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  1. ok, you made me do it :roll:


    Ive got that scarf pattern :D , I now need the sock yarn to knit it (like I havent got tons of it already :lol::lol: )


    so, thats another thing im working on this week then :lol: I wont have time to work soon :lol:





    Really had to twist your arm! I think working is overrated anyway :wink:


    I have finished it! *does victory dance round her lounge* Just need to sew in the ends. I have tried it on and I am really pleased with it 8) Will take pics tomorrow and post them then :wink:

  2. oooh, spooky :lol: ive just been looking on the ravely site and im going to make this bolero


    it looks pretty easy to do, its just a rectangle, and you stitch it up for the sleeves :D


    what's your project?





    I had already added that to my faves :shock: Spooky! I am PaolaF if you want to add me as a friend 8)


    I am useless at doing linkys to sites :roll: The project I am doing is called Hitchhiker 8) I will finish it tonight. DD1 and DD2 want me to knit them one each also. I got them to choose the yarn from a lady I found on Etsy who is fantastic.


    A friend showed me some of her Manos del Uruguay silk blend yarn :drool: The photos never seem to be able to do the yarn justice :D I have managed to find a great pattern on Ravelry for it 8)

  3. Oooooo this has reminded me to buy myself a snow shovel 8) I have been out of the country for the past 2 years and I hope that buying the shovel now will mean that we have a snow-free winter :lol: I can only hope :roll: I will be checking out all the other goodies that have been mentioned :oops:


    I shall be relying on you to keep the winter snow-free then Paola! :lol:


    I will do my best :wink:

  4. Having just returned from Singapore, which is 30-33 degrees 365 days a year, I have not knitted for nearly 2 years. When I have knitted in the past it has not been hugely successful!! :roll: However upon my return a good friend has introduced me to www.ravelry.com and some stunning yarns. I am completely hooked 8) I am about to finish my first project and is quite looking forward to cooler weather so that I can wear it :oops: Anybody else on here use Ravelry? :D

  5. Oooooo this has reminded me to buy myself a snow shovel 8) I have been out of the country for the past 2 years and I hope that buying the shovel now will mean that we have a snow-free winter :lol: I can only hope :roll: I will be checking out all the other goodies that have been mentioned :oops:

  6. Mish, I am having the same problem :? I have owned a classic but was thinking of buying a Go next time because you can remove the nest box completely, as Tweety has said.


    The only thing I prefer about the go is that the nest box is easier to clean - it all comes out in one piece with the roosting bars.


    I have decided to visit Cotswold Chickens to see one in the flesh before I decide :D

  7. (when I win the euromillions I am getting a new fiat cincquencto in red, I sat in one today and it was gawjuss and no room for the kids really, but I digress....)


    I have just one of these and I love it! Such a cheeky looking little car! Its for me and the 3 kids to pootle about in so its perfect. I have the twinair engine so the road tax is free and does about a million miles to a tank 8)

  8. I know that each store is able to substitute a dish,should it sell out or become unavailable.

    Happened to me before - been in for one dish,came home with something else than wasn't on the offer alert,but still on offer.


    Reading store still has 4 shelves: one for main,one for sides one for puds & one nearer the front with a mixture of all 3.


    Oooooo I am going to Reading this afternoon so will have to pop into M&S :drool: I have not had any M&S food since coming back :roll:

  9. Helllllooooo Paola

    Don't think of goodbyes - think hello again and welcome home soon! :) Are you going to live near the same place? Would be fun to all meet up again. Jlo is still in touch.


    I am and that would be lovely :D


    Paola, welcome home :D


    when your daughter is ready to do this journey (maybe summer holidays) why dont you let her do the journey "on her own" but you also be on the train with her (all very cloak and dagger :wink: ) so, she gets her ticket, she does the journey, make the changes and so on, but doesn't know you are on the train. you just need to keep out of view from her :D


    you could appear an hour later after telling her you had got the later train :D


    would that work for you? make you feel more confident about her going?





    What a great idea :D

  10. Helloooooooo! :D I finally have internet at home 8) However my desk was the only casualty in the move, so my mac is on a small borrowed side table and I am perched on DS's wooden Thomas The Tank Engine step :shock::roll::lol:


    Thank you for all of your warm wishes :D I am in Hampshire and I think I have an RDA about 10 mins away. Just need to do some homework now I am back online. Its soooooo lovely to be back. I am surprised at how good it is in fact! The kids seem happy also. The 4 bedrooms were painted within a day and a half of arriving back :shock: The boxes were all unpacked within 5 days :shock:8)


    Thankfully the culture shock is not too great! :lol: Just silly things really, like how slow the escalators are here :roll: You can get whiplash when you step on the ones in Singapore :shock::lol::lol:

  11. As I am sure some of you already know (Facebook chums!), this is my last day in Singapore :cry: I am leaving due to personal circumstances *cough* :roll: So I am leaving Singapore with mixed emotions.... I have had a fantastic time and made some fantastic friends... Its been a fantastic experience for the children, who have throughly enjoyed it 8) I have spent most of my time doing voluntary work for the Singapore RDA, which has been hugely rewarding. I have also been doing voluntary work for the National Equestrian Centre of Singapore that specializes in Equine Assisted Therapy for children who have "failed" mainstream Singapore school. Its a part of the curriculum so they have to attend one morning a week. I have met some truly inspirational people through this... I hope to train and qualify for this myself :pray:


    The children will be following me 5 days later so that I can have the house sorted and ready for when they arrive... DS has already requested that we get chickens that we don't eat but the ones that lay eggs :lol: Sooooooo I will be back! :wink: See you in the UK :D

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