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  1. Your chook run can never be to big My husband is somebody who when he starts something he has to finish it! I lived in South Godstone up untill a year ago. If we were still there I would have sent him round to finish it for you
  2. Big pants! Am sorry to hear Martin. It will be very much worth the wait Keep your chin up
  3. Sounds familiar Having said that my husband built me a new chicken run on Sunday. He started at 8.30 in the morning and did not finish untill 2.30. He missed his beloved grand prix in the process (bless) Its great and the chickens love it to
  4. Deep breaths, its not forever. LOVE the avatar
  5. The mind boggles . Tell us more......
  6. I must say that I thought that also. Put your feet up while you can
  7. When I started driving I had a mini also. I got stopped once late coming over Chelsea bridge (with drunken occupants onboard!) in London because somebody matching my description was doing handbrake turns in their mini on the bridge earlier in the evening (a bit of a tall story I think!). My mini was road legal but certainly not up to doing handbrake turns
  8. Happy Birthday I love the hat
  9. Not a stupid question, that was my first thought on reading the thread
  10. I have to agree with grd. Have heard that they are going to have a cow this year?!?
  11. Gosh this is so exciting (babies arriving that is. Sorry Martin). Am on the edge of my seat!! Go girls
  12. Good luck. Having read the article in the June Practical Poultry, it is truly inspiring. If I did not already have a full house I would have loved to adopt a few
  13. Thats the great thing about ebay, people get carried away with bidding. When I lived in Godstone in Surrey I sold a used three wheeler to somebody in Swindon and it was collection only as well Thankfully I have never had any trouble selling or buying on ebay
  14. How exciting!! How many weeks are you Gina? Is this your first? I must say that I voted that your baby will come first
  15. Paola


    Does the winner get to choose the brand of choc? I only eat cadburys
  16. I have to agree with KateB. It seems so unfair. My girls are primary school age. I have all of this to look forward to. What a minefield
  17. Paola


    You had me going as well Martin
  18. I think you maybe getting up with your chooks
  19. Am shocked! Good job the kids did not see anything. I know if my daughter (3.5) saw anything like that going on outside her nursery she would be very upset. Well done for stepping in. Am sure I would of just stood there in a state of shock
  20. I must say I agree about the uniform . It sounds as if he had nothing better to do. When I have been stopped by the police I have always been on a motorbike and find that flattering my eyelashes and smiling lots usually helps (did I really just say that!!) with my crash helmet off, of course
  21. Paola

    A game

    Poor Paula needs to put her children first (thought I do that enough already!) Paula needs you (perhaps) Paula needs some love (yes please) Very good
  22. The lyre bird was amazing. I have never seen it before. Nature is truly outstanding
  23. My girls were not impressed this morning. When I went out this morning in the pouring rain to open the eglu door, "Ooops, word censored!"ody came out. Had a look in the eglu and they did not look at all happy. Who can blame them. We had a little thunder and lightning also

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