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  1. Why are rat pellets a no no? There is a drain pipe method of baiting for rats e.g. you get a rat poison block, attach it/them to a length of wood, slip that length of wood through a length of drain pipe and then lay that along the area where the rats run (near a fence). Traps are another answer (B&Q have them)
  2. Minnie&Moose - that was a really informative and helpful post; thank you from me ChrisP - best of British luck with your dissertation (I'm in the same boat!). Hope you get a good result and can progress onto your Masters.
  3. Really? Ok, thank you for correcting me I'm a classic girl myself so no real experience of Go's.
  4. Use to use it; used to play Farmville too then I got a life ( ) and realised just how time eating it could be. Rarely use it now, maybe I'll check it once a month or less.
  5. Happy Birthday! Your BF certainly does know you well; that is pretty
  6. Oh I am so, so sorry ((hugs)) Totally understand about the funds for vets trips, so no anger/critisism from me and I do remember your post asking about your girl; I couldn't answer that one because I really had no suggestions to offer. Chickens are such delicate things and its not always obvious why they decline. I'm also sorry you feel support was lacking when you needed it most; I suppose that's a reminder for me to acknowledge reading a post even if I have no constructive advice to offer. ((hugs))
  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Your girls sound lovely (and very patriotic! So, Rose, Blance and Taisie then? ). I also had to look up Cou Cou; Mollyripkim is a wonderful name <-------- Ok, I misread: thought you'd named your Cou Cou "Mollyripkim" now realise you were referring to a poster Still think it would be a great name for a chook though
  8. How exciting! With a little patience, I'm sure she will be fine with the chickens, because they were there first and she'll see them as part of her new pack.
  9. Welcome to our forums Firstly, so sorry to hear about Gertrude Most likely the k"Ooops, word censored!" not being closed tightly as opposed to the dog managing to unlock it. Secondly, congrats on Dorothy and it does seem like your intro's have gone exceedingly well without a quarantine break: bravo! Egg laying: even though she has a reputation for egg-laying, the simple fact is she has just entered your flock of two. It can take a couple of weeks for introductions to settle and egg-laying to resume their previous vigour. Apparently, it takes approximately 26hrs for an egg to form (hence why there is a 2-3hrs window with Matilda's regime). Personally, I would leave Dorothy be, let her settle fully and allow her space to regulate her own egg laying routine. I wouldnt' attempt to promote/interfere with it. It is still extremely early days (not to mention the massive change in weather!) Disaster struck Thursday; Dorothy arrived Friday; today is Wednesday? Give her time to settle
  10. You don't *have* to wait for the oven to be on - that is simply an economy when it is; you can microwave them for a minute (or two) and get the same result. I'm a "reluctant" microwave-er, simply because, at this time of year, my oven heats the kitchen (which is "oh-so-cold", brr) so having the oven on makes the whole house warmer. If the oven doesn't go on, it's the microwave method.
  11. Wow!!! You are only going to know by cracking it: finger's X'd its a double yoker ... on the other hand, an eggwithinanegg is such an experience, I sort of hope you have that!!! How much more "proof" do you need Eva is well back to "normality" She's a real rock star that girl Oh and btw, I have no digital scales either; I do have a set of "Salter" diet scales (don't ask ) which I use to weigh my eggs but only because it weighs small amounts than regular kitchen scales (yeah, right! ) Remember to take pix when you "crack" the mystery xMx
  12. Possibly bluekarin, but, if the reporter was "in the know" enough to report HFW was away and hadn't yet been told what had happened, I think it's a bit naughty to report it. Bit like when someone dies and names are not published until the N.O.K are informed. This is going to be a huge shock for Hugh, I'm sure.
  13. Of course!!! Best offer I've had in ages Erm, just so you know, I'm well padded and your wire dress may end up resembling a pumpkin rather than the slender, busted and waisted one in the picture
  14. Oh yes, talking is the very best!! Especially as you mentioned earlier this is the first time you've both really talked for a long while.
  15. If I have space in the oven while I'm cooking something else, 15 minutes will do it (it's just basically drying them out). Or, I might put them in straight after I've turned the oven off and let the residual heat dry them out - but, like Cheeky Chooky, I'm also prone to forget when I do it that way
  16. Definately 'flu ((hugs)) Not sure how much a GP can do for it though and now you're a few days on, you are hopefully through the worst While you wait for an appointment, give NHS a call and see what they recommend. Sending speedy get well wishes your way.
  17. Great! So he gets to hear about it via irresponsible reporting Talk about Double Whammy! Poor bloke
  18. Looks like they were made for a Halloween decoration. There is a "How To" if you wanted to make your own http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_5942043_make-own-wire-dress-form.html
  19. You are right, it is "illegal" according to DEFRA. But I'm a lateral thinker ... how are they going to Police it? It dates back to the Mad Cow's Disease outbreak in the '90's. Around that time, catering waste was fed to livestock and it has something to do with feeding back animal foodstuffs back to livestock? (It's early, I'm old, memory isn't sharp - yet!) Anyway, there is good logic behind it and even in a domestic kitchen there is a risk of cross contamination, so I believe it is precautionary advice. As I say though, how would they "Police" it?
  20. Absolutely!!! Ditto; ditto; ditto!!! Chickendoodle - how absolutely wonderful that you maintained a fruitful and beneficial relationship with your ex in-laws! That must have helped your children enormously - one less stress/strain/emotional estrangement to contend with. I think that is superb and a credit to both you and them!! ClaireG - I'm sort of glad that S is still responding responsibly towards you and your son; I would caution you that this may not last. The primary thing is that he is there for his son (too often once a relationship breaks down the only "solution" for the departing party is to abandon the child/ren because it means less guilt/emotion to deal with when it comes to the ex. By that same token, sometimes, not often, but certainly sometimes, when a partner makes that leap to leave, it can be a shock how much they miss what they had and they still hanker for it. I'm hoping your husband is the "responsible" sort as opposed to the emotionally confused sort. I would say: keep all communications open - but that does not mean you open yourself up to all communications; in other words, do try to keep an open communication, but beware wearing your heart on your sleeve - if you see what I mean? Often, in the short term, when a relationship with children breaks down, the focus is very much on the me/you/we equation. Most often the very (VERY!) long term implications are not considered. For example, you deal with the here and now yet often over look the most obvious. You are both, first and foremost, parents. Seperation, divorce does not (and really should not) be forgotten. A time will come when your child/ren get married/have children/have health issues/etc., and need *both* of their parents by their side. Time cementing that communication/comfort zone in the early stages is crucial to the longer term scenarios. The real difficulty is seperating the two issues: is this contact for me? Or, is this contact for the child/ren? It's an important point Best of luck on Thursday! I don't know what is in your dh's head (or yours!) but I do so hope it is a positive outcome - for the longer term issues regarding your son xMx

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