiYo Yogurt Maker (approx £17) from my Health Food Shop. I was disappointed at the price of the 'mixes' It works simply by filling the 'flask' with boiling water, adding a mix to the jar with water, then putting the jar into the 'flask' for 8hrs, then chilling in the fridge. Aside from the boiling of the water, no other fuel is needed. I then learned that instead of using the mixes @ £1.50 a time I could make a homemade version simply by adding a spoonful (or two) of live yogurt ( approx 35p for a small tub which will yield a few starter batches) with a carton of UHT milk and a couple of spoons of dried milk into the jar. Put into the EasiYo 'flask' of hot water and voila! 1 ltr of homemade yogurt, cheaper than the EasiYo mixes and no ongoing fuel consumption during the process. We've added honey, jam, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fruit purees, splash of fruit juices to the basic yogurt and it's been wonderful! I confess to using some out of date greek yogurt as a starter and that worked well too. No jippy tums either I prefer this method to the thermometer/flask method and it was cheaper than a Lakeland version. My kids have never eaten so much healthy food
  11. Oh Kate! Have you tried washing it all down with a solution of white vinegar/water?
  12. M-odern U-nreal M-isunderstood
  13. Posi vibes being sent from Mum-Land.
  14. Respect, Gallina! Hoping all goes well. Oh and .... ... THANK YOU!!
  15. I have a "Charlie Chicken" mony box and a rustic looking chicken hose bracket (bought as a wedding aniversary gift a few years ago). I loved seeing others ornaments - especially loved the metal chicken t-light holder and the door chimes :)
  16. Have you considered putting it on Freecycle http://www.freecycle.org/display.php?region=United%20Kingdom? Hope you find a new home for it soon.
  17. No, you can rest easy, I'm not *your* Mum
  18. Mum

    Ham in Coca-Cola

    You can also make it with chicken
  19. If you can upload your own photo's onto your PC and get a good print off of them, you can get loads of ideas from this website: http://www.craftypc.com/projects.html Plenty of inspiration to tickle your creative juices It's a US website but most of the supplies to make the projects you should be able to obtain from Staples or PC World or maybe other office suppliers. I made a decorative plate for a relation based on instructions from the site (not chook themed) and it brought such pleasure to the recipient. I've printed off photo's to make into cushions, bags, decorative candles. As these were only for personal gifts, I don't have any cheap "suppliers" to recommend because I bought plain fabrics/candles/plates from local shops/markets. Have fun :D

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