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  1. Am crying with laughter My husband thinks I am mad
  2. Was rudely woken just before 6 this morning by my 10 month old. Managed to string it out until 6.30 Went shopping in the morning and spent all of hubbies money, which I really enjoyed. Came home and let the chooks out. They are having a ball. The new pair seem to be getting used to my eldest two children running and screaming around the garden without running for cover. Forgot to mention that I hung out the washing as it was sunny at the time but then it hailed and rained, lovely.
  3. I sat here with my chin on the ground reading your post. It amazes me how what parents will allow children to do varies so much. I have three children, 7, 3.5 and 9 months. My eldest went to tea at a school friend’s house a few months ago and came home full of how she rode round the block on her friend’s bike on the road. I was fuming. She has no road sense and the thought of being snatched (will not even go there). Thought that I would not mention it until she was invited again, if at all. Anyway she did get invited again, so told mother that she is not allowed to ride the bike out on the road and certainly not around the block. I got a call to come and pick her up, to be told that the mother called them to have their tea and they had disappeared from the front garden. They had gone over the road to a field to play without telling her Super Kate, Kate, it’s a shame that more people do not share your views
  4. Oooooo people like that make my blood boil (Just catching up on this post )
  5. Sorry to hear Wiggle, that Sylvie is still having a hard time. Hopefully somebody with more experience will be along soon to give you some advice. Don’t forget to change your signature
  6. I agree with everybody else. Dry food is the way. Pics please
  7. Fingers crossed you get some mad bidding at the last few seconds, which happens quite a bit. If not then you will be able to do what Richard and Jo suggested above. Good luck
  8. I too found it really distressing when I introduced my two new girls to my original pair. I just put them in and let them get on with it. Thankfully within a few hours they all settled down. I could not watch. Now that I have lost one of my banties, my original bantam and the new bantam are as thick as thieves especially when they are out free ranging. Good luck girls. Keep us informed how you get on
  9. Am sure you would make a lovely vicar's wife
  10. So should your children decide to get married will it be a case of pulling a name out of a hat to who will marry them? Wiggle, you got your message in just before me The above was meant for Phil
  11. Oooooo how lovely Who was more nervous out of the three of you?
  12. Welcome back It takes me ages to catch up when I have only been away from the forum a couple of days. I dread to think what its like after a week
  13. You are so funny Martin It happens to us all Martin. It happened to me after a year of owning my girls, not a week
  14. I thought having time off would mean that you would be spending more time with your chickens
  15. Indeed I do - I only work on Sundays... (and you may be forgetting that today is Friday - sermon-writing day - when any distraction seems like a good idea - yes, even emptying the eglu poo-tray seems like a good idea... ) Phil Weeeee, heeeee, heeeee
  16. Oooooooo he was in my dream last night (nothing like that ) along with his wife
  17. Oh I had forgot that Andrew was on holiday Have you told him yet?
  18. Just checking in. Been out tonight and could not go to bed without checking
  19. They are gorgeous. Just need a cat I fancy getting a Main Coon
  20. If only I think it has all gone to his head
  21. Well done. Hope he makes it.

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