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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I think I will use a plank with batons or something at the bottom of the ladder to give them a start on the ladder but will be off work for a couple of days to monitor how they get on with it. I'm sure they'll be fine as like you say when they've seen one do it they're pretty good at catching on. Thanks Jacquie
  2. Thanks, what a good idea but just found out that the rescue hens I'll be getting are free range but have past their commercial usefulness so hopefully they won't have a problem with the ladder.
  3. One last question, how did you fix it to the cube to stop it sliding?
  4. Excellent perfect idea, now I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Thank you for your replies Jacquie
  5. Hi I am getting 6 ex batts in a couple of weeks. I have an Eglu (which will be too small for them) and a Cube. My concern is how can I make it easier for them to get into the cube, I know that it does have a little ladder but am concerned that this will be too difficult for them to work out especially as their legs won't be particulary strong for a while. I wondered if anyone on this forum has been in this situation too and what what you did. Thanks Jacquie
  6. Thanks, I'll try that. Jacquie
  7. Advice please..... One of our chickens has been laying eggs without shells for a few weeks. She appears fine ..eating and drinking not being bullied. I've put extra calcium and oyster shell, as well as usual vitamins and cider vinegar down and are wormed but we keep finding the eggs underneath the perch in the hen house so she isn't even trying to lay them in the right place. Any ideas to what could be causing this??? Thanks
  8. Does anyone know a good website, a course somewhere I could go on (I live in Essex) or advise from personal experience how to dispatch a chicken? My favourite chicken (Mavis) died the other night from peritonitus after 3 visits to the vet and a cost of £115..which I really didn't mind in this case... however I now have another very poorly chicken ..went to vet again, saw the head vet who didn't know what was wrong with her. I thought she was egg bound and was now suffering from peritonitus but I'm not a vet. He gave her an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic injection but since she's been home she deteriorating rapidly.. pulsing vent, can't stand up, clear watering liquid with a bit of yellow. I really want to put her out of her misery. In the past i've taken chickens to the vets to be PTS but that is just a horrible experience for the chicken and me. I want something quick and painless. Any advice please. Thanks Jacquie
  9. Hi there I lost a chicken at the beginning of the year from this horrible infection and it looks as though I am going to lose my favourite chook Mavis very shortly from the same thing. She is an ex battery and has never laid since we got her 18mths ago. I look her to the vet this morning and he gave her an antibiotic injection and took as small amount of fluid from her belly...but I think it will all be in vain as she isn't eating or drinking unless I syringe liquid into her. Basically I need to know whether there is anyway peritonitis can be prevented and what to look out for to catch it early enough to have a positive outcome. I look forward to any advice. Jacquie
  10. She so much better thank you. I'm still not sure about one of her eyes though. I know chickens use one eye to see food and the other for predators but it seems that the predetor eye has shut down even though the eye is open. Maybe due to severe shock, I don't know. We let them all back in the garden today and she didn't appear to be afraid. Jacquie
  11. Thank you Cheeky Chooky. The Dogmother... where would I get Arnica pillules?
  12. I took Betty to the vet and he gave her an anti inflammatory injection and told me to put her back with the other hens. I just hope she doesnt get picked on by two of the dominant chickens...
  13. I'm really pleased with her. She's eating and drinking. Her eyes look spaced out and she's wheezing when she's eating. I put her outside just to see how she coped and how she walked, unfortunately it was slightly raining so she wasn't out long as i didn't want her to get cold & wet. She is a bit wobbly on one of her legs (probably bad brusing) so loses balance if she walks or turns too fast. I've got an appointment with the vet later on just so he can give her a look over. Thanks for all your well wishes. Jacquie x
  14. Thanks for all your good wishes. So sorry to hear that you lost 4 Heidi-Hi, that must have been devastating for you. do you have other chickens or did the fox get them all? Jacquie x

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