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  1. Wishing you well Gina Big cyber hugs
  2. He has just suggested putting a pic of him in his tool belt and with his drill on the post
  3. He does like building things from scratch, so I am very lucky. He built our eldest a boat that converted into a car out of a cardboard box when she was younger I think he may have missed his vocation in life (building super duper chicken runs!) As I have mentioned before he will works for tea and grub! You will have to fight it out between yourselves who he will visit and build first
  4. My husband is the same. Does not like them but spends a whole Sunday building them a new huge super duper run
  5. I agree with Wiggle
  6. Thank goodness for that! That chicken was definitely beginning to get on my vent! This is absolutely brilliant - keep it coming! Makes me laugh out loud every time I read it! Weee, heeee, heeeeee
  7. Oh how cute. Pic for the comp I think
  8. Fingers crossed Ooooo cant wait to see the pics when they do both finally arrive
  9. I do hope its time. This is the worst bit when you are pregnant, waiting. Hope Diana is not having to much of a hard time.
  10. How cute. Amazing colour
  11. Weee, heeee, heee Very funny Phil
  12. Wow that does sound a lot. Can you get it anywhere else locally?
  13. Peaceful Awkward Outrageous Little Appealing
  14. From what I can remember, not a lot. Seems to last for ages
  15. I remember as a kid that a spate of knickers and bra thefts in our area Ladies undies were not safe on the line for weeks
  16. 2nd egg already Your girls are doing well
  17. Have a great holiday/birthday
  18. Do you think he would do the same for me?

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