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  1. They are lovely. Need to get some of the eggs in the incubator!
  2. I have once again added to my ever growing collection. I was looking for these since the start of the year too, so VERY happy I finally own some. They don't have names yet - any suggestions welcome. They are Belgian De Grubbes and they are most lovely! I got them from a fellow Omleteer too, was great seeing you. Sorry for the shocking quality photo! Mx
  3. Silkies aren't my cup of tea, too be honest. Much prefer Rosecomb banties.
  4. 1 in 10 poos will be like that. Cecal droppings are normal.
  5. How strange.... I suppose she's showing signs of stress Has she got enough company?
  6. Sorry to hear about that... Not nice when one of the girls' aren't well. Firstly, I'd try and find out why she's not looking good. Have you wormed them recently? Has got any more symptoms? I wouldn't be inclined to introduce more birds just yet, until you have a rough idea, as the others could be carriers.. Secondly, if you do decide to introduce more, I would go with two minimum. The cockerel DOES make a difference in the pecking order, so you may find things go a lot more smoothy than they would If you just had hens. That's a good thing about cockerels.
  7. Would be best to feed Layers pellets in the morning, and only a handful of corn in the afternoon.
  8. Redwing pretty much hit the nail on the head there.. It's all about quality, also. A place I know sells unsexed for £5. Pullets up to 12 weeks £10-15 depending on what colour/frizzle etc, then POL £20. Remember - breeders have to raise them, not to mention the feed, bedding, incubation/brooder costs.. It all mounts up! For a healthy hen, £25 is fine.
  9. I fell down a dust bath hole, with a galvanized feeder in my hand... Nice few hours in A&E, just off stitches!!
  10. -1.. RIP Rita. + 5.. Flo, Winnie, Gladys, Celia, Daisy! =1513

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