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  1. Goodness Jlo. I am so, so very sorry. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I am sure that you did everything you could for her. It is so very hard to help a loved one who suffers from depression.

    It is always those that get left behind that I really feel for. Her poor boys....

    Sending my love and deepest sympathies to you and her family xxxx

  2. Well I hope it's a Cube, :pray::eh:

    Or maybe he's decided to give online grocery shopping a go and thought you could wait in for the delivery :lol:

    Fingers crossed it's a Cube, what colour would you like?


    I do like the purple one but am not at all fussy if I am honest. I will just be over the moon to be able to own chickens again 8)


    well someone has ordered a cub and they said their date is 31st of august.

    I think the forum is just called new cube, you could try and do some detective work and c if that date would work.


    I am tempted to call them to see if they are delivering to me :oops:

  3. Exciting, so pleased you are getting some girls (and boys ?) again :P


    No boys here :shameonu:


    Have you rung Omlet to ask what their delivery time would be on a Go, Classic or Cube? I reckon a cube would be 3 weeks or so :wink: my classic came within a week!


    You might need to ring them anyway, to check that they will be delivering on the day they say, not a day before, which has happened to many of us, me included! :shock:


    Never thought to call them for delivery times :think: Knowing my luck it will be something that I have never thought of or even want :roll::lol:

  4. I think LSH has ordered me a Cube :think::shock: I have made no secret about wanting to keep chickens again upon my return to the UK. He has suggested in the past that I should get a Cube next time. I mentioned the other day how when I go into my garden I keep on expecting to hear chickens :cry: Anyway he has told me that I need to be in to receive something on the 12th September :think: Does anybody know if that is the usual delivery time at the mo?

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