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  1. Flytes so Fancy always seem to have it in stock and their service is superb. I know it is expensive but my girls love it so much that I don't resent the cost ......
  2. Try garden-hens.co.uk tel.no.01565 733282 Run by a lovely lady called Jackie Mottram - and I have had some beautiful hens from her - all laying different coloured eggs - which is a bonus!
  3. Have you tried 'Garden Hens' in Aston by Budworth, Cheshire? Not too far from you... The lady who runs it usually has some lovely hens - many different varieties - and she would keep a few youngsters together for you so that they were already 'friends' before you collected them.
  4. Thanks CC - I will be very wary of putting the house in the infested stable! Do red mite hibernate during winter? I just thought that it would be less draughty for them if the loft was in a stable ....I don't like closing the pop-hole and it is rather a large opening on the GF loft .....
  5. I am delighted with it ! At this end of the photo is the stable where the girls have been living for a couple of years - but it has become seriously infested with the dreaded red mite .... In the depths of winter I could put the Loft into the stable to make it a bit cosier for the girls - but only when the mites are hibernating/dead /starved The back of the Loft is removable for ease of cleaning - and soon they are bringing out some trays to fit into the bottom and make it easier still. As I said earlier - I have nothing against the Cube - I love it - but the style did not suit this garden -( and it was nearly £100 more expensive)
  6. As requested - a photo of my girls' new red-mite free sleeping quarters! They are settling in really well
  7. I will post some tomorrow when it stops raining! It would probably sleep up to 12 at a push but my 9 girls seem very comfortable ...
  8. Red Mite has beaten me too this year. My lovely Speckled Sussex was broody a couple of weeks ago and spent so long in the nest box that she was literally sucked to death. Her comb went pale and even when I kept lifting her out she got more and more listless. I took her to the vet but she died en route.... The vet confirmed that she had succumbed to the red mite - they were all over her. SO sad and such a horrible death. I immediately went and ordered a plastic house for the others....
  9. My girls have been living in a wooden stable for over two years - but this year the red mite have become pretty much uncontrollable - so I have bought a Green Frog recycled plastic house. It was a toss up between that and the Cube - but the Green Frog Loft seem to blend into my rural garden better somehow.... Anyway - after spending a couple of hours methodically putting it together ( the instructions were spot on ) I am really pleased with it so far - and the chap who owns the business and invented the house - actually answers the phone himself and couldn't be more helpful. Whats more - I ordered it last Monday and had it by Thursday - so I thought he deserved a plug! I must add that I have nothing against the Cube - I really love it - but when you have not long chucked out all the Little Tykes garden toys - you somehow don't want anything like them for a while!
  10. Thanks for your replies - along with some advice outside of this forum I took note and have just placed my order for the Green Frog Chicken Loft. The reason was mainly that it is going to arrive much earlier than the Cube could have done ( and I cant wait to get my girls out of the wooden stable before the next generation of red mite hatch out ) ... and the gentleman on the end of the phone could not have been more helpful - compared to the Omlet lady who, quite frankly did not seem to care whether I ordered one or not!
  11. Probably not the most best choice of forum to get an unbiased answer but I need a plastic hen house urgently this week and am torn between the Cube- and the Green Frog one which is nearly £90 cheaper. Does anyone have experience of the Green Frog Chicken loft? Am just thinking it doesn't look as easy to clean as the Cube.... but it looks good - and seems to have a bit more space. At the end of the day it may be the one that can be delivered earliest!
  12. I have a serious red mite infestation of the stable where I have been keeping my girls for 3 years. Sadly, it actually claimed the life of my lovely Speckled Sussex last week... I have just spent the entire weekend blowtorching, creocoting and generally trying to exterminate the hideous things. My vet says the only way to get rid of the mites totally is to remove the chickens from the stable for at least 9 months! It seems I have no option than to try a plastic house - at least for the summer months when the mite are at their worst. SO....I have 9 hens - the biggest being the Buff Orpington - but none are bantams. Would the Cube be my best solution - or can anyone suggest another type of house. I really need it this week!
  13. I have THREE dogs so could well be harvest mites! No sign of me being blood sucked by red mites thank goodness....I think the human epidermis is possibly too thick for them anyway.....
  14. Thanks - I guess they could be harvest mites - there are none that are red - but they do look suspiciously like a red mite before it has taken a meal - and very tickly/itchy! I am in the difficult position of not being able to wash my hair in the shower for a couple of days - having had an elbow operation - so if they are in my hair they are there for a few more days - an interesting experiment on behalf of the forum - if I find any red ones on my pillow I will report back!
  15. This is a horrible feeling - but I think I have several - many - red mite on me at the moment! After locking up the girls tonight I came back to the house and felt a tickling on my arm -and saw the tiniest 'creature' moving - so tiny it was really hard to squash it. I am now sitting watching the Opening Ceremony - itching like mad - I have seen several more 'moving specks' on my hands - and am sure I can feel them in my hair!! My question is - can they actually survive/feed on me? Also - how do I get rid of them? This is enough to put anyone off keeping hens - love them though I do!

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