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  1. Angela, I’ve emailed you as I have a pink one that I no longer wear.
  2. Yeah, through the nostrils and between her beaks. I didn't read your post until now! I did get a mouthful but thankfully the stuff I used didn't stain! I'm now considering getting a cheap wooden coop to keep the feather eater in
  3. No, the feather loss is on her bum and the back of her neck. I catch the other hen doing it. Bumper bits do not stop the culprit either
  4. Hi Dogmother Long time no see I've got a feather puller/eater I'm at my wits end with her. She even manages to do it with a bumper bit on I've got some anti peck spray so will try that. Any other advice?
  5. Its very frustrating, isn't it Pearls007
  6. Thank you for the great advice sjp I've blocked the hole, so will see what occurs overnight Ill pop to my local farmers feed merchant and get some bait blocks. First time I've ever had this problem
  7. Ive discovered yesterday that I have rats coming in under the fence next to my hens run My neighbours compost heap is piled up high against the fence the other side and I believe they are living in there. Thankfully my hens feed storage is secure but I'm now bringing in the grub at night. I will tell my neighbour today but I hope that he doesn't blame my hens for attracting them He needs to get rid of the compost heap before we can get rid of them I supopose
  8. My Amber Star feels very under weight to me. Her breast bone is very prominent. I had a feel of one of my other hens and she feels "normal". I wormed them last week. Any ideas for fattening her up and improving her condition? Thank you
  9. This is work in progress. You can see in the top right corner the tattoo I had covered up. When he said that he can cover it up I didn't think that he would just colour it in Finished but you cannot see the larger flower in this pic. Sorry about the size of the pics guys
  10. Your tattoo reminds me of those fantastic pictures in the botanical books that record different species of plants I am not sure I have a finished picture of my tattoo I will have a look. It was done in 3 sittings. Two 4 hour sessions and 1 two and a half hour session.
  11. Only just caught up with this thread Love your new tattoo Anne I agree regarding not going for tiny tattoos. Mine took 10.5 hours
  12. Oh ANH, I am so, so very sorry to hear (((((hugs))))) x
  13. I didn't even feel a thing
  14. We lost poor Cookie during the night on Sunday I found her dead in the eglu on Monday morning. I had taken her to the vet on Sunday as she couldn't breath. She was fine on Saturday, no sign of illness that I could see. I think the vet was surprised that I was prepared to pay the £106 emergency appointment fee for a hen. I explained when I saw him that she was part of the family. She has left behind Pixie, who is not a happy chook. She was calling for her early hours of Tuesday morning and keeps on popping into the eglu to look for her. She only usually goes into the eglu to lay her eggs and to sleep at night. Its heartbreaking watching her On the plus side, I have ordered a run extension to arrive on Friday and I hope to pick up 2 companions for her on Saturday
  15. Prob is with my eggs they are always covered in poop I always do the float test too, even the ones from the supermarket
  16. I wonder if Hunter wellies are are all made in the same factory Maybe some factories produce better quality, longer lasting wellies
  17. I have Muck Boots and have had no problems with them at all. No blisters here I wear them for dog walking and RDA. Its too early to say how they will last long term but so far so good
  18. I am doing ok with ebay. I have only had one person not pay recently I tried contacting them but they ignored me. So I 2nd chanced it before having to repost it for sale about a week after the auction ended. I now always say in my listing that they are only to bid if they are going to pay and pay within 24 hours. I always stick to my guns and say no to shipping overseas. The items I have sold recently have been worth over £50 so I send them special delivery. So far so good
  19. Filter is fine, as I checked it this morning I have run a cleaner through it within the past couple of weeks. Never looked at the arms Will have a fiddle
  20. Wow, thats really affordable Thanks for all of your advice I just had to put on a 70 degree wash to make sure it all came out clean. It was 2nd time round too for most of it
  21. How long would one expect their dishwasher to last? My 7 year old dishwasher isn't washing as it should I buy the super-dooper tabs to help too.
  22. That was my first thought too. Absolutely fantastic
  23. I have found a great website that sells them and they have free delivery. The delivery is very prompt also www.joshuajamesjewellery.co.uk

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