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  1. if you manage to find out the info can you pass it on to me there is nothing wrong with my mk1 but my roosting bars are looking a little worse for wear
  2. i felt the standard run was 2 small for 4 thats why i have a massive WIR now lol and far to many chickens lol
  3. i did the same for my bantams and they hatched between day 19 and day 22
  4. i dont know about vets but as a childrens nurse ive seen some very strange names for children ,im sure some of them are just made up lol
  5. it is dust removed wood shavings i took the splint off tonight when i got home from work and the foot has stayed in the right place one toe is a little funny but it can get around and walk and you cant tell unless you really look for it after all this it better be a girl lol
  6. ive fixed it lol well being a nurse ive just sat watching it and my mind started ticking lol it just couldnt stand on the croked foot and it was bugging me ,so with a small peice of cornflake box and some surgical tape ive made a bit of a splint , i pulled the toes strait placed them on the cardboard and covered it in tegaderm and within 15 mins the chick is up and walking around it looks quite funny seeing it padding around im hoping as the toes are so soft i can pull them round t the right place with the splint , well at the end of the day if i do nothing it will die so anything is worth a shot
  7. i helped it out but im starting to regret it a little . it doesnt look quite right ,the membrane had gone solid round it i peeled it away and there was no blood at all but the chick looks very sickly and looks like its foot is a little deformed , one of its toes is really funny ,and its just looks a little misrable ,but im gonna give it the benifit of the doubt as its trying to stand ,but looks really tierd (it has been trying to get out for 2 days ),so i will let it rest over night in the inccy and see how it looks in the morning ,if its getting about and looks ok im not fused about the toes as long as it can get around a lead a normal chickeny life i will be happy but we will see in the morning
  8. i got mine off frecycle i was well chuffed it does the job nicely i think its a rabit cage
  9. here are a few pics of what i have out i have one still fluffing up in the inncy and i have one that pipped 2 days ago and every time i look its come on a bit more and its still trying to get out ,do you think its been to long ? how long do i leave it ,i know i shouldnt help just not really sure what to do , i dont know if i can just sit and wait for it to die half out the shell ,any advice ? my fav
  10. hi we also got chickens as indoor pets were a no no as my son has bad lungs and is oxygen dependent getting the chooks was the best thing i ever kid they kids love them to bits and they are so easy to look after my chicks have been hatching over the last couple of days and the kids are mesmerised sat at the inncy
  11. anothers just pipped so i will have 9 out of 11 so im pleased with that
  12. i have 4 pekins 2 lav orpingtons 1 choc? orp and i have 2 still hatching i had some out on day 19 and were now day 22 will put some pics up as soon as they are all out i think im gonna end up with 9 out of my 11 fertile so not bad going really
  13. before you buy new phone omlet and see if they have any recons ,i saved loads on my go ,it was one that had been used for shows and things ,my girls we not bothered in the slightest you do get a massive discount on them . just a thought its worth a shot

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