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  1. I have 2 full Trollbead bracelets and never had the problem you have encountered. What a shame
  2. Big well done for sorting your home and keeping on top of it Don't be too hard on yourself about your weight. We have all been there!! I find that unless I am mentally in the zone to loose weight I do not have the will power to do it I have never been any good at doing exercise either I am currently using a free website www.myfitnesspal.com Its really working for me. I use the app on my iPhone so its always with me. It works out how many calories that you need per day to get to the weight that you want. You put everything you eat on your planner and it works it all out for you. You can also link up with friends who are doing the same, so you are not on your own doing it. I am currently having 1200 calories per day. I have only been on it 3 days and managed to loose 2.5lbs already I do go over a little at times but its still working
  3. Paola

    Yellow Beehaus

    Ooooooo how exciting Good luck
  4. I got one for my sister for Christmas, which wasn't linked to me My local Tesco sell them. You have to have access to a computer to be able to load books onto it from what I understand. I think you can get ones with wifi but would prob still need an email address, Amazon account. Am sure somebody who is more knowledgeable will be along soon
  5. Great idea, I might do the same. I know one neighbour is fine but not sure about the other
  6. What a fantastic idea Will let my friend know about these who as an asthmatic son as he is always forgetting his or loosing it
  7. Makes me so sad and angry when I hear of things like this
  8. Awwwwww, sweet Just glad its not my bed its sleeping in I stayed with a friend recently in Clapham, London who lives in a mews. I thought I heard him return so I went to greet him, turned on the kitchen light and was greeted by a rather large beautiful fox staring at me through the door. He was clearly living very well because he was in great condition. Not at all fussed by seeing me and just stood there. Cat freaked out and ran away I don't see any where I live, which is semi-rural and have only really ever seen them in London.
  9. Ditto I love the coins, esp the one with the Queen smoking
  10. Thanks guys Looks like Amazon is the most reasonably priced. Unfortunately my council doesn't compost. They are only just about to recycle glass from the kerb!! Which I am rather excited about *note to self, must get out more*
  11. I have a couple of neighbours who are being kind enough to save out of date fruit and veg for my girls. One neighbour today gave me a pot of M&S pre-shredded mixed veg that was only a couple of days out of date! Spoilt much! Anyway I would like to give my neighbours a little lidded bucket so they can save s"Ooops, word censored!"s easily. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks guys, I knew I could rely on you
  13. Thats my thought too Hope you manage to come up with a solution.
  14. My girls have just been bought a new Singer sewing machine. I have taken it for a spin and I am pleased with my results considering its been about 17 years since I have used one!! Can any of you guys point me in the right direction for places to buy reasonably priced patterns and materials etc? Thanks
  15. I always seem to mess up the first row every time but when I start the second time it goes ok Its worth persevering I use gorgeous Symfonie wooden circular needles
  16. Oooooooo I do love Omlet babies Looking forward to seeing the pics Hope it all went well
  17. I love them too Prob a good job as I live very near an MOD area and not a million miles away from Odiham We get them all the time.
  18. Good point I have noticed that Mr Kipling now uses free range eggs in his cakes
  19. Really, really pleased to hear this Claire I found out last May (knew something was off for some time and snooped on his facebook account) that my husband was having an affair and didn't want to be with me anymore. I was living in Singapore at the time. Long story short, I returned to the UK in July with the kids. He still lives and works in Singapore but wants to return to the UK to live. Its been a long tough emotional road but I am through it and loads happier then when I was with my husband. The kids have adjusted really quickly and really well. My friends have been fantastic and I could never have gotten through it without them. I found the evenings being on my own the hardest at first but soon adjusted. I do two mornings a week volunteering for the Riding for the Disabled Association and absolutely love it. Hang in there xoxox
  20. Absolutely Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I needed that. Thank you Dogmother
  21. "Ooops, word censored!"ody will go out with me when I wear mine
  22. Well said Griffin, I agree. Its not easy when family is involved. Good luck

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