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    Stopped laughing when I saw the price ... ... confident I can make one myself *adds it to "to-do" list.
  2. No, *you* don't have to face them *they* have to face YOU! You have no done anything wrong:- ~ church member failed to organise a chaperone (his/her error!) ~ manager breached confidentiality (his/her error!) This is not the school playground where words like "grass/sneak/dobber" come into play. You behaved as a responsible citizen and made the relevant people away of breaches - we *all* have a civic duty to report these things! Hold your head up high and walk with pride. As I said: they have to face you ((hugs))
  3. How very unprofessional of him!
  4. Building an Igloo in the SE *brrrr* An igloo for the hens - that's got to be marketable No, an igloo for me next to the hens Eglu - it inspired me to make one from snow; think it will catch on?
  5. Took a selection of eggs to one of the girls in the office on Friday - all sizes and colours. She was delighted! (Naturally ) "Gosh, look at those colours!" *me smiling with pride* ... then she said it ... "Do the different colours mean they taste different?" Bless her heart
  6. Having gone through some integration success yesterday, dh and moved the to the copse area of our garden. We've placed it next to an old pebble fountain (which the birds use as a drinking pool) and it got me thinking (again!) about having ducks and if they could be housed in the Eglu. Mention this to dh and he was dh: "We can't have ducks!" me: "Why not?" dh: "Think of the noise!!!" I couldn't believe he said that We have a park, with a large duck pond just a few 100 yards away and it is those ducks who land on my pond every summer and we hear them all year long!!
  7. Building an Igloo in the SE *brrrr*
  8. Now, now, steady on ... I know what your purse is like for getting chooky ideas and then "treating" your girls *sits back an awaits photo of Kit with Monocle*
  9. Fresh fall here and dh and I were just talking tactics regarding the frozen glugs
  10. In a word: DEFRA Animals (ncluding chickens) are not to be fed s"Ooops, word censored!"s/leftovers from the kitchen (domestic and catering) particulalry if you sell/pass on your eggs. My view? How are they going to Police that in a back garden setting? Heidi-Hi - well if that article states the study was undertaken on TWO backyard chicken flocks, I would argue their sample size is far too small to be conclusive evidence.
  11. Don't panic Jenny, I know for a fact I've lost more than the odd hour or three on these forums; so, even after you have tweaked your user control panel I can, with a degree of certainly say this: it isn't the first time and it won't be the last that you lose an hour
  12. I read that earlier this morning. Reminds me of the Spain/Gibraltar "power games"
  13. Sounds very positive Well done to you, your patience and your commitment to getting it as right as you possibly can
  14. In two weeks time I'll be envying you!
  15. Oh dear! Glad you are able to replace them. You're a student ... ... I'm a student ... ... we're the two posting at this insane hour ... you working on a piece of work too??
  16. Don't beat yourself up over it, its all a learning curve
  17. Lovely picture, pretty girls My girls know when FR time is up when I get out the bucket of meal worms - they can't run back to their WIR quick enough!! Its the least stressful way of getting them all home when I need them to be
  18. Mum


    I want one!!!!! And I know just the person to give it to
  19. You must have felt so thrilled Here's to many more
  20. Ah, ok, thank you Fred Duncan08 - yes, maybe! But if it is I shall delete it because I rewrote and sent you another one
  21. Great pictures, but that picture of Kit and her eyes is simply brilliant!!!
  22. Fingers X'd for you Cathy that a) you get a few more responses (=broader view/experience) and b) that tomorrow's trip is a successful and happy one for you
  23. My first thought was "moult". But, in the main, chooks do not go into full moult until they enter their 2nd year; if your chook was POL in November, that does not meet the expectations. Having said that, it is possible for them to have a mini-moult (I know this because I posted about it in the past few months ). This *could* be what is happening to your chook. Personally, I would keep an eye on her to a) make a judgement call on the mini-moult; b) to check she isn't being hen pecked c) to ensure, if she is being hen pecked, that there are no open injuries; d) to ensure she is eating/drinking ok. Keep us updated as to how she is doing.
  24. TAJ - just curious, how much did you sell them for?

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