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  1. Does anyone know an alternative to omlet for spares? I need new bolts and washers for my classic as the old are threaded (a common problem I've found) and I refuse to pay Β£6.60 for 4 bolts costing Β£1.50
  2. I'm on holiday and my neighbour has rung to say one chick has hatched under our broody - was not due until Sunday! She is still on the other eggs and chick is fine, mum is very protective, I've told her to put chick crumb and water next to mum so she can show baby what to do. Will it be ok? This happened once with ducklings and all were fine.
  3. Hi and welcome πŸ™‚ Ducks are easy to look after, they like fresh water everyday and somewhere to take a bath. Fancy feed waterfowl pellets are good. Make sure the chick crumb is non medicated. I currently have an Aylesbury and a pair of buff calls.
  4. We have both but Pekins are our favourites and it is quite easy to stop broodies.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I did shut her in and she sat for a day then decided she wasn't broody so don't think she was really ready to settle. Weather is cold again so hopefully she'll sit when it's warmer.
  6. I've got 12 in my cube currently, 3 are Pekins and 3 bantams but the rest are big girls - loads of room as they all huddle together. It is attached to a wir and they fr everyday.
  7. Our frizzle pekin is a very good mum and is broody again, we have given her 7 call duck eggs but she will not sit on them anywhere but the cube nest box. I've tried moving her to a small wooden house in the main run and a cat basket but she just screeches and kicks the eggs around. If you shut her in then she'll sit again but I prefer them to come and go to eat, drink and poo (broody poos 🀒) if I put her and the eggs back in the cube she's sits again. Has anyone had success leaving a broody in the nest box with the others laying around her?
  8. I'm sorry, could be lots of things. When did she last lay? Sometimes they can have an egg pressing on a nerve and get better when it passes. Really all you can do is keep her inside Ina a box or carrier with food and water and monitor her. Maybe vet tomorrow as may be an infection?
  9. Sounds like sour crop to me, have you tried to make her sick by just holding her gently upside down and messaging her crop? If she vomits up horrid smelling bile then it could be that.
  10. I'm liking the gone with the wind accent πŸ˜€It gets really windy here as we're in a valley, the corrugated roof blew off and was never seen again πŸ˜‚ ive got 15 chooks in there, the cockerels sleep on a perch so plenty of room in the cube. We're putting shiplap up this weekend - halfway to keep it dry. The roof is felt - husband is a roofer so stays watertight. The run is 12 x 6 ft and they have loads of room (they fr in the day) and an omlet perch which they love ❀️ I have a lot of eggs πŸ™„πŸ™„ but they sell from the gate luckily. Thanks for all the lovely comments 😍
  11. Completed WIR - rain caught us out so painting not finished but thrilled with the result πŸ˜€
  12. This should keep the rats out ! Finished photos tomorrow, worn out now πŸ™„
  13. It makes me mad, I buy good quality food for them and it goes into a nasty rat 😀

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