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  1. I like Gertie's colour and flo is just adorable!
  2. stunning very impressive! i know i shall never have a garden like this but i can dream.
  3. Awe bless you Plum, im in the process of buying a house well trying to get a mortgage for it at the moment, its a bit of a project so the bank is being real fussy. But the garden has plenty of space for increasing the flock so hopefully i will get it. i missed out on a wee cottage that had a huge garden which was gutting but it obviously wasnt meant to be. I just really want to be moved and have my back considering maybe getting a couple of ducks too but ive heard they are real messy!?
  4. Ooo Molly a pekin with long legs HAHAHAHA love it!!!
  5. So its been a while since ive been on, i have now moved out of my house and staying with the parentals the chickens have moved to a farm unitl i can find a new house. its been so weird not having them clucking away in the garden and not getting my fresh eggs ive been told they are all settled and all laying apart from minstrel who is flat as a pancake, typical i had to have an amazing broody when i move. Im hoping to find a house that has a bigger garden so i can feed my chicken addiction! And hopefully quickly enough as im hoping to still catch this years birds. Is it wrong to not buy a house just because garden is not big enough to increase flock? Hopefully i will be back out there soon with some new hens Grant
  6. I have exactly the same! a red silkie and black frizzle Pekin and they do exactly the same the Pekin (Minstrel) is the worst though she been at it for weeks now and just refusing to give it up caught her a few times rolling eggs from one box into the other for her little brood!
  7. Wow that orp looks small is it a bantam orp? My Pekin looks bigger lol
  8. Oh it sure is nice to have a variety and good to know where each egg came from Here's mine White star - White egg, cream leg bar- blue egg, araucana- green egg Wyandotte - beige egg, silky- cream egg and 2 pekins - off White eggs Looking to get a wellsumer for terracotta eggs and a maran for dark brown. As I'm lacking brown eggs
  9. my 2 pekins are great also my silkie is very docile and they are great chicks to watch, but i do love my wyandotte i want another one or 2
  10. Im waiting patiently for my bantam araucana to lay, im hoping for a as my cream legbar lays a beautiful
  11. i did have another one penny a silver laced she was absolutely gorgeous and very docile but i lost her to a prolapse i was gutted
  12. i have no idea on the price i sometimes sell 6 medium to large or 5 and 2 banty for £1 but i think thats a bargain!! and yes they are weirdos i like a banty egg sometimes its just the perfect size!
  13. My blue laced Wyandotte is fast becoming my favourite, i actually cant stop looking at her she just gets more beautiful every day. and she has now laid her 5th egg i couldn't be more proud. Once ive moved home and settled in ive decided more Wyandottes are def on the cards. Me & my girl Guinevere
  14. yes thats me though i only want to home them temporarily till i move house and get myself all sorted. i really dont want to give them up for good!
  15. yes they are bril!!l mine too has a huge come and flops over but its shrunk at the moment as she isn't in lay. Minstrel is a little cutie half the time you just see a beak poking out the feathers no neck or head.
  16. i had 2 moult through all the snow!
  17. thanks everyone percy - im glad you figured out how to post pics, they are loveley!
  18. she is a cream legbar, lays lovley blue eggs though she is very skittish, but she's gorgeous!
  19. just thought id post some pics of the flock as its been a wee while, hope you like. Belina MinstrelGuinevere GlindaLuna Arwen Lynne Penny (RIP) Ezme (RIP)

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