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  1. I've had mine on dirt then concreate with tubs of dirt now wood chip and tubs of dirty they seem to like looking for things crawling about ,,, as soon as one has something they all run over so jealous ,, like kids def wood chip is great
  2. Great garden and your hens are so pretty ,,,, def interested in what breed you have,,,
  3. Hello I have the mark 1 walk in run 2 metres by 2 metres ,,, what I'm wondering would a eglu go up be able to attach the same side as the main door ,,, so run and door both on same side ,,,???? Anyone
  4. Hi everyone I have a omlet walk in run at mo it's in the garage because where having building work done so the door is open all day and there out loads .. I'm worried that when its out in the garden the wind will blow it away,, I have a cover over the top which would catch the wind it's going on a patio when done before it was stacked down ,, am really worried how can we secure it more to the ground ??? Any ideas
  5. tara

    Feeling low

    I feel so lucky having had you all comment and be so so nice ,,I've felt like there are people that care and understand Thankyou with everthing I have ,,, I need to learn to talk and not bottle things up so glad I have this site and all of you ,, gona clean my chooks today always enjoy there company ,,, then work tonight so will be having my yankee candle on and chilling this morning
  6. tara

    Feeling low

    Ah that's so nice I'm up and down missing my dad loads and with my mum getting worse and all families getting together feel emotional ,,,, hard talking to my partner as he wont understand the loss he's still got loads of family including support that's really kind of you,,,k I need a kick up the butt I think
  7. tara

    Feeling low

    Thankyou feeling a little better this week I've relised I havnt grieved over my dad and not having my family never easy my mum hasn't been well on top of her dementia ,,, been crying a lot recently my partner has explained he hates seeing me unhappy ,,
  8. tara

    Feeling low

    Plus he knew I had a son with adhd when he dated me and asked me to move into his house ,,, he wants me to think of his house as ours but I can't legally he could ask me to go ,, the plan was for me to go onto his mortgage but it can't be done ,, so I always feel like i live with him ,, he has said to me he feels I haven't connected to the home as if it's ours ,, I don't intend on putting my soul into this house then to loose it ,, I pay the food and gas and loan amount for our extension I've also got savings which I intend on keeping aside I've been homeless last year with 2 kids and I had no money I'm not going there again ,, I was diagnosed with depression years ago because of fertility problems I guess I have it back ,, my ex keeps blaming our problems on my mental state not his aggression at all he used to push us about and put us up walls my daughter he kicked until she was bleeding. I wasn't born like this but had to cope through horrible stuff ,,My partner wants us to go to his parents for Boxing Day but not sure if I want to feel if I'm not good enough other times then stuff the lot of ya ,,,, not sure I mean it though
  9. tara

    Feeling low

    We did talk but inside I'm still very sad to be excluded and when he said am I selfish for wanting my kids to have time with there grandparents that cut deep ,, I've lost my family I'm still grieving for my dad plus my mums illness of dementia is hard to cope with knowing she's getting worse I've lost the mum I had so my family is no more ,, my mums family never include me I suppose they don't feel I need it but yes I so want my family to help support me take this pain away to know I have people that will be there because you have that connection ,, my partner has been through none of this I remember my dad playing with my kids and enjoying them coming up at Christmas ect my mum doing the mum stuff buying gifts for each other just so very special ,,I am struggling with all that loss everyday meeting my partner and moving in together 17 months later I thought I could enjoy his family but it's not to be they don't include me it's his dad's birthday today my partner is at work but his kids who live with us have gone for a meal out with his sister and his parents plus all the grand kids and his sisters foster kids so I wasn't thought of as wasn't invited I may have said no Thankyou but wasn't asked ,, I've felt down since this all happened Wednesday as he said he wanted his kids to get all the attention ,,, I did say to him they are 14 and 11 and are your parents on there death bed where they only have moments to live ,, plus I brought up ask the boys I bet they wouldn't have cared if we was there just him that didn't want us ,, but his own parents didn't ask about us weird because I get on with them ,, just hurts I have to try and realise I'm not part of there family no matter what I've already lost my own I can't loose another today we've talked and texted he has asked if I'm ok I've said I'm still hurting he has said he's sorry he hurt me and he promises things will be different but he still did it ,, I don't want to feel this pain but can't switch it off ,, this evening I've taken my kids to get new shoes for my son who has ADHD he was very hard work I could of cried I also treated the to eat out somthing that should be fun turns out to be horrible as he's rude to me he's hyper he can't be still and cheeky ,,,, I just feel what's the point in my life it's just heart ach and struggle I'd like to say Thankyou I've been so lucky reading all your replys your people that care for that you all mean a lot Very kind
  10. tara

    Feeling low

    We had a long chat last night when he came back I explained how hurt I felt that he didn't want to involve me and my children ,, he said he wanted it to be special time between his parents and his kids ,, I sa d so us being there is going to ruin there evening ,, we live together we are a family to me that's living separate still ,, I may say no babe it's fine I'm going to have a bath but I should have been offered ,, I have hardly any family and it hurts to feel like I'm nothing when it counted ,,, he also blamed my 7 yr old son who has ADHD as he might have a tantrum which I can't understand as my son loves him to bits and give him his ipad he's fine plus he don't have that many tantrums unless where shopping he also said his parents don't know the kids very well I reply was how are they going to get to know them then ,,, they live 10 min away it's not like we can't see them loads ..I'd have never done that exclude the person I love or have set my life up with ,, ,, today we have spoken more and I've cried he has relised how hurt I am and says he's so sorry he gave me a cuddle and said he knows he needs to change ,, he said 2 weeks ago he hadn't been because he felt guilty about leaving me I said why do you have leave me why are they your only opioins. I think he's seen it from my side today especially when I reminded how much my kids think of him and he says he dose them but he left mine out,, I won't forget it I can't but I love him and he's a good man just don't think at times ,,As for me time yes I love me time if I was offered but not to be asked would you like to come to my parents just hurts ... Thankyou everyone I've kept reading all your comments Thankyou for giving up your time to read and reply
  11. tara

    Feeling low

    I have been through a very hard breakup my ex was aggressive ,, I have suffered from depression over the years where I just feel people would be better off without me once they got over it ,, silly I know but Its just a feeling nothing more ,, plus only sometimes ,,I'm also dealing with issues over my ex wants to see the kids he wasn't aloud to for a year as injunction in place ,, so the thought off not having my kids with me is awful anyway somthing I got to get used to ...today I went past a graveyard and had tears because the only way I can spend time near my dad is his ashes my partner says he don't want to leave me so the choice he makes is not to May be they don't like me and he knows they seem too though , he asks me to other family things but not the very immediate ,,,his dads birthday is coming he's said about that not sure if I even be invited ,,, just bothers me how it's a choice of leave me or go with out me I'd never do that to him
  12. Hello thought I'd put how I'm feeling this evening ,, my dad died 3 years ago had only been close to him for about 5 years as we was up and down ,, but I grew to think so much of my dad I'm now 37 he died when I was 34 ,, in 2011 then a week later my mum was diagnosed with dementia ,,anyway last year my marriage which wasn't a happy one ended after 17 years ,, I met a wonderful man and we recently started living together we both have 2 kids so with 4 kids where a busy house at times I get very sad and low because I see how he has all his family all the normal stuff he has lovely parents who see family very important ,, he has loads of family his kids often go to grandparents to have dinner with out him ,, he says he don't like going because it's leaving me ,, this morning his boys where going around his parents for dinner so I held my tears in and said babe why don't you go with them for dinner as he's not been with them since I moved in ,, I don't want him to give up his family time so I said to go ,, but I went upstairs and just cried ,,he says how where all family and he loves me more then his ex wife ,,I feel sad as I miss my family atmosphere and being with them having fun ,, but also his parents don't invite me and my kids his mum cooks for loads of people all the time. I wouldn't want to give her extra work but even if they where going out for a drink or all playing cards or board games why not invite me ,, makes me feel like it's just me and my kids because when it comes to it where not family.. I don't want to ask him why I'm not invited as it would never be a genuine invite anyway but if that was my parents I'd say to them to come ,,, today I've been tearful and low because it's a reminder he has what I don't ,, finding it hard today hearing all about them from the boys when they get bk and knowing my kids don't have that ,,,just all of it ,, I love and enjoy my children just like he loves his but he's so lucky to have the full family ,,, my mum is very ill and my brother don't want to know
  13. Has anyone done this courses I'm stuck and feel stupid asking for help ,, I have a list of questions that just arnt going in boooooo I'm doing nail manicure at the moment ,,,my questions A. Describe how to give effective advice and recommendations to clients B. Describe the questioning and listening skills needed in order to find out information Can anyone help me please
  14. hello I've moved to swanley in with my partner but he's never had chickens and isn't sure where to get there food from dose anyone live in the area and knows where a good place could be ,, i used to get it from a equestrian where i used to live in strood. i know pets at home sell it but there always pricey ?????????
  15. Thats amazing where can i get a hubbie like that ???? also is that bark or wood chip on your floor as needing some but want to just be able to pick some from a shop not order it so wondering what you have ???

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