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  1. Totally agree i have 3 ex batts in an eglu since last August & they are fab. Their 2 'posh bird' sussex sisters give them a bit bit of a bashing when they free range together they have thrived & are the happiest souls. Also considering our Flo is probably the most grumpiest chicken ever. The sussex live separately in a wooden house as i bought the eglu to aid introductions. Turned out the eglu is so much easier we've just stayed as is. I would say that although Gwinnie & Flo are beautiful our battie girls are far more beautiful in nature:-)
  2. I grew it last yr in sand in any old receptible & my ex batts love the stuff launching on it like gannits. But my 2 older sussex prefer a pointed cabbage, no savoy mind! It's alot of effort & i'm not sure if there is a major benefit except the batts are thriving so maybe it helped them.( along with the sunflower seeds, mealworms, cheese & lots of love!
  3. Steve Cradock & Andy Bennett of Ocean colour scene here in Winchester! Who are they??!! Plus 'The Hoosiers' who I don't know either - oh dear me! Rather have cheggers!
  4. Ever so slightly jealous. Here we are 3 months down the line from Integrating 3 ex batts to our 2 existing terrors they r the pecked and the pecker aka Flo but she should really be called attilla she is sooo aggressive! She patrols the garden with the sole aim of finding and chasing! So the ever patient batts live at the top of the garden in a classic & Flo & Gwinnie reign on in a 10 Bird wooden complete with mezian roosting level and WIR! The eglu is far easier to clean though!
  5. Our ex batts arrived in August & are doing well. We named them Gladys, Agnes & maude, joining Flo & Gwinnie . I like old fashioned names so we name them after our Aunties. We've also had. Vi, Ethel &Hyacinth . Happy choosing they are an absolute delight & we love ours we'll probably only have ex batts now.
  6. I've had an ex batt with a very crooked beak which has been trimmed too & looked like when u cross your fingers. She eats and drinks fine & appears to always manage life with vigour.
  7. How about a Lavinia & Sybil? Assuming they are girlies of course! We like old names & have Flo, Gwinnie, Gladys,Agnes & Maud
  8. I'm the same but haven't pluck up the motivation to do a sign! Just got 3 ex batts. Which has got the other 2 going laying better than they ever have! So I have 18 eggs in the fridge - still haven't made the cake I've been threatening too! Trouble is everytime I hint to the neighbours. I give them to them for nothing! Lost cause??
  9. They really definitely cousins. Here's the others getting stuck in too. Things is, compared to our other 2 these have captured us in their zest for everything -. So we' ll just carry on indulging in them so we end up with nothing but craters! It's a big garden so should take about a fortnight!
  10. I'm sorry I am not familiar with owlbeards. However I heard it's not wise to put your girls on layers too soon. I kept mine on growers they actually started then gradually swapped ?
  11. We've had our ex batts for a month now & they have just started free ranging as I can entice them back in with mealworms (of course)! Well will you look atwhat they've been up to!
  12. I agree I think it's indicative of heart failure,so like humans her heart may be slowly reducing in function.One of our hens had this some time until one day she passed away. She may well continue for some time, & i hope that indeed she does. The most important thing is they have a comfortable and happy life with us. Best of regards.
  13. I can only echo what everyone else has said and give you a big hug. We have all had instances where we wish if only I had done that. I've stood on my hens & we even lost one the first weekend we ever went away. We have to have time away & just like humans this is so often when things happen. Take care x
  14. Absolutely lovely I am seriously weakening whilst we wait for ex batts after losing lovely Hy. Great pictures too keep them coming please.....

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