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  1. A couple of climbing roses and a clematis- I wanted to put them on there to help keep out excess rain and wind. It does need trimming back though and at the front I might need to move that one as they like to look out of the front and there’s minimal places to look out when it’s in full leaf and flower!
  2. Wow some great set ups there! Mine is small but I do have the eglu inside on a table (currently rethinking this as I now have small bantams who are struggling a bit with the angle of the ramp). I’ll put some more pics when I do the changes inside. Just bought a plastic sandpit thing for them to have as a dust bath instead of the current wooden section inside too (they’re so spoilt!)
  3. Oh yes that’s a good idea! Definitely I think it needs to be shallower for them. I considered taking the table away and putting a smaller one in, then looked out yesterday and they were all snuggled up on the table having a snooze! And there was me thinking they didn’t use it much!
  4. I came along today specifically to try and find the pics of the WIR setups as I’m thinking of changing mine around a bit. I’ve requested to join the Facebook page but not been accepted yet which is a shame. Maybe we could start the thread again?
  5. Mine just got scared when it moved and never went near it again 😂
  6. I have an omlet swing which has not been used by the chooks and has only been hung in the run a couple of times- it is nice and clean and as new. Happy to post it out £15 including second class uk post.
  7. Actually I was thinking of moving the table along a bit and giving them a wider and shallower ramp against the side of the run, so that’s probably a good point!
  8. I have a silkie and a booted too and the silkie can’t fly so would get stuck without something there! I agree the serama definitely doesn’t struggle (except for being so keen to fly she flies into things all the time!) Thankyou, the silkie definitely is the one I’m most concerned about but also I think maybe the angle is too sharp- they do seem to fall/slide/flap in different combinations on the way down!
  9. Hi all, been a while since i last posted here, i've got 3 new bantams and i'm worried that my setup might be too high for them. i have my eglu on a table, and a home-made ladder which is a closed back plank of wood with lengths of stick/dowel type stuff for grips. when they come down the ladder they seem to gain quite a pace and i think it might be either too high, or i need a better ladder. can anyone with serama/silkie/booted size bantams give me any advice? do i need to completely change my layout and perhaps lose the table? i have a perch that comes out from the table height which they like to roost on but i'm worried they might fall off and hurt themselves with that much of a drop (there is woodchip on the floor of the WIR). thankyou!
  10. My eglu is fully inside the run on a table top, so I have to get in the run to clean it out and its only 2m square so a bit tricky...OH says je would just risk it still and let them out but I don't want them to catch anything from the friendly sparrows! Oh well. Fun for me on Saturday morning then!
  11. Bit worried about this as I'm due to clean them out at the weekend and that involves having to let them out of the run so I can dismantle the eglu etc. Ive only got two chooks so run is too small to do all this inside without squishing them (they are nosey). Suppose it would be ok for about an hour since the wild birds will keep away whilst im out there...
  12. Hi, not sure if they will belong to anyone here but worth checking: Drove down the A500 from Nantwich and on the roundabout for the M6 there were 3 hens and 1 cock, lovely looking bantams (think he was Dutch(?!) gold/red with long tail feathers) one pale girl, one dark with a bit of a hairdo going on. They strayed very close to the road so I went round the roundabout and stopped on the verge thinking I might have to catch them. They were quite skittish tho and when I got out the car they headed back up the embankment towards the hedge around the services. No idea where they may have come from but hope they don't end up squashed, beautiful little flock!
  13. thanks i think youre right. they do get corn as a treat anyway, but i like to give them something to peck at to prevent boredom. i'll just buy one of the usual peck blocks instead to be safe
  14. Hi all, i've bought some of these as they are only £1 each and was thinking of giving them to the chooks. when i looked at the ingredients it said they are stuck together with 'edible glue', and i'm not sure whether thats safe for chooks? presuming that if they are ok for little blue tits then they are probably ok for chooks but would appreciate knowing if anyone else has any knowledge/experience of these? thanks!
  15. Does anyone know about the edible glue?

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