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  1. He is quite hairy (which he hates), sweats a lot and has found that shaving under his arms not only stops him from getting a little wiffy but also helps the deo stick to stick! He does have a little method to his madness!!
  2. Went camping in freezing cold April. Yes, do tell
  3. Lauren & Jake are grandchildren! Not that you'd know if you met Lesley, we're a similar age, very young. Yes, a wonderful place for them to explore, play & work, what an experience. Oh, am sorry. Just assumed. Anyway am sure the grandchildren would love to move in
  4. Congratulations. Am very jealous. What a great place for your children to grow up
  5. Ha, worked it out! Must be a man thing because my husband has that habit of eating something from the kitchen cupboard and putting the empty wrapper back. Think I will shut up now. Am painting a bit of a bad picture!
  6. Have not managed how to use the quote thingy yet!!
  7. I must say I never thought of it that way. He decided one day (in his wisdom) to try shaving his legs. He only managed one leg before getting fed up. I must add that again it was with my razor. I must say I do feel better for getting it off my chest
  8. Don’t you just hate it when your husband/partner uses your electric bikini trimmer to trim his side burns and drains the batteries?!? Or another good one is using your razor to shave his armpits so when you come to use it, its blunt!!!
  9. How do I add a picture to my thread?
  10. What a little madam! One of the funniest things my daughter said while looking at a picture of her and her dad was “was that before we knew mummy?” When she was two while having lunch, she had her favourite toy in one hand and a fork in the other. She repeatedly stabbed her toy with the fork saying “hurt it, hurt it”. Don’t you just love em!
  11. Paola

    Pick a name!

    Olivia Amber Hope Grace Luca I always find boys names hard
  12. Paola

    my robin..

    Amazing pics. We used to have a really tame robin at our old house that used to sit only a few feet away from our cats (maybe stupid rather then tame!). Since moving to a new build last year we get no wildlife in our garden. I do miss it.
  13. Paola


    I like your new title Martin. I am 30
  14. I find my girls eggs are best poached. They are nice also boiled but I do not have a cup small enough to hold them so I pad the cups out with kitchen roll! Enjoy
  15. Best easter prezzie. Am in love with your ducks, even without there heads in the pic. Think may have to get another eglu and get some some ducks. Not sure what the huibbie will say!! Never forget my girls first egg. Felt quite emotional when I found it (how sad!).
  16. Am jealous. All you need now is the time to be able to enjoy it. Have just taken the dog for a walk, the kids are out with hubbie, could do with one myself.
  17. When do your eglu and chickens arrive Martin? You may have already answered this but am fairly new to the forum. Not sure about the choc eglu. Hides the dirt well I would think.
  18. Pants, I went on the site but my Mac did not like it. Oh the joys of owning an Apple Having said that I have never heard of it and I spent the first 22 years of life in Saaff London
  19. Thanks Gina, yeah. Glad thats over!
  20. Go for it Chicken On A Mission. I finally managed to find something
  21. Thank you. I have been on google but will have another ferret around.
  22. Help… I am getting into the swing of the forum but am having no luck with the avatar. The moderators all seem to have great ones. I have had a browse on the web, but nothing tickles my fancy. Sorry for the boring topic.

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