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  1. Thanks evryone for your input. I think I'm going to lay wire netting down on the ground an then cover it with wood chips. This will stop the girlies digging and stop rodents getting in. My soil is light and sandy and my run is covered over so it should help prevent a mess like we have now. I'll keep the forum posted.
  2. Upto now my girlies have been in a run with initially grass on the floor but now the floor resembles a bomb site with holes dug here there and everywhere!! I'm going to move the run and would like some help about what to do for the floor. I thought about laying down a porous membrane, covering it with wirenetting and putting a good layer of wood chipping on top. Does this sound suitable or should I think about some alternative way? I need to prevent the little blighters digging for freedom!!!! Thanks Pete
  3. We had 4 new chooks from Omlet three weeks ago who came with Omlets organic pellets. As we all know these chooks are not royalty (yet) and the price of organic pellets are too high. We bought some normal Heygates pellets but it seems the ladies have become a bit fussy and sniff a bit at this food. I did initially try mixing it but they seemed to flick out the new stuff and eat the organic. Iin an attempt to fix their fussy habit I filled the grub box with all new food and they don't appear to be eating it. We are concerned that they may not be eating enough. Can any one tell us how to get the ladies to eat this new stuff? We would welcome any advice.

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