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  1. Hi, I was beginning to notice the smell and flies in my duck pen, particularly when the weather has been warm.

    I was also worrying about the neighbours so I have started to mix Bokashi bran in with their pellets. I have been pleased because it seems to have helped quite a lot. The whole area seems much sweeter and I have hardly noticed any flies.

    I also use Stalosan regularly and find that it really helps too.


    I have 2 Pekin ducks in a 12ft x 9ft WIR that is half slabbed and half hemcore and this seems to work quite well. When I am at home they are allowed out into a larger area surrounding the run.

  2. Hi, I successfully integrated two Pekin bantams into my flock of hybrids a couple of years ago and I thought

    they were getting along fine. However, this week one of bigger hens turned on one of the bantams and pecked her

    head till it was bleeding. Luckily it was at a time that I was at home and realised something was wrong.

    I took the injured hen out, along with her sister,cleaned her wound and sprayed her with purple spray.


    They are now living happily in a brand new eglu classic in the walk in run with my two ducks. I am so glad I was there to rescue her before things got too bad. I think she may have died if she had been left all afternoon.


    I don't think I would put small bantams with larger hens again because if things go wrong they are very vulnerable. Also I am very fond of the little cuties.

  3. My chickens are in a cube with an extended run but it is on soil with hemcore in the run and is now extremely muddy. The grass around the run is totally under water and I am sloshing around, slipping and sliding in mud every time I go to see them.


    Further down the garden I have a large WIR (4m x 3m) where my two pekin ducks live. This run is on slabs with a polycarbonate roof so it stays nice and dry inside and the ground is slabbed outside. There is a path that leads down the garden to the run which means I do not have to venture on muddy grass to reach it.


    I have been wondering if it would work out okay to put the cube inside the run and let the chooks and ducks share the WIR. The ducks have their own house and the chooks would have the cube to roost in so sleeping arrangements would be kept separate.


    They all free range together in the garden and get on really well. The chooks would have a lot more room and also could have some high branches to perch on if they wanted to get away from everyone else for a while. Does anyone think this would work? I don't want to move the cube if there are any reasons why it would not work out.

  4. When I went to clean out the ducks this afternoon I found two lovely white eggs lying in the corner of the duck house. It was a complete surprise. I knew they would come into lay soon but I thought they would wait for the warmer weather.


    I have never eaten a duck egg so I am looking forward to trying one. I've been told they are lovely for baking so I can see lots of lovely cakes on the horizon.


    All I can say is well done Geraldine and Jemima :clap:

  5. Hi, sorry to hear about your Pekin's poorly leg. I have two Pekin ducks and last year one of mine had a similar problem. I was really worried so I phoned the breeder for advice.


    It seems that Pekins are prone to leg problems as they are quite weighty and it is easy for them to sprain their legs whilst moving around. I was advised to keep her in the run as quiet as possible to give it chance to heal. Geraldine spend a lot of time sitting in the tubtrug of water and the breeder said that was good because it gave her a chance to exercise the leg without weight bearing and to keep the water as deep as possible. It took about two weeks before she was back to normal so you need to be patient.


    Also it is probably a good idea to worm your ducks as if they have worms it can cause them to go off their legs. I don't think mine had worms but I did worm them at this time just to be on the safe side.


    If I was you I would check the ducks legs gently to make sure there are no broken bones and if you are happy that this is the case, be patient, give here lots of TLC and treats and hopefully she will be fine in a couple of weeks.


    Let us know how she progresses.


    Regards, Brenda

  6. It's a shame you have had a bad experience with your ducks. It would seem that the ones you had, had been brought up in close contact with humans and thought they were part of the human flock. Not all ducks are like this. My two Pekins, who I had from a lovely children's farm have been no trouble at all. First we had them in an eglu at the bottom of the garden but they have just been moved to a lovely new duckhouse in a large walk in run built by my husband (this shows how smitten my OH is with the lovely ladies).


    I can honestly say they are no trouble at all. Pekins have a very loud quack but we only hear them occasionally (I have just been home for six weeks so I have been monitoring them as I wouldn't want them to be a nuisance to anyone). They are happy to be with us out pottering in the garden when we are at home but are equally happy in their run where they have 2 large tubtrugs of water and space to forage around.


    I was considering adding a pair of miniature appleyard ducks but maybe it would not be a good idea to risk upsetting the peace we have at the moment.

  7. Hi, as a fairly new duck keeper myself I thought I would share my experience. My two beautiful Pekin ducks came from a lovely children's farm where they had been kept outside and had lots of contact with people. Even so they were still very very nervous when they came to me at 8 weeks old. At first they would run in the opposite direction whenever I went anywhere near them. I have had them since the middle of May and they are still a little shy although I think I am gradually winning them over.


    My basic tactic was to ignore them at first. I went into their enclosure to clean and top up food etc but I didn't try to force my attention on them. I just talked quietly to them all the time. When I put them in the run I always give them treats of veg, salad, mealworms etc by throwing the food into the water in the tubtrug in their run. At first they wouldn't come to eat until I had moved away but now they come towards me when they see me coming with the food. That's real progress and I'm pleased with that. It seems to me that it's not as easy to make friends with ducks as it is with chickens but with patience and understanding I feel that I am getting there.


    I have found it quite easy to get them into their run. I walk behind them when they are in the garden and steer them left or right by extending my arm in the direction I want them to go. I'm sure it must look hilarious to anyone watching but I've found it works and they are no trouble at all.


    I feel the ducks are settling in slowly but well, they love to mix with the chickens and make a beeline for the cube run as soon as they go into the chickens part of the garden. Quite often I find the ducks asleep in the back of the cube run while the chooks are out and about.


    Good luck with your ducks but I think it will take a while for you to gain their trust especially if they have been kept in a barn with little or no human contact. Just take it slowly, let them settle in and get used to their new surroundings and I'm sure in time they will be fabulous pets.

  8. I have two Pekin ducks in a classic eglu with an extension on the run. It would be really nice to be able to let them have complete freedom in the garden all the time but unfortunately it's not possible because there are foxes around. They seem happy enough with their tubtrug full of water in the run and a paddling pool when they are in the garden. I let them out of the run everyday when I am at home but need the peace of mind knowing they are safe when I am o

  9. I have recently acquired two Pekin ducks and have them living in an eglu in a fenced off area of my garden. The eglu is on slabs and I wondered whether I should put Hemcore in the run like I do for the chickens. Would this be alright for them to walk on. I wouldn't want to use anything that might hurt their feet.

  10. Last week I had a pair of Pekin ducks for my birthday. They are approx 6 weeks old and really cute. I have them

    living in my spare eglu in a fenced off area at the bottom of the garden. They are settling in well but are a little shy so I am taking it very slowly letting them get used to their surroundings and us being around. When they are settled I will start to make friends with them by offering them treats as I did with the chickens.


    Geraldine and Jemima Puddleduck are very entertaining especially since they discovered the paddling pool. It's great to watch them ducking and diving.


    Needless to say, lots of time being spent sitting in the garden watching their antics.


    We've never had ducks before so we are learning as we go. :D

  11. Just had to add that a similar thing happened to me last year. One Sunday tea time I was in the garden with the chickens when my husband opened the back door and shouted that he was going out. OK says I and off he goes. A while later, with chickens safely back in the run, I put my hand on the back door handle to find that he had locked the door from the inside, locking me in the garden.


    As there is no back access to our garden other than through the house or over a fence, I was well and truly stuck. After fuming for a while, wondering what to do, I realised that my neighbour was at home so I shouted over the fence. No-one came out although I could hear them inside so I found a longish cane, reached over and tapped on their french window. Result, neighbour came out and after explanation phoned my husband on his mobile to bring him back to let me in.


    Everyone thought it was a huge joke and extremely funny. I could see the funny side eventually but was pretty mad at the time.

  12. Well so far so good. I put Tiger and Lily (the two new bantams) in the run with Sweetie late yesterday afternoon after I had cleaned out the house and run. There was a little bit of chasing and pecking from Sweetie but on the whole it wasn't too bad so I left them in there and they all slept together. I was up early this morning to let them out and they have been together all day and are now tucked up for their second night together.


    I have put in an extra food and drink station and I have seen the banties eating and drinking today so I am not worried about them being deprived of food. They have kept out of Sweeties way as much as possible but apart from the odd peck she has ignored them.


    When I opened up the run for freeranging Sweetie headed off to her favourite dust bath area and the little ones stayed on the patio looking longingly at the greenhouse where they had a temporary run before.


    I'm pleased with the way things have gone today. I think having them separate but within sight of each other for two weeks has helped the integration process. Fingers crossed that we carry on in the same way.


    My other two are both Merrydale chickens. Lady Anabel is a cross legbar who lays blue eggs and Bluebell is a big Merrydale Blue and they are now living together in the Eglu while Sweetie and the Banties are in a wooden house on the patio.


    Hope everyone elses intro's are going well. I'm looking forward to reading about them.

  13. Good luck, I also have some new bantams to introduce to my little white Merrydale Sweetie who I have had to separate because she was being bullied and having her feathers pulled out.


    I have had two silver partridge Pekins in a temporary run in the greenhouse with a cat box to sleep in for the past two weeks. They are now 18 weeks old and as I am home next week I am hoping to get them together with my lone hen. So far so good, they have met several times and been free ranging together this week. There has been a little pecking but nothing too violent so far, so fingers crossed.


    I have introduced chickens before but it can be a really a traumatic time. Its horrible to see them pecking the newcomers.

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