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  1. That's known as Mummy Magic in our house Love it! Trouble is they will very soon be officially "men" and no longer believe in "Mummy Magic" Which also means ... someone else will be their "Valentine" Best make them another slice while they still love me
  2. How long have you had them? If not long, they could be a little unsettled due to the move. Hopefully, you will be able to visibly monitor them at the weekends?
  3. Thank you OSH - didn't see any when I was there today, and I have a keen eye for bargains as a rule. Hmmm, maybe next time? That is a great price though!
  4. Erm, no. Actually, I forgot it was "Valentine's Day" - when I wrote the date on a piece of work today, I did remember it would have been my father's birthday (he's not longer alive). Then in a lecture this afternoon, my Libyan friend reminded me it was VD So, I looked him square in the eye, put my serious face on and said: "I love you!" then repeated this to my friend from Pakistan, my friends from China and we all had a good chuckle (because I'm old enough to be their Mum). Seeing this thread made me feel a bit guilty because I hadn't done my secret VD with my sons. So, I've just made them a slice of toast each, stamped with I love you from a toast stamp (bought very cheaply from Sainsburys on the 16th last year). They were all smiles when I gave them their special toast a few minutes ago (and they were stumped how I'd done it). Job done!
  5. No experience of a Go (or a Cube) neither had been invented when I began the Omlet route. I have 4 classics at the moment and I adore them (dh bought a new power washer thingie and so now, he is ever so happy doing the 'Lu cleaning ). They are great if you have a broody and want to hatch eggs under her - I did that last Spring and with a few minor alterations was absolutely perfect for the l'il chicks I have considered selling the 4 'Lu's to buy a Cube ... but I don't think that is going to happen. I've seen the Go in a store, I wasn't over fond to be honest. Didn't quite like the shape (or the name ) That should have said "Cube", must have been the autocorrect on my phone!!!! Been on the sherry again? That's what a dh is for their backs bend better
  6. Generally, it is advised not to introduce a single hen. Imagine if you did, then one dies you are back to square one again Orpingtons are wonderful hens (I have two, so I admit bias). To be really honest, I had a solitary hen. She was an ex-batt which a friend gave me and she lived a short, but very fulfilled life being the centre of attention in our very tiny garden of that time. Can Fizz see the other girls from where she is in her ? If she can, she may not feel quite so lonely as you suspect. Unless of course it is the call of the Orp which may prove irresistble (It did with me )
  7. Cold comfort, I know, but he isn't suffering now ((hugs)) and you did what you could for him. Must have felt so strange this morning not hearing him.
  8. Gosh, that is a real toughie ... dog divorce dog? Divorce? (I know which would win in our house )
  9. Another Dyson Darling here! Best VC I've ever had. Bit on the heavy side, but I get around that ... I've given the task of vacuuming to one of my sons
  10. My friend's mother has an Araucana who is about 12yrs old! Ok, so she doesn't lay well any more but she still pops one out very occasionally. I think I read somewhere that my Old English Game could live to around 14 years? In which case she'll probably out live me Silkies I've had less luck with.
  11. I already have two, I just wanted more I had blue tits last year DH was he genuinely didn't think birds used them and they were merely for "decoration" Oh I would love a camera in mine ... but I think I'll have to save up the pennies first
  12. I do not believe I said people did this lightly? If you read my words again, you will note I said people do so because they believe they cannot do the caring themselves. You state your personal experience and clearly it was a distressing situation for you and a hard decision for you to make and that is why you hold the opinion you do. My opinion is based on both personal and professional experiences; not a glib comment posted to offend or shake anyone up.
  13. Sneaked into Aldi and bought another peach tree today; plus, bought 2 nest boxes. The RSPB are saying to get those out now ready for the breeding season, so I shall do that tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Really pleased your girls are safe. I've had two fox attacks in the past 9 months. In the first, I had a broody in an eglu near the house and a wooden coop the other end of the garden. The fox got all of my girls from the wooden coop by taking out the underneath of the nest box; there was evidence it had tried to get into the Eglu - a scratch type mark in the plastic. Second attack was just over two weeks ago, lunchtime on a Saturday when I was in the garden with my girls who were free ranging. He attacked just feet away from me! Thankfully, I was able to rescue the hen he attacked. I think urban foxes are less afraid of humans and therefore more daring? Last Autumn, one was very cheeky and poo'd on the path right in front of my WIR!
  15. Oh definately another run ... then you could call it the "Double Pleasure Dome" Looks really good, well done
  16. So sorry to hear that ((hugs)) My what a handsome fella!!!!
  17. I boil two and mash the lot together including shells, the girls go mental for it! I do this particularly when they are in moult and I don't have any routine for it, it's quite ad hoc.
  18. Often it can be because they follow a parents example Drugs have been reasonably prolific since the '60's. In this particular case, both her parents were regular drug users. So tragic! What real chance did the child have with both parents as an "example" of addiction?
  19. Have you tried upping their protein? I'm just thinking it could be a protein deficiency. I often boil a couple of eggs, mash them up with the shell and feed it back to the girls. Could be pure fluke but it does seem to curb feather eating (and by that I mean general feather eating, not girlie-targeted, feather eating). I used it last weekend. The girls I used it on still stink; its a very potent smell! And it stains the girls nicotine colour Also used Grecian spray - very pretty purple!
  20. I very relieved for you!! Well done on getting it over and done with. Did you see hubby's boss there? Hopefully she also got a positive result. I think this would be an interesting sample: http://walyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Inventive-Pastoral-Pumpkin-Stools.jpg (Good luck, btw - hope you get a positive result back; must be a bit of a worry ((hugs)) )
  21. Samples please we'll all offer to do some sampling research
  22. I have recently read somewhere that coloured eggs have a different taste. Can't remember where I read it though. Funnily enough, after I'd begun this thread, someone posted about "The Hungry Sailors" and there was a comment on there about the different colours tasting differently. Mind you, the taste test was flawed because he admitted he went by texture and yolk colour when guessing I'll know for sure about the blue eggs when Petra starts laying

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