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  1. whereabouts in Singapore are you? My family are near Bukit Timah (Teck Hiang Gardens?) - my dad says the transport there is quite complicated for such a small island (changes/transfers etc.), just as a comparison to public transport going 'cross country' so-to-speak.


    I am on the East Coast, 10 mins from the beach 8) It can be complicated but you never have to wait long for a bus. Its also so cheap.

  2. I used to have to travel to the Far East on my own starting age 7 :shock: . My slightly older brother was often with me and we were "unaccompanied minors" but I still couldn't imagine my own kids doing that :? .


    They started getting the bus to school aged 11 and even that worried me for a while till I got used to it :lol: .


    I would be more then happy for DD1 (12) and DD2 (8) to fly from the UK to Singapore unaccompanied. They are very sensible.



    I wouldn't allow ME on my own on the tube :lol: .....a 5 year old :shock: ......where do the rule makers get their ideas from :?


    I am the original country mouse Paola, and know I have to start letting go of my children before they end up the same :roll: ...........I drive everywhere, and am getting better at doing so on my own & even ventured into totally "unknown territory" (Brum) with DD last weekend :D , which is my extension away from my mother & her own travel hangups, a trip into the nearest town (7m) always has to be done with a companion, usually with her in a passenger seat not driving!


    I grew up in London and have been fairly independent since secondary school age. I started going to school by bus and then cycled. I always went to Camden Market, Kings Road or Covent Garden at the weekends shopping with my school friends, using either the bus or tube. I am trying to get the right balance, its not easy :roll: Living here has certainly helped the transition.

  3. I take it from that that you're planning on returning to the UK in the near future? Goodbye Singapore then? Good luck with your future plans.


    I am. I leave here a week Saturday :cry: I hate goodbyes...


    Claret, I will be up soon to have a look at a Go :D I will let you know when and give you plenty of notice :wink:


    Thank you for all of your advice guys 8) She has taken the public bus to school since last August, which is in the centre of Singapore (like Oxford Street). I am happy for her to go/return from sleepovers on her own on public transport. I like the idea of going with her first so she is familiar with the journey 8)


    Sha, I would trust DD1 to do your DS's journey. As everybody else has said, it all depends on the individual. Something I have just remembered :roll: I took DD1 on her school route 3 times before she had to do it solo.


    I am shocked about the tube fact :shock:

  4. would you let your children travel alone long distance on the trains? I ask because we will be living in Hampshire and my sister lives in Devon. DD1 is very close to her cousin and it would be lovely for them to be able to visit each other without me having to drive the 3 hours each way :roll:

  5. I believe that people should have choice over most things; however, what about the paramedics & police who have to attend the scene & clear up the mess. The hospitals & rehabilitation centres that have to help people rebuild their lives after a brain injury? The families that have to act as full time carers for the rest of that person's life


    This was my first thought also.


    Why would you ride a motorbike that is capable of doing speeds of 150mph + and not wear a helmet? Its suicide :?

  6. I am not liking the sound of this at all :shock: ED is 12 so I have all of this to come :roll: I will be of the mind not to wash anything unless its in the basket. I will prob dump the whole lot of clothes on said child's floor should they decide to put clean clothes in the wash basket :evil:

  7. I have mine pierced and have only ever worn a tiny silver stud in it 8) Rings are just not my thing :wink: I had it pierced many years ago by a friend of a friend who had a gun on the steps of The Brixton Academy 8) I am still trying to pluck up the courage to have my tragus pierced :roll:

  8. I love my Bobski and miss him. He was packed away while we moved and I didn't read the instructions which say remove the battery so I didn't and he's in a coma until I can afford a new battery.


    Thats just so sad :cry: Poor Bobski :wink:


    I agree on the 5 year warranty being a must when spending that sort of money. Not sure what I will call him when I get him :think::oops::lol::lol:

  9. Are you coming back Paola?


    Woo Hooooo :dance::dance:


    Yeah, bit of a last minute thing... Just me and the kids.. They want chickens again! DS was funny and said "not the ones you eat but the ones you collect eggs from"!! We will be moving back to our old house. I cannot believe how much the Omlet shop sells now, like WIRs! I fancy a Go because of the removable nest. Might have to visit the mothership for a looksie!


    I do fancy a bull breed dog, just need to do loads of homework first. One of the rescue places does seminars, which is a fantastic idea.

  10. that's a shame it didnt work out, but I do think you have made the right decision. there is no sense having, or sharing, a horse you are not confident about riding out, and from the sound of it you would have been riding alone? risky situation, not worth it.


    I whole heartedly agree with Beach Chick. Huge alarm bells rang when you said that she needs to be lunged for half an hour before she can be ridden :?

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